Can Yoga Lose Weight? Introducing diet effects and tightening poses!

Yoga can be expected to lose weight by continuing. We will explain why yoga is said to be effective for dieting, types of yoga, poses to tighten, points and cautions for weight loss. Yoga, which has the effect of stabilizing the mind, is recommended for adult women!

Can Yoga Lose Weight?  Introducing diet effects and tightening poses

Table of contents

  • Can Yoga Lose Weight? can’t you lose weight?
  • original purpose of yoga
  • Why yoga is good for weight loss
  • Effects expected from yoga other than diet
  • Go on a diet! toning yoga poses
  • Points and precautions when dieting with yoga
  • There is a diet effect! Relax your mind and body with yoga
  • Held on November 15th! Michiko Minegishi’s yoga course for neck and shoulder stiffness

Can Yoga Lose Weight? can’t you lose weight?

In recent years, the number of people interested in yoga seems to be increasing due to the opening of yoga studios and the introduction of yoga on TV and in magazines.

The question many people ask when starting yoga is, “Will yoga help me lose weight?” In conclusion, yoga can be expected to be effective for weight loss.

This is because yoga, which combines breathing techniques and poses, does not require intense movement, but can be expected to have an effect similar to aerobic exercise.

There are various poses in yoga, some of which are quite flexible and some poses that are difficult if you don’t have muscle strength, but there are many poses that beginners can do without difficulty. Let’s start with something easy and have fun trying it out.

Types of yoga that are good for weight loss

There are various types of yoga such as “Hatha Yoga”, “Hot Yoga”, “Bikram Yoga”, “Power Yoga”, “Iyengar Yoga”, “Sivananda Yoga” and “Ashtanga Yoga”.

“Hot yoga” and “Bikram yoga” are said to be effective for dieting.

Hot yoga involves taking yoga poses in an environment with a room temperature of 38-40°C and a humidity of 55-65%. is.

Bikram yoga is known as the original hot yoga, and it takes 60 to 90 minutes to perform 26 poses and 2 breathing techniques in an environment with a room temperature of 40 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 40%.

Hot yoga and Bikram yoga involve many difficult poses that get your heart rate up. Also, the room temperature and humidity are set high, so the calorie consumption is also high. By the way, it seems that the reason why the environment is hot and humid is to bring the environment closer to India, the home of yoga.

For those who do yoga for the first time or who have no exercise habits, we recommend the relaxing type of “ Yuru Yoga ”. “Yuru Yoga” doesn’t involve intense body movements and doesn’t require you to do it in a warm room, so it’s easy for anyone to start.

original purpose of yoga

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means “union” and represents the connection of mind, body and soul.

The original purpose of yoga is not to exercise or fitness, but to “reflect on oneself through meditation, calm one’s inner mind, and escape from the anguish and pain that arises in one’s life.”

Combining breathing, postures, and meditation, it is performed to relieve tension in the mind and body, and to achieve peace of mind and stability. Yoga not only burns fat but also has mental stability.

Why yoga is good for weight loss

Why yoga is good for weight loss

Here are some reasons why yoga is said to be effective for weight loss.

You can train your inner muscles

In yoga, instead of putting a strong load on your body like muscle training, you keep your muscles stretched inside. This will train your inner muscles.

Inner muscles are the muscles in the deep part of the body near the skeleton and internal organs. When you train your inner muscles, it becomes a natural corset and tightens your stomach.

Also, if you train your inner muscles and strengthen your core, it will be easier to maintain correct posture. By adjusting your posture and body line, you can expect the effect of making your style look good.

Improve daily bad habits

If you repeat bad habits such as crossing your legs, bending your back, slouching your thighs, and sitting shallowly in your chair in your daily life, this will cause your body to become distorted and lead to a loss of shape.

Yoga poses require you to keep your back straight, stand on the soles of your feet, and evenly distribute your weight on both feet. By strengthening your body through yoga, you can improve your habits and learn to sit and stand correctly.

In addition, by improving habits, excess fat and muscles will be adjusted, and the body line will be adjusted.

Prevent overeating

When you feel stressed, you may end up overeating or drinking too much. Meditation through yoga calms the mind and makes it less stressful, which helps prevent overeating due to stress.

Another advantage is that by realizing the “real self” that has been sleeping in the heart through yoga meditation, the awareness of taking care of one’s body increases.

As a result, it is said that there are many people who naturally change their consciousness, such as being careful not to overeat and choosing foods that are good for their bodies. Yoga is also recommended for those who have a habit of overeating.

Helps relieve constipation

Constipation is said to be the enemy of dieting. Abdominal muscles are essential for defecation. In addition, exercise is important to expel accumulated stool. With yoga, you can train your abdominal muscles and exercise to moderately stimulate your intestines.

In order to promote intestinal peristalsis, aerobic exercise such as yoga and walking while breathing properly is recommended rather than strenuous exercise such as muscle training. Regular practice will help prevent constipation.

Effects expected from yoga other than diet

Effects expected from yoga other than diet

Yoga can be expected to have various effects other than diet.

body makeup

Yoga moves slowly and does not involve strenuous movements, but uses the muscles of the whole body while performing various poses. Therefore, it is also recommended for those who want to create a beautiful body line.

By training the inner muscles, you can expect the effect of creating supple muscles and building a flexible body.

