Causes and remedies for lingering cellulite!

Bumpy cellulite that appears on the arms, buttocks and thighs. Many women think, “It doesn’t go away even if you diet, it looks bad, and you can’t get rid of it.” So, what is cellulite, what causes it, and how to get rid of it.

How to deal with cellulite

Table of contents

  • What is cellulite anyway?
  • There are different types of cellulite
  • What causes cellulite
  • how to remove cellulite
  • Reduce cellulite with massage and exercise

What is cellulite anyway?

Cellulite is the uneven skin condition that can be seen on the stomach, thighs, and buttocks. It’s a term that originated in the beauty industry in the 1960s and is called “orange peel skin” in English because it looks like an orange peel.

The true identity of cellulite is subcutaneous fat that has grown too large. Strictly speaking, it is made by fat cells pushing up fibroblasts in the dermis of the skin. Fibroblasts are the cells that produce collagen and bring firmness and elasticity to the skin. It is also said that when the function of fibroblasts decreases, skin aging is accelerated.

There are different types of cellulite

There are four main types of cellulite. Let’s explain each.

Type 1: Fat type cellulite

“Fat-type cellulite” is a type of fat that accumulates due to obesity and is associated with waste products. It is often seen from the lower abdomen to the buttocks. Cellulite can be done by people of any age, whether they are in their teens or in their 50s.

Type 2: Swelling type cellulite

“Swelling-type cellulite” is caused by coldness and swelling. This is because fat cells accumulate excess water and waste products, resulting in poor blood flow. It is mainly seen in the thighs and calves, and is characterized by a bumpy state that is more noticeable than fat-type cellulite.

Type 3: Fibrotic cellulite

“Fibrotic cellulite” is formed by the entanglement of collagen fibers around adipocytes. This fibrotic type is a state in which cellulite has been left unattended for a long period of time. It is characterized by the appearance of uneven bumps and pain when pinched.

Type 4: Muscular cellulite

A rare type of cellulite is this “muscular cellulite”. Cellulite is formed when a person who has a lot of muscle mass due to exercise loses muscle mass and accumulates fat when they stop exercising. Compared to other cellulite, it is said to be the most difficult to remove.

What causes cellulite

What are the causes of cellulite? If you know the cause, you can find the solution.

Cause 1: Aging

One of the causes of cellulite is aging. As we age, our basal metabolic rate decreases and muscle strength declines. As a result, the skin sag and the blood vessels and lymph nodes are squeezed, resulting in cellulite.

Cause 2: Poor blood circulation

It can be said that people who tend to swell and people who are sensitive to cold are more likely to develop cellulite. The cause of swelling and coldness is in poor blood circulation. Poor blood circulation makes it easier for the body to store fat, which can increase or exacerbate cellulite.

Cause 3: Autonomic nerve disturbance

When the autonomic nervous system is disturbed due to lack of sleep, irregular lifestyle, stress, etc., cellulite can occur. Disturbances in the autonomic nervous system make the sympathetic nervous system dominant and make the body tense. As a result, the blood vessels contract and the body cools down, causing poor blood flow and a decrease in metabolism, making the body more susceptible to cellulite.

Cause 4: Lack of exercise

Loss of muscle mass due to lack of exercise can lead to cellulite. As muscle mass decreases, metabolic function and lymphatic flow decrease. As a result, it can lead to cellulite.

Cause 5: Genetics

Although it is not yet clear, it is believed that the cause of cellulite is genetic.

how to remove cellulite

Find out how to get rid of cellulite!

Here are some tips on how to reduce or eliminate cellulite.

How to reduce and erase 1: Exercise

Incorporating moderate exercise and improving blood circulation and metabolism are shortcuts to reducing and erasing cellulite.

To reduce cellulite, it is recommended to do both “aerobic exercise” to burn fat and “anaerobic exercise” to increase muscle mass and increase basal metabolism. Aerobic exercise that is effective for cellulite is easy to incorporate walking and stepping up and down exercise. For anaerobic exercise, try squats. At first, it’s OK to do it for a short period of time and a small number of times. Gradually increase the time and number of repetitions.

How to reduce/eliminate 2: Massage

Massage is also effective in removing cellulite. Massage has the effect of improving blood circulation and smoothing the flow of lymph. Therefore, waste products can be easily discharged, and cellulite can be expected to be reduced.

There are some things that you should be careful about when doing massage. Don’t do a strong massage that crushes cellulite. Such massage is pointless and may cause internal bleeding. Cellulite may increase further in the process of repairing internal bleeding, so it is wise to refrain.

The correct way to massage is to gently massage along the flow of blood and lymph. The best time to massage is when your body is warm, so do it during or after bathing.

From here, we will introduce how to massage according to the part. Use oils and creams when massaging so as not to strain the skin.


With one hand, slowly slide from the wrist to the side (5 times each for left and right)


1. Rub down from the navel to the pubic bone (5 times)
2. With both hands, turn to the left and right flanks from the plexus and rub diagonally downward (5 times)
3. Put the fingertips of both hands on the navel Apply to the side and rub in a circular motion (5 times)
4. Rub from the left and right flanks toward the center of the stomach (5 times)


1. With one hand, stroke upward from the thigh toward the waist (5 times)
2. With one hand, stroke from the buttocks to the base of the front thigh (5 times). same on the other side


1. With one hand, stroke the back of the thigh upwards toward the buttocks (5 times)
2. With one hand, move the front thigh to the buttocks, then the buttocks to the front thigh base Stroking (5 times). same on the other side


1. Slowly slide your hands from your ankles to your groin. Do this on the back side of the leg and on the front side as well (5 times each)
2. Rub the area where you are concerned about cellulite with your thumb from the bottom of the leg to the top.

How to reduce / erase 3: Use massage oil

One way to do this is to use an oil that contains ingredients that are effective against cellulite for massage.

Ingredients that are effective against cellulite include the fat-burning ingredient “L-carnitine” and “coenzyme Q10,” which is expected to have anti-aging effects. We also recommend organic products with natural aromas such as “juniper”, which can be expected to have a detoxifying effect, and “cypress”, which improves the flow of lymph.

How to reduce / erase 4: Use cream

As with oil, it is also a good idea to use a cream that can be expected to have a cellulite effect. When choosing a cream, you can expect results if you choose a cream that contains ingredients that are said to be effective against cellulite, or one that improves blood flow. Also, if the cream is just the right amount of firmness, you can massage it firmly without slipping on the skin.

How to reduce / erase 5: Remove at a beauty clinic

It may be possible to reduce fat-type and swelling-type cellulite by self-care, but fibrous-type cellulite is difficult to remove by yourself, so you may want to consider having it removed at a beauty clinic. At beauty clinics, it seems that liposuction, fat dissolution by injection and laser, and treatments using medical slimming machines are mainly performed.

The benefits of using a beauty clinic are that you can quickly realize the effect, and you can receive advice on how to prevent and improve cellulite. However, the disadvantage is that it costs more than self-care.

Reduce cellulite with massage and exercise

Cellulite’s greatest enemy is the accumulation of fat, waste products, and water. With the massages and exercises we introduced, let’s wash these out well and prevent cellulite while reducing it.

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