A simple massage that tightens the loose upper arms and legs!

Eri Nakao, a beauty writer of the same generation, introduces beauty items that are perfect for women in their 50s and above. This item and massage are recommended for those who want to tighten their upper arms and legs as soon as possible during the season when exposure increases. It leads to swelling elimination and diet.

arm massage

Table of contents

  • During menopause, metabolism slows down and skin and fat sag.
  • Body care habits to discharge unnecessary things with oil massage
  • -6°C cool attachment for crisp skin!
  • Massage for sagging upper arms and swollen calves

During menopause, metabolism slows down and skin and fat sag.

From around the age of 40, there are many people who find it difficult to lose weight even if they eat the same diet. This is because the basal metabolic rate gradually decreases, so it becomes easier to gain fat, and the amount of muscle also decreases, so it becomes sluggish. It is also affected by female hormone imbalance. The important thing is to save muscle.

Adjusting the amount of food is important, but anyway, it is important to eat protein properly and build muscle.

At the same time, a sluggish body is disgusting! Moreover, more and more skin will be exposed in the coming season. In particular, be careful of arms that stick out of short sleeves or sleeveless, and legs that stick out of skirts and dresses.

Even if you say “I’m fine with pants”, if you leave your swollen legs alone, there is a risk that they will turn into cellulite and become thicker, or even lower extremity varicose veins, so care is necessary.

Body care habits to discharge unnecessary things with oil massage

Massage promotes blood circulation and expels waste products. It is recommended to find your favorite item and massage it, but if you don’t know what to use, Weleda’s ” White Birch Girl’s Body Oil “, which has a good reputation, is recommended.

It is an oil that has the effect of smoothing the thighs, hips, and upper arms, which are concerned about the uneven skin condition of cellulite, which is also called “orange skin”, while massaging it. White birch is birch. Based on vegetable oils such as apricot kernel oil that smoothes the skin, it contains white birch leaf extract that is said to have the effect of tightening and maintaining the firmness of the skin. With a moist and smooth feel, it approaches areas of concern on the body.

If you use the ” Body Shape Brush ” that can be used while taking a bath, the protrusions on the brush will further promote blood circulation and allow the oil to penetrate the skin. The refreshing scent of grapefruit is also soothing, making it fun to massage.

White birch body oil 100mL 4104 yen Body shape brush 1728 yen (both tax included Weleda https://www.weleda.jp/
White birch body oil 100mL Body shape brush (Weleda)

-6°C cool attachment for crisp skin!

I like to use Melvita’s L’Orrose Oil in Ice Gel for a hot massage. The Lol Rosé series contains pink pepper that smoothes the skin while approaching a clean and toned body line. It comes in a cute pink package that makes you feel good.

Unique is the three cooling body rollers on the tip. It also contains menthol and mint war, so you can feel the coolness of -6°C. When it’s hot, if you chill it in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes before using it, it will feel even cooler and comfortable to use.

Easy to use. Just apply the roller directly to your skin, press the tube to release the ice gel, and massage along the lymphatic flow. At the end, blend the gel with your hands to finish. If this is the case, it seems that you can continue without bothering.

(Discontinued as of September 2022)

Massage for sagging upper arms and swollen calves

Since the lymph carries waste products, the trick to massage is to apply gentle pressure as if it were flushing the lymph. In addition, it is effective to flush toward the lymph nodes, which are said to be the outlet of waste products in the armpits, collarbones, and groin.

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In the case of the upper arm, rub the oil from the elbow toward the shoulder.

arm massage

Then raise your hand and rub your elbow towards the lymph nodes on your side.

drain into the lymph

Rub in a spiral motion from elbow to shoulder.

upper arm slimming massage

Pinch your upper arm with your fingers and loosen it while pinching it, then grab your upper arm and rock it left and right.

Do this from your elbow to your shoulder.

Massage for slimming arms

In the case of the calves, apply the oil on both palms and twist from the ankles to the thighs.

calf slimming massage

Finally, lightly push the groin.

foot slimming massage

Next, hold the leg between the hands of the goo and pour it from the bottom to the top.

foot slimming massage

Finally, grab the ankle with both hands and twist it left and right.

ankle slimming

If you do about 5 times on the left and right sides of your upper arms and calves, it will take about 10 minutes in total.

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