Be careful when the seasons change! Causes and remedies for dry skin!

The change of season is also a time when you are concerned about rough skin. In this article, we will introduce the symptoms of rough skin, countermeasures against rough skin caused by disturbances in turnover and hormonal imbalance, as well as skin care tips to prevent rough skin and precautions for rough skin caused by masks.

Be careful when the seasons change!  Causes and remedies for dry skin

Table of contents

  • What are the symptoms of rough skin?
  • Causes of rough skin
  • Measures to prevent rough skin
  • Skin care tips to prevent dry skin
  • Beware of rough skin caused by masks!

What are the symptoms of rough skin?

symptoms of rash

Even if you say “rough skin” in one word, there are various symptoms. Let’s see what the symptoms are.

[Rough skin symptom 1] Dryness and roughness

One of the symptoms of rough skin is dry skin. This is a condition in which the skin lacks moisture and lacks moisture.

When the skin loses moisture, old keratin accumulates on the surface of the skin and the texture of the skin becomes rough and dry. Dryness can be said to be an early stage of rough skin.

[Rough skin symptom 2] Open pores

Open pores are one of the symptoms of rough skin. Pores are not very noticeable on normal skin. However, if normal skin cannot be maintained due to various causes, pores may appear large, conspicuous, darkened, or vertically elongated pores may appear like droplets.

[Rough skin symptom 3] Acne, pimples

Acne and pimples are also symptoms of rough skin. Pimples and pimples during puberty can be found around the forehead and nose where sebum is abundant. On the other hand, in the case of adults, it can be repeated in the dry areas around the mouth and chin, and it is characterized by being difficult to heal.

[Rough skin symptom 4] Eczema/dermatitis

When eczema or skin inflammation occurs, it can be said to be a severe rough skin. Eczema and dermatitis can appear in a variety of ways, from small, fine pimples to large patches. It can also be painful and itchy. If you have symptoms of eczema or dermatitis, please do not deal with it yourself and consult a dermatologist.

Causes of rough skin

What are the causes of rough skin? Here are three possible causes.

[Rough skin cause 1] Disturbed turnover

Disturbance of turnover causes rough skin. Turnover means that new cells are born in the basal layer deep in the epidermis, move to the upper layer over about 14 days, and after about 14 days, are pushed up to the stratum corneum, the surface of the skin, It is to become and fall off. Simply put, it means that the skin is reborn in a certain cycle.

When this turnover is disturbed, the cycle in which the skin is reborn is lengthened or shortened. If the turnover cycle becomes longer, the skin cells become dirt and remain in the stratum corneum, making the skin dry and stiff. On the other hand, if the cycle is shortened, immature stratum corneum cells accumulate, and the moisturizing power and barrier function decrease.

This turnover disorder is caused by lack of sleep, disordered eating habits, stress, incorrect skin care, etc.

[Rough skin cause 2] Hormone imbalance

Female hormones are linked to menstruation, and changes in the amount of secretion can cause rough skin. One of the female hormones, progesterone, increases in secretion before menstruation. When the amount of secretion increases, the skin becomes oily and the pores are easily clogged, which causes acne and pimples.

Another female hormone, estrogen, is a hormone that prevents rough skin.

[Rough skin cause 3] Decreased skin barrier function

The outermost part of the epidermis, called the stratum corneum, has a barrier function. Its barrier function keeps the skin moist, protects the skin from external stimuli, and prevents foreign substances from entering and the skin from drying out.

However, the barrier function may deteriorate due to disturbances in skin turnover, damage from UV rays, and dryness caused by air conditioners. When the barrier function declines, the balance between water and oil is disrupted, making the skin more susceptible to external stimuli and causing rough skin.

Measures to prevent rough skin

What kind of measures can you take on a daily basis to prevent skin irritation? Let’s introduce.

[Rough skin measures 1] Nutritionally balanced diet

A well-balanced diet is important to treat rough skin from the inside of the body. On top of that, let’s actively take the “vitamin B group” that has the function of supporting the metabolism of proteins that make up the skin.

Among the B vitamins, you should definitely take in vitamin B2, which is called the “skin-beautifying vitamin” and helps turnover, and vitamin B6, which has the effect of preventing dermatitis and controlling sebum. Foods rich in vitamin B2 include liver, eel, eggs, and natto, while foods rich in vitamin B6 include bonito, tuna, and bananas.

For those who find it difficult to get enough from food, supplements may be a good option.

[Rough skin remedies 2] Exercise improves the effect of beautiful skin

Moderate exercise is effective in preventing rough skin. Exercising not only relieves stress and prepares the mind, but also improves blood circulation and makes it easier for nutrients to reach skin cells. In addition, it is also important to keep the skin fresh because it can be expected to increase the basal metabolism.

When it comes to exercising, strenuous exercise is not necessary. This is because strenuous exercise consumes vitamin B2, a beautiful skin vitamin that helps turn over the skin. Make it a daily habit to do some light exercise like stretching, walking, or yoga.

[Rough skin measures 3] Normalize turnover

Normalizing turnover is also one of the countermeasures. Disturbed turnover occurs due to lack of sleep, unbalanced diet, stress, incorrect skin care, etc., so let’s review our daily habits and improve the bad parts.

[Rough skin measures 4] Enhance skin barrier function

It is also effective to prevent rough skin by preventing the barrier function of the skin from deteriorating. Moisturizing your skin is a great way to improve your skin’s barrier function. Moisturizing helps balance the water and oil content of your skin. Also, if you neglect moisturizing, your skin will dry out due to lack of moisture, and it may cause wrinkles around your eyes, so be careful.

Skin care tips to prevent dry skin

You can also prevent rough skin with daily skin care. Prevent rough skin from daily accumulation. The important things in skin care are cleansing, moisturizing, and UV protection.

■ Points for washing face

When washing your face, use a generous amount of foam, about the size of a lemon. Gently wash by rolling the foam over your skin. Please be aware that scrubbing will remove even the necessary oils and cause dullness and dryness.

Also, when wiping off moisture with a towel, it is a good idea to press down on the skin instead of rubbing it.

■ Points for moisturizing

After washing your face, it is important to use lotion, serum, milky lotion, etc. to keep your skin moisturized. Moisturizing can give your skin moisture.

■ UV protection points

Ultraviolet rays can also cause rough skin, so use sunscreen or a makeup base that has a sunscreen effect. When going out, it is also recommended to use parasols and hats.

How to choose cosmetics

To prevent rough skin, choosing cosmetics is also important. When choosing cosmetics, keep the following in mind.
・Choose cosmetics that match your skin type
・Check what ingredients are in them

For those who are concerned about dryness, it is a good idea to choose cosmetics that contain moisturizing ingredients and ingredients that enhance the barrier function of the skin. If you are concerned about pimples or pimples, try using a non-comedogenic formula that contains ingredients that do not cause pimples so as not to clog your pores.

Beware of rough skin caused by masks!

Beware of rough skin caused by masks!

Due to the new coronavirus, it has become a habit to wear a mask when going out. Meanwhile, I often hear that people are worried about rough skin caused by masks.

Rough skin caused by masks can cause symptoms such as dryness, dullness, pigmentation, and acne. Possible causes include friction between the mask and the skin, the effects of humidity differences, and stuffiness inside the mask. Let’s take measures against rough skin caused by masks with the method we will introduce from now on.

[Mask rough skin measures 1] Dry edition

The pressure and rubbing of the skin by the mask, and the evaporation of moisture immediately after removing the mask may cause the skin to dry out. Dry skin can also cause wrinkles and sagging. In such a case, it is effective to use a lotion containing ceramide ingredients that protect the skin from external stimuli and enhance the skin barrier function.

Curel Deep Moisture Spray 250g (quasi-drug) Lotion 2750 yen (tax included)

A spray-type lotion in which micronized ceramide functional ingredients penetrate deep into the skin (stratum corneum). Keep your skin moisturized and soft with a single blow. Contains an anti-inflammatory agent (active ingredient) to prevent rough skin and replenish moisture to the face and body anytime, anywhere.

[Rough mask measures 2] Dullness and pigmentation

When the skin is rubbed by the mask, it causes dullness and pigmentation. Dullness and pigmentation are exacerbated by UV rays, so use sunscreen or a makeup base with a sunscreen effect to block it.

La Roche Posay Sunscreen Makeup Base UV Idea XL Protection Tone Up SPF50+/PA++++ 30mL White 4840 yen (tax included)

La Roche-Posay Sunscreen Makeup Base UV Idea XL Protection Tone Up SPF50+/PA++++ 30mL White

Uses tone-up technology that makes your skin look beautiful, so you can feel the glowing skin from the moment you apply it. It naturally covers worrisome skin concerns such as dullness and color unevenness, and creates a natural and elegant luster as if wearing a veil of light.

[Rough mask measures 3] Acne edition

If you get acne from wearing a mask, it is recommended to use cosmetics that contain acne-preventing active ingredients such as “stearyl glycyrrhetinate”. You can also prevent pimples by wearing the correct size mask and wearing a clean mask.

Lunamer AC (Fujifilm) Gel cream 60g (quasi-drug) 2640 yen (tax included)

Lunamer AC (Fujifilm) Gel Cream 60g (Contains acne prevention, rough skin, active ingredients) Quasi-drug

While moisturizing the skin, the gel cream with a smooth finish can firmly moisturize and prevent pimples with the active ingredient “stearyl glycyrrhetinate”. Fragrance-free, synthetic coloring is not used. Keeps moisture for a long time and leads to moist and smooth skin.

Rough skin is easy to see not only in the eyes of others, but also in your own eyes, so you’re worried about it. In order to prevent such rough skin, review your daily lifestyle and take measures to improve skin turnover and skin barrier function.

Who taught you how to deal with rough skin?
Samantha Clinic Director Hiroko Sadamasa

Samantha Clinic Director Hiroko Sadamasa

After working for many years at a university hospital and a famous cosmetic dermatology clinic, opened Samantha Clinic in Nerima-ku, Tokyo. In addition to general insurance medical treatment, we also offer a wide range of state-of-the-art private medical treatment, and the detailed explanation and treatment unique to a female doctor are popular.

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