4 excellent foundation types that do not stick to masks!

Many people are worried about getting foundation on their masks and getting them dirty. In addition, I’m worried about makeup loss and stains. This time, we will introduce recommended foundations that do not stick to masks and tips that do not collapse.

4 excellent foundation types that do not stick to masks

Table of contents

  • The reason why the mask is easy to get dirty with foundation
  • How to choose a foundation that does not stick to the mask
  • Tips for not getting foundation on the mask
  • How to fix makeup without applying foundation to the mask
  • 4 carefully selected foundations that do not stick to masks

The reason why the mask is easy to get dirty with foundation

The reason why the mask is easy to get dirty with foundation

When you take off the mask for meals, etc., there are times when the foundation is on the mask and you want to hide it.

Many people may give up saying “I can’t help it …”, but by knowing the cause of foundation sticking to the mask, you should be able to find a way to improve it.

Check to see if there is a reason that applies to you.

caused by friction

Friction is one of the major causes of foundation stains on masks. In particular, raised areas such as the nose and cheeks are prone to chafing.

Also, removing the mask when eating or moving the mask up and down when it is a little stuffy can cause color transfer.

Friction not only stains the foundation, but also puts a heavy burden on the skin and can easily cause rough skin and dullness, so be careful.

Caused by moisture and stuffiness

I think many people feel damp and stuffy when wearing a mask because their breath is trapped.

Inside the mask, which is always in close contact with the skin, moisture and stuffiness can easily cause the foundation to collapse and become dirty, and the stickiness and shine of the skin can be a concern.

caused by dryness

Dryness is the opposite of humidity and stuffiness, but one of the reasons why the mask sticks to the foundation is dryness. If you wear a mask that is not the right size, there will be gaps on the sides of your nose and cheeks.

As a measure against dryness, it is recommended to wear a mask that is the right size for your face.

How to choose a foundation that does not stick to the mask

How to choose a foundation that does not stick to the mask

People who get foundation even with a mask that fits the size need to review the foundation itself.

In order to review it, find the type of foundation that suits you, using the cause of your skin that is prone to staining and your skin type as criteria.

Choosing a foundation according to the cause of the mask getting dirty

Choosing a foundation that improves the causes of foundation sticking to the mask (friction, moisture, stuffiness, dryness) is a shortcut to preventing foundation from sticking to the mask.

■ If friction is the cause, “Foundation that spreads well”
If you feel that friction is the cause, choose a foundation that has a texture that spreads well and finishes evenly and beautifully. Specifically, “liquid foundation” with viscosity is recommended.

■ If humidity and stuffiness are the cause, “Foundation with good oil/moisture balance”
If you feel that humidity and stuffiness are the cause, choose a foundation with good oil/moisture balance. Especially when you feel that the humidity and stuffiness are strong, we recommend “cushion foundation” or “powder foundation” that gives a smooth texture.

■ If dryness is the cause
, choose a foundation with a high degree of adhesion if you feel that dryness is the cause. “Cream foundation” and “liquid foundation” are recommended because they fit firmly on the skin and prevent makeup from coming off or getting sloppy.

Choosing a foundation by skin type

Everyone’s skin type is different, so there are 10 different foundations to choose from. If you can find a foundation that matches your skin perfectly, it should be less likely that your makeup will crumble and your mask will get dirty.

■Selecting a
foundation for oily skin Oily skin is caused by excess sweat and sebum secretion, so choose a foundation with less oil content. Check out foundations with oil control labels and those with lots of beauty ingredients.

As for the type of foundation, we recommend the powdery type that gives a smooth finish. You can expect a comfortable finish without stickiness.

■Choosing a foundation for
dry skin The cause of dry skin is lack of moisture. It is recommended to choose creams and liquid foundations that contain a lot of moisturizing ingredients and keep your skin moisturized and glossy.

However, be careful not to use products with a hard texture, as they do not blend well with the skin and cause pores and cracks to stand out.

■Choosing a foundation for mixed skin If
you have combination skin where the T-zone from the forehead to the nose is oily and the U-zone from the cheeks to the chin tends to be dry, use different foundations depending on the zone.

For areas where shine is a concern, we recommend a smooth powder foundation, and for dry areas, we recommend a cream or liquid foundation with lots of moisturizing ingredients.

■Choosing a foundation for sensitive skin If
you have sensitive skin, choose a natural or organic foundation. We also recommend the popular 24-hour foundation and the low-irritation foundation that can be removed with soap.

Also, if you feel irritated by layering various cosmetics, please check out the BB cream , which fulfills various roles from lotion to foundation and foundation.

Tips for not getting foundation on the mask

Tips for not getting foundation on the mask

In order not to put foundation on the mask, it is a big point to prevent makeup collapse and wrinkling. Here, we will introduce makeup techniques that prevent crumbling and twisting.

With a little improvement, you can keep your makeup on for a long time, so please try it.

Use a makeup base that matches your skin

Base makeup is essential to prevent makeup from coming off. The makeup base increases the adhesion of the foundation to the skin, so choosing a base that suits your skin type will prevent the makeup from coming off.

