7 steps to erase nasolabial folds with makeup & tips for retouching makeup!

Smile lines can be made inconspicuous by covering them well with makeup techniques. Let’s get rid of the aging look with makeup methods and makeup repair methods that eliminate “horizontal wrinkles around the mouth when you make up” and “foundation builds up”!

7 steps to erase nasolabial folds with makeup & tips for retouching makeup

Table of contents

  • Maybe other people notice the nasolabial folds earlier?
  • What causes smile lines to stand out with makeup?
  • 7 steps to make-up to cover nasolabial folds
  • How to fix makeup to cover nasolabial folds
  • Makeup tips to cover nasolabial folds
  • Editorial department recommendation! Cosmetics that suit nasolabial folds in your 50s
  • Cover worrisome nasolabial folds with makeup and facial expressions!

Maybe other people notice the nasolabial folds earlier?

It is said that there is a difference between the face you see and the face others see. When I look in the mirror, I often look straight ahead, but other people look at me from various angles, such as diagonally and sideways.

When looking at the face from the front, the nasolabial folds are not very noticeable. However, when viewed diagonally from the side, the nasolabial folds are easily visible.

Although many people start to worry about smile lines after their 30s, sagging skin itself starts in their 20s.

What causes smile lines to stand out with makeup?

The reason why smile lines stand out with makeup

“Usually I don’t notice it that much, but when I put on make-up, my smile lines stand out…” For those people, the cause may be hidden in the make-up method.

From here, let’s take a look at the reasons why smile lines stand out with makeup.

thick foundation

When you are concerned about wrinkles such as nasolabial folds and marionette lines , you tend to apply a thick layer of foundation. Applying a thick coat will not only cause your makeup to fall apart, but the foundation will also accumulate on the nasolabial folds, making them stand out even more.

You should be conscious of applying foundation thinly to the part you want to cover.

Makeup collapse due to dryness and lack of moisture

Makeup collapse is not only caused by sebum, but dryness is also one of the causes. Before applying makeup, use lotion or milky lotion to keep your skin hydrated.

It is recommended to moisturize especially carefully in the winter season when it is easy to dry. It’s a good idea to use different moisturizing items for each season, such as winter and summer.

concealer color

If you want to cover nasolabial folds, the concealer color is also important. If you use a dark-colored concealer, that part will become a shadow, and on the contrary, the nasolabial fold will be emphasized.

Cover the nasolabial folds with a concealer that is slightly lighter than your skin, with the image of removing the shadowed areas.

7 steps to make-up to cover nasolabial folds

How to apply makeup to cover nasolabial folds

From here, we will introduce 7 steps of makeup method to cover smile lines.

1: First, moisturize your skin

When the makeup collapses, the nasolabial folds become more noticeable. Therefore, it is important to start with skincare when applying makeup to cover smile lines.

Drying occurs not only in winter but also in summer due to ultraviolet rays and air conditioners. Dryness is one of the major causes of worsening wrinkles such as nasolabial folds and marionette lines. Stay hydrated all year long.

2: Make a base with makeup base

If you use a makeup base to make a base, you can prevent your makeup from collapsing. The point is to let the base blend well with the skin. By using a base, you can use less foundation, so you can get a more natural finish and prevent makeup from coming off.

There are many types of makeup bases, such as those that have a moisturizing effect and those that suppress sebum, so you should choose one that matches your skin type and season.

3: Smooth out the unevenness of the skin with a pore smoother

Next, use a pore smoother to smooth out uneven skin. A pore smoother is a cosmetic that has the effect of smoothing out wrinkles such as smile lines and marionette lines, as well as irregularities in the skin such as pores on the face. It is also called a pore primer or skin smoother.

By applying the pore smoother to nasolabial folds and small horizontal wrinkles, you can smoothen the wrinkled and dented areas of the skin.

4: Apply concealer diagonally against nasolabial folds

Apply the concealer diagonally along the nasolabial fold and blend upwards. Adjust the amount of concealer according to the depth of the nasolabial folds.

Once the concealer has blended into your skin, use a sponge to dab it in to further blend it in. The mouth is the part that moves a lot when talking or eating. If you don’t let it soak in well, it will come apart, so do it carefully.

5: Cover with non-drying foundation

Choosing a foundation is also an important point in makeup that covers smile lines. If it dries, the makeup will easily collapse and the smile lines will stand out.

Choose a foundation that doesn’t dry out your skin, and cover it well.

6: Place the cheeks in a higher position

If you use blush to create a complexion, your cheeks will look lifted and have the effect of camouflaging your nasolabial folds.

The place to put cheeks is above the nostrils. By placing it in a slightly higher position, you can guide your eyes upward. If you put blush below the nose, it will look saggy, so be sure to put it in a position that naturally rises when you smile.