Improving constitution and beautiful skin effect

Yoga can also be expected to improve your constitution and make your skin beautiful.

Taking slow poses promotes the blood flow throughout the body, so it is effective in improving the physical constitution, such as improving chronic symptoms such as coldness, stiff shoulders and back pain, and adjusting the intestinal environment.

In addition, yoga moves muscles and joints that are rarely used in everyday life, which improves the flow of lymph and promotes the discharge of waste products from the body. By sweating, you can expect a beautiful skin effect.

back pain relief

It is said that many Japanese suffer from back pain, and yoga can be expected to be effective in improving and preventing back pain.

In recent years, with the increase in remote work and telework, it seems that many people are sitting at their desks and do not leave the house all day.

If you continue to take the same posture for a long time, the muscles around your waist will stiffen, and pain will be caused by putting a strain on your blood vessels and peripheral nerves. Yoga is effective in improving back pain because it can loosen the inner muscles in the deep part.

mental care

The unique feature of yoga that other exercises and training don’t have is that you can take care of your mental health. In yoga, you can approach the mental side through meditation and breathing techniques.

The world has a strong image of fitness and exercise, but it is said that yoga was originally created for the mind, and it is for those who are worried about the irritability and anxiety that have begun to appear due to the effects of menopause . is also recommended.

Go on a diet! toning yoga poses

Go on a diet!  toning yoga poses

Here are some yoga poses that are effective for toning the areas of concern.

Yoga poses to tighten thighs, hips and calves

First of all, it is a yoga pose that tightens the thighs, hips and calves. You can also expect the effect of eliminating the fatigue of the legs and the effect of increasing concentration.

  1. Get on all fours on the floor with your shoulders over your wrists and your knees under your hips.
  2. While inhaling, extend your right leg toward the ceiling, and stretch your stomach toward the ceiling. At this time, be careful not to bend your waist too much.
  3. While exhaling, bend your right knee so that it approaches your forehead, round your stomach tightly and stretch your back.
  4. Repeat this slowly about 5 times and do the same on the other side

Yoga poses to tighten upper arms and abdomen

Next is a pose where you can expect a tightening effect on your upper arms and stomach. It’s called the Dolphin Plank Pose , and it works your abs, back, and shoulders.

  1. get down on all fours
  2. Bend your elbows to 90 degrees and place them directly under your shoulders on the floor.
  3. Lift your body so that only your forearms, elbows and toes are on the floor
  4. Make a straight line from your head to your feet, being careful not to lift your hips too much, and keep that position for 10 seconds.

Points and precautions when dieting with yoga

Points and precautions when dieting with yoga

From here, we will introduce points and cautions when dieting with yoga.

continue to some extent

To lose weight with yoga, you need to be consistent.

Yoga is said to have the effect of relaxing and refreshing the body just by doing one pose, but it will be difficult to achieve weight loss effects just by doing it a few times.

If you want to burn fat and lose weight, it is recommended that you practice yoga regularly. Yoga can be practiced by people who have never exercised or are not good at it, and in principle, there are no restrictions on time or place, so anyone can easily start.

do it the right way

There are many different poses in yoga, but there are specific ways to do them. Posing in the wrong way can put stress on your muscles and joints, which can lead to injury.

It is said that there are many people who hurt their elbows, knees, hips, shoulders, and neck, so be careful when doing it.

Aim to have fun first

For yoga to lose weight, you need to practice it for a certain amount of time. If you enjoy it, it will be easier to continue, and it will also lead to stress relief.

If you only care about weight gain and loss, you won’t be able to enjoy it, so it is recommended that you enjoy yoga at your own pace without straining yourself.

Pay attention to meal timing

Be mindful of when you eat when you practice yoga.

Don’t eat right before yoga because a full stomach puts a strain on your internal organs. It’s a good idea to finish eating at least 2-3 hours before doing yoga to allow time for food to be digested.

If you eat a lot, it will take longer to digest, so it is recommended that you eat about 70% of your stomach before yoga. Yoga is said to be easier to concentrate and meditate on an empty stomach.

Also, after doing yoga, the body’s absorption capacity increases, so it is said that if you eat immediately, it will become easier to gain weight. If you decide to eat after yoga, wait at least two hours before eating.

There is a diet effect! Relax your mind and body with yoga

Yoga that takes various poses can be expected to burn fat. Calorie consumption varies depending on the type of yoga, but considering the burden on the body, it is recommended to start with yoga that you can do without difficulty.

Yoga not only has fat-burning effects, but also has stress-relieving and mental-care effects.

Even people who are not good at exercise can easily start, so why not try yoga that is perfect for you on this occasion?

[The second edition will be held due to its popularity ♪]

Held on November 15th! Michiko Minegishi’s yoga course for neck and shoulder stiffness

Ms. Michiko Minegishi’s yoga course, which was very popular last time, was “Eliminate your bloated stomach! Yoga course”. In the second installment, we will hold a yoga course that focuses on loosening the shoulder blades, improving the stiffness in the neck and shoulders, and eliminating the stoop! Ms. Michiko Minegishi, a pioneering yoga instructor with 40 years of teaching experience, will carefully teach you how to continue without enduring physical pain and difficult movements, which you can understand only because you are the same generation.

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