For oily skin, we recommend a base that reduces sebum and shine, and for dry skin, a base with high moisturizing ingredients is recommended. In addition, there are products that contain many beauty ingredients and foundations that are effective as sunscreens, so please check them out.

Apply a thin layer of foundation

If you apply a thick layer of foundation, your makeup will tend to come off easily, so the trick is to apply thin layers for a beautiful finish. In order to apply it thinly, the point is to blend it in with a makeup item such as a brush or sponge.

In particular, please be conscious of applying it more carefully to areas where wrinkles are a concern, such as the corners of the eyes and mouth.

use face powder

If you finish with face powder after foundation, your makeup won’t come off easily and your makeup will last longer. It is more effective to carefully apply thin layers on the nose and cheeks where the mask rubs easily.

Use a makeup-preventing mist

We also recommend using a makeup-preventing mist called Fix Mist to finish your makeup.

With just a quick spray, you can keep your makeup on for a long time, and your foundation won’t stick to the mask because it doesn’t come off.

How to fix makeup without applying foundation to the mask

How to fix makeup without applying foundation to the mask

If you wear a mask for a day, the foundation on your nose and cheeks may become muddy. It is important to remake your makeup regularly so that you do not get disappointed when you remove the mask.

Makeup fix when you don’t have time

  1. Use a dry sponge to blend the areas where the foundation is twisted. It is also effective to gently turn off with a tissue.
  2. Layer face powder. Be careful not to put powder on the place where the foundation is crumbling, as the crumbling will be more noticeable.

Make-up when you have time

  1. Apply milky lotion or beauty essence to the sponge and remove the makeup from the collapsed part.
  2. Wipe off excess oil with the dry part of the sponge.
  3. Use a sponge to tap the foundation into the skin.
  4. Layer face powder.

By moisturizing while removing with milky lotion or serum, the muddy makeup will be reset.

4 carefully selected foundations that do not stick to masks

4 carefully selected foundations that do not stick to masks

Now that you know the causes of foundation sticking to masks, countermeasures, and makeup tips, we will introduce recommended foundations.

There are various types of foundation such as cream type, liquid type and powder type. In addition to the one that suits your skin type, the texture and finish you like are also key points in choosing a foundation, so be sure to check them out.

Here, we will introduce products recommended by the editorial department by type from among the popular products on Amazon and others.

■Cream foundation
A cream foundation that lasts well, spreads well, and has excellent treatment properties. Designed with a balance of powder, oil, and moisture, it is especially recommended for dry skin.

Foundation that doesn't stick to mask: Recommended cream foundation
Machia Label “Clear Estevere” 2,305 yen (tax included)

Maquia Label “Clear Esteveil” is a serum foundation that allows skin care while applying makeup. A thin formula that focuses on the breathing of the skin and an abundance of serum ingredients lead to a transparent finish.

In addition, the stretchy texture keeps moisture in like a beauty mask. Since there is little makeup collapse, it is difficult for foundation to stick to the mask.

■Liquid foundation
A liquid foundation that contains emulsifiers and moisturizers to moisturize and spread. Recommended for people with skin that tends to dry out due to air conditioners, etc., even when wearing a mask.

Foundation that doesn't stick to mask: Recommended liquid foundation
Estee Lauder “Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup” 4900 yen (tax included)

Estee Lauder “Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup” is a foundation recommended by a popular makeup brand in department store cosmetics. It has a reputation for being durable for 24 hours, and features a beautiful semi-matte finish that covers skin problems.

It has high coverage and feels like bare skin, and it keeps your skin clean for a long time, so the color doesn’t transfer to the mask.

■Cushion foundation Cushion foundation
is a foundation that is rich in beauty serum ingredients and has a high moisturizing effect while providing skin care without the need for a base and providing firm coverage.

Foundation that doesn't stick to mask: Recommended cushion foundation
Etude “Double Lasting Cushion Glow Foundation” 2420 yen (tax included)

Etude “Double Lasting Cushion Glow Foundation” is a cream type cushion foundation. Adopts a double fix system that allows the powder of fine particles to absorb while leaving moisture on the skin, and to maintain a beautiful freshly applied base makeup.

An excellent foundation that maintains ideal beautiful skin for 24 hours.

■Powder foundation
A powder foundation that is convenient for skin color correction, makeup touch-up, and portability. It is a pressed type that can be applied without getting your hands dirty, and it has a smooth and light feel that prevents oiliness.

Serijie "Medicated Whitening Mineral Powder" 3740 yen (tax included)
Serijie “Medicated Whitening Mineral Powder” 4400 yen (tax included)

Serijie “Medicated Whitening Mineral Powder” is a medicated whitening foundation (quasi-drug) that suppresses the production of melanin and prevents spots and freckles. SPF35/PA+++ protects against UV rays while reducing skin burden. Even though it’s a powder, it doesn’t look powdery and doesn’t stick easily even if you wear a mask, so it’s easy to fix your makeup!

It’s a foundation that won’t crumble even after you get home, and won’t show wrinkles.

These are the 4 carefully selected foundations that do not stick to masks. This time, I introduced the causes and countermeasures of foundation sticking to masks, recommended foundation, etc. Did you find it helpful? 

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