7 selections of unique adult hair! White hair and gray hair are attractive

An adult generation with more hair worries. It’s a pity to choose a hairstyle with negative feelings such as “I have to hide my gray hair” and “I have to put it together so that it doesn’t stand out”. Why not pursue individuality and playfulness in your hairstyle? Introducing 7 positive hair styles that play with color and design!

Individual white hair gray hair

Table of contents

  • A long style from the 50s that comes true with a calculated cut
  • Asymmetrical design that covers the worries of aging
  • Mash with an attractive feminine softness
  • Mohawk-style belly short if you want to emphasize impact
  • Partial gray hair is a point as “individuality”
  • Curly perm is a light and beloved bob style

The arafif generation has more hair concerns such as more gray hair, lack of volume, difficulty transitioning to gray hair, curly hair, and thinning hair. How can I solve such problems with hairstyles? We interviewed Yohei Kono, a hair designer.

A long style from the 50s that comes true with a calculated cut

As you get older, you tend to go for shorter styles such as bob or short hair, but depending on how you cut it, there are long hairstyles that look good even in rough hair.


“Long hair tends to become flat due to the length and gravity of the hair, and it is difficult to create volume. To solve this problem, it is recommended to boldly cut the top part short. The key point is the ‘high layer’, where you add layers in a row. It’s like a wolf cut.By shortening the hair on the top, you can move the hair inside and make it easier to make use of the curly hair.” (Mr. Kono)

Using curly hair as a material, it achieves a natural lightness as if it had been permed. The combination of long hair and short bangs is also excellent. Recommended for those who want to change only the image while keeping it long. Even just cutting the top part will change the impression completely. It is also a characteristic of curly hair and gray hair that it looks dry, but if you are concerned about it, add moisture and oil.

Asymmetrical design that covers the worries of aging


The word “asymmetry” sounds like a high hurdle, but Mr. Kono says that asymmetric design is actually symmetry.

“Most people’s faces are not line-symmetrical. If you look closely, you’ll notice that one of the eyes, eyebrows, corners of the mouth, and cheeks are sagging. For example, if the right side is sagging, the hair on the right should be short However, if you cover the non-symmetrical parts with hair, you can achieve a well-balanced overall finish.I think you can expect a lift-up effect with asymmetrically designed hair for sagging skin that becomes more worrisome with age.There are few gray hairs. It is an effective hairstyle for those who still want to dye it and those with gray hair.” (Mr. Kono)

Asymmetry 2

This is a perm style asymmetric design. She is a working professional photographer. She also seeks individuality in her hairstyle, and it is said that asymmetrical styles have become established. It is finished with a soft atmosphere by applying a perm to increase the overall volume.

“Whether it’s on the left or right or front and back, if you cut a part of it short, it has the effect of making the opposite part look more voluminous. You can expect a visual effect in which the part behind is softly visible.” (Mr. Kono)

Mash with an attractive feminine softness

Mr. Kono says, “It is a must to have volume at the top when designing Arafif’s hair.”

“It doesn’t have many layers, so it’s easy to add volume. Mash is characterized by its rounded shape, and is recommended for people who want to look soft and round, and want to create a feminine image. You can create a unique impression, and it’s perfect for adults. The cuteness of the characters is also attractive.” (Mr. Kono)


This woman often wears a hat. The advantage is that it does not lose its shape even when wearing a hat, and it seems that the mash style is a favorite. She is in the state of making “pseudo gray” with thin highlights. If you don’t have many gray areas yet but want to have gray hair in the future, it will be easier for you to imagine the image you want to aim for.

Mohawk-style belly short if you want to emphasize impact


Anyway, if you want to break through and aim for individuality, how about this drastic mohawk-style belly short?

“Very short hair with sharp sides and nape, leaving a little more hair at the back of the head. If you cut it short overall, it will look like a shaved head, and if the sides and neck are long, it will look unfashionable. Curly gray hair. You can make use of this and leave some hair bundles to create a sense of playfulness.” (Mr. Kono)

Tighten the neckline and add volume to the back of the head to create a silhouette that gives a sense of depth. It seems that you can show the shape of your head well by being conscious of “skeletal correction cut”.

Partial gray hair is a point as “individuality”

partial gray hair


It is common for gray hair to start around the face and from the bangs, and then move on to the back. Mr. Kono wants to propose a design that makes use of that individuality, as the progress and amount of gray hair is also individual.

“If you have beautiful gray hair somewhere, you can make a design that shows it as individuality and you can create a style that is unique to you. By treating white as a single color, you can broaden the range of color design.” (Mr. Kono)

Considering the white part as a plus material, there is also a way to enjoy adding color. For example, if gray hair is concentrated in only a part of the hair, there is also a method of dyeing only the gray hair with a color such as blue. The advantage of gray hair is that it is easier to add various colors than bleaching black hair and then dyeing it. There is a pleasure in gradually transitioning to gray hair while enjoying the color while consulting with a professional about the color that suits you.

Curly perm is a light and beloved bob style


This style has a pop and light image of curled hair. The cuteness of a foreigner’s child makes you feel the playfulness unique to gray hair.

“I want to create volume from the roots, so the point of a perm is to wrap it around the roots. I recommend that people of this generation make bangs to make them look youthful. You don’t have to worry about the parting, and you can cover the gray hair that can be seen from the parting.” (Mr. Kono)

In addition to what we have introduced, we also propose coloring that covers the troubles of thinning hair. It is recommended to lighten your hair when you start to worry about thinning hair. By making it close to the color of the skin, it has the effect of making it look more voluminous than black hair.

Mr. Kono wants people to recognize the color white and enjoy gray hair positively. White can be changed to any color, so you can enjoy it freely. He told me that working with gray hair is fun, partly because it’s fun to design.

“I always think that I can share the lifestyle of the person and create a hair design that will be a hit there. I often make proposals after knowing their way of thinking and way of life. I want to set it up later and have a long-term relationship with you. If you can’t go to the beauty salon frequently, I’d like you to enjoy arranging your hair more casually, such as pinning it in several places.”

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