7: For lips (lipstick), choose a color that blends well with your skin.

The color of your lipstick also greatly affects the impression of nasolabial folds. Vivid or deep colors will accentuate your mouth and make your nasolabial folds stand out.

Take a picture with your smartphone and see how the impression of your mouth changes with dark and light colors using the lipstick you have as a trial.

If you choose a color that has a complexion and a natural moisture that blends well with your skin, you can create a natural finish on your lips.

How to fix makeup to cover nasolabial folds

Even if you put on a good make-up, it can still happen that your make-up is ruined. From here, I will introduce how to fix makeup to cover smile lines.

  1. Apply milky lotion on a cotton swab to remove foundation accumulated on the nasolabial fold
  2. Gently tap a small amount of concealer onto the nasolabial fold with your fingertips.
  3. Apply loose powder all over the face

The point is to apply the loose powder all over the face, not just the nasolabial folds. Doing so will bring the whole thing together. If your makeup has collapsed, please try it.

Makeup tips to cover nasolabial folds

From now on, I will introduce some makeup tips to cover smile lines.

Care with a massage before makeup

It is also recommended to add a little extra care with a massage before applying makeup to prevent nasolabial folds. “ Ligament loosening ” is easy to do and can effectively care for nasolabial folds .

A ligament is a ligament that runs under the cheekbone. If the ligament is stiff, it becomes easier to form nasolabial folds. To prevent nasolabial folds, treat with ligament loosening.

The method is simple, just use your thumb to gently push from the side of your nostril (A) to the top edge of your cheekbones (B). Please try it when you are skin care.

Choose your foundation according to your skin type and preferences

There are various types of foundation. Choose according to your skin type and desired finish.

  • Thin and natural → “liquid type”
  • I’m worried about dryness → “Cushion type”
  • Emphasis on covering power → “Cream type”

Cushion foundation is a new form of mineral foundation from Korea. It is between a powder foundation and a liquid foundation, and it contains plenty of beauty ingredients, so it can cover troubles such as nasolabial folds and pores while taking care of your skin.

For those who want a thin and natural finish, we recommend using the liquid type, and for those who are concerned about dry skin, we recommend using the cream type.

Editorial department recommendation! Cosmetics that suit nasolabial folds in your 50s

From here, we will introduce cosmetics that are recommended by the Halmek Web editorial department and that are suitable for those in their 50s who have trouble with nasolabial folds.

Covermark Silky Fit 9 colors

“ COVERMARK SILKY FIT ” covers nasolabial folds by applying fine powder evenly to the unevenness of the skin. The “Double Fix Formula” reacts to the sebum that causes makeup to come off, preventing makeup from coming off. Recommended for those who want poreless skin.

Siwanage Wrinkle Rich Cream

” Siwanage Wrinkle Rich Cream ” is a cream that can care for wrinkles such as the forehead, eyes, and neck, in addition to nasolabial folds. It also contains niacinamide, which has a whitening effect, and by suppressing the production of melanin, it also has the effect of preventing spots and freckles. Simultaneous care of wrinkles and blemishes is possible.

Serizie medicated lift cream

” Serizie Medicated Lift Cream ” contains 7 kinds of fermented extracts, and is a medicated lift that supports many skin problems such as tightening, super dryness care, dullness care, rough skin prevention, texture adjustment, and sensitive skin care. cream. In addition, “niacinamide” penetrates into the dermis (*up to the stratum corneum) and supports collagen, making it possible to improve wrinkles. Before applying makeup, apply the cream to wrinkle grooves such as around the smile lines and around the eyes to improve wrinkles and firm up.

Serizier medicated skin veil

“ Serigie Medicinal Skin Veil ” is a foundation that blends into the skin like a milky lotion, developed with the desire to “use the power of makeup to eliminate skin problems such as nasolabial folds, sagging, and blemishes that increase with age.” After applying it to the entire body, use your fingertips to gently apply it to the areas where you are concerned about sagging to cover it.

Cover worrisome nasolabial folds with makeup and facial expressions!

If you apply makeup the wrong way, your nasolabial folds will actually stand out. If you follow a few tricks when applying makeup, you can effectively cover those worrisome smile lines.

If you are concerned about nasolabial folds, your usual facial expressions are also important. If you raise the corners of your mouth and try to smile as much as possible, your entire face will look bright and youthful. Expressiveness is like a natural facial exercise. It also helps to train facial muscles, makes the skin firmer, and prevents wrinkles and sagging.

At the same time as covering smile lines with makeup, it is important not to make them worse by properly moisturizing and other skin care. Let’s take measures against nasolabial folds with makeup and care.

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