Adult skin dullness is solved with oil beauty and concealer!

We will tell you the solution to the problem of dull skin in adults. Deal with blue dullness, brown dullness, and scattered spots with oil beauty and makeup. Explains how to choose the type and color of concealer suitable for dullness.

Measures against dull skin

Table of contents

  • UV rays are the cause of dullness
  • “Oil beauty” is an essential item for making a base for skin in your 50s
  • How to use and choose a concealer that covers dullness and blemishes

UV rays are the cause of dullness

dull skin

To put it bluntly, there are many reasons. In general, aged skin is born when yellowish pigments increase and transparency decreases due to oxidation, saccharification, and slowed blood flow. These changes in the skin are not limited to aging, and the effects of UV rays are also significant here.

First of all, it is important to properly apply sunscreen to a large area of ​​the skin before making the base.

Also, until your skin condition recovers with care from the inside, let’s learn how to use the essential items that are indispensable for creating a base for your 50s, which will keep your skin from aging.

“Oil beauty” is an essential item for making a base for skin in your 50s

Almond oil removes dullness

Photographed by Hiroto Nakanishi

For a natural-looking finish and texture, try applying a little oil before applying your foundation. At the stage of making the foundation, spread 1-2 drops of high-quality, easy-to-spread vegetable oil over the entire face. After that, please layer the foundation.

Alternatively, after the base is finished, mix the oil with the foundation in advance, and then layer the foundation on areas where you are concerned about dullness by changing the touch.

When retouching makeup, using a very small amount of oil over the foundation restores a natural luster.

Also, when applying the foundation to the nasolabial fold, don’t apply too much force from the inside to the outside.

How to use and choose a concealer that covers dullness and blemishes

how to use concealer

Concealer is usually thought of as an item used to cover blemishes, inflammation, and marks, but it is actually a versatile color correction item that covers wrinkles and dullness.

A pencil-like concealer is good for treating blemishes and marks because it is placed on the tip with chocolate. Apply a color that is slightly darker than your skin color and that does not make blemishes stand out.

Unlike blemishes, dark circles and dullness that cover a slightly wider area are better suited for creamy concealers that spread softly and smoothly than pencil types.

In addition to the stick type, there are various shapes such as jars and pods that you can take with your fingers, and types that you apply with a brush.

For brown dullness, choose beige or ocher, and for blue dullness, choose a warm color that creates a complexion.

Also, filling in the concealer by tracing over the nasolabial folds can make it stand out. Apply a color that is one step lighter than the skin, such as yellow, to cut the nasolabial folds.

Rather than taking care of the nasolabial folds themselves, the area around the mouth should be brighter and the feeling of aging should be alleviated.

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