A surprising 78 years old! Taniko Nakamura “The secret to maintaining a beautiful posture”

A total of 8 special features aimed at eliminating bloated stomachs and stoops. Lastly, we interviewed Taiko Nakamura, a former member of Japan’s Olympic gymnastics team. At the age of 78, she shares her secrets for maintaining a toned body and beautiful posture. There are also points that we can incorporate into our daily lives.

Table of contents

  • Profile of Taniko Nakamura
  • You can maintain a beautiful posture if you are conscious of your daily activities
  • The goal is the posture of a 90-year-old person I met at ballroom dancing

*The interview was conducted in April 2021.

Profile of Taniko Nakamura

Profile of Taniko Nakamura

Born in Niigata prefecture in 1943. He is a professor emeritus at Tokai University. As a women’s gymnast, she placed 3rd in the group at the 1962 Prague World Championships and 3rd in the group at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. After completing her competitive career, she will teach juniors at Tokai University. She also provides health guidance for seniors. Her book is “Silky Exercise” (published by Tokuma Shoten).

You can maintain a beautiful posture if you are conscious of your daily activities

Ms. Taiko Nakamura has a toned body and a beautiful posture. I thought that many people would worry about changes in their body shape as they age, but he said, “No way! I’m 78 years old (at the time of the interview), and my body is aging day by day.” .

“I don’t think my size has changed much compared to when I was young, but if I don’t pay attention to it, my posture will steadily decline. I think there are many people who have become short of it, but I have also been through trial and error.”

You can maintain a beautiful posture if you are conscious of your daily activities

Taiko’s daily routine begins with waking up on her futon, taking deep breaths, stretching her arms and legs, and twisting her hips.

“When I was in my mid-30s, I discovered yoga, learning breathing techniques and meditation. I combined it with simple body movements, which I call ‘Yoganastics,’ and have been doing it for over 40 years. I often do it in the morning on the futon, but I also do it in the evening to relax my tired body.Depending on the state of my body that day, sometimes it takes about 20 minutes, and I feel comfortable. It can take up to an hour to feel it,” he says.

In yoga, there is a way to breathe that is conscious of the pelvic floor muscles. “Every morning, I breathe with the image of tightening my anus and raising my internal organs. If you fix the distortion, I think you’ll be able to get a chubby stomach and a stooped back.” (Ms. Taiko)

Be aware of your body when cleaning!

And what Ms. Taiko thinks is the most important thing is to check your daily activities and move consciously.

“I think many people consciously move their bodies only for a set amount of time, such as when they go to the gym. When you cut your hair, vacuum it, or take something from underneath, when do you feel your stomach sticking out or your back hunched over? You can improve it by doing it.” (Ms. Taiko)

And what you need to improve is to do stretching movements regularly.

“When I have free time, such as when I am doing housework, I often put my hands together behind my back and raise them up. As you come in, your arms will gradually rise, and you will be able to move your stiff back and around your shoulder blades, which will lead to better posture.” (Ms. Taniko)

This is Taniko’s best move!

This is Taniko's best move!

Clasp your hands behind your back, look up, and gradually raise your arms and stretch them for about 10 seconds. Don’t overdo it, and once you get used to it, raise your arms higher.

Place both palms on the floor and stretch for 10 seconds

After the top movement, turn your palms to the floor and stretch for another 10 seconds.

The goal is the posture of a 90-year-old person I met at ballroom dancing

The goal is the posture of a 90-year-old person I met at ballroom dancing

For more than 60 years as a gymnast and coach, Taniko has pursued beautiful posture and body movements.

Born with a tendency to dislocate his hip joint, he suffered repeated injuries. At the age of 67, he had trouble walking, and underwent surgery to put in an artificial hip joint. Because he had an old-fashioned surgery, he was bedridden for a week, continued rehabilitation while relying on a wheelchair and a cane, and it took more than half a year before he could walk again.

At that time, I realized that moving the body while being conscious of the vertical axis that passes between the head, spine, tailbone, knees, and ankles would reduce the burden and create a beautiful posture. When she was 76, she published his book Silky Gymnastics.

In 2020, I moved from the house I lived in for many years to the apartment in Yokohama where my eldest son lived. “Yokohama is a mecca for ballroom dancing, and I took the plunge four months ago.I was shocked to see a 90-year-old dancing in heels and a dress, and it gave me a lot of energy. Oh, I want to live like this, too.” (Ms. Taiko)

There was a time when her physical strength declined and she thought about moving into an apartment with nursing care.

“If I can’t lose, I can wear 7 cm heels. Today, I want to be a little better than yesterday. I want to be able to move my body as I want. That’s my goal every day.” (Taiko) Mr. Miss)

In order to get rid of the bulging stomach and stooped back and maintain a beautiful posture like Taniko, it is important to build up daily. If you gradually incorporate the stretching and breathing techniques introduced in this special feature, you should be able to change today better than yesterday, and tomorrow better than today.

Interview and text: Yuka Noda (Halmek Editorial Department) Photography: Akio Nakamura

*This article has been re-edited and published from the June 2021 issue of the magazine “Halmek”. Age is at time of interview.

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