Change your bloated stomach to “clean”! 16 lifestyle habits

Due to the corona crisis, we have fewer opportunities to go out, spend more time at home, and telework. There may be many people who think “I may have gained a little weight …” due to lack of exercise. Here are some simple habits that will help you get rid of a bloated stomach. Why not start with what you can do?

Lifestyle habits that change your bloated stomach to “refreshing”

Table of contents

  • Daily activities: How to sit and operate your smartphone
  • Meals: 14:00 and 15:00 to eat sweets?

Daily activities: How to sit and operate your smartphone

1. Close your knees when sitting

Sitting on a train with your knees open can cause a bloated stomach. When you close your knees, your pelvis will naturally stand up, your spine will grow, and your stomach will sag. (A) *The alphabet letters (A to D) at the end of the sentence indicate the editors. Those without are supervised by the editorial department (same below)

2. Dare to wear clothes that make your waist stand out

Instead of hiding your belly, you can also enjoy showing off your belly in style. Your work will also be beautiful. (A)

3. Use a rag to clean

A good way to stretch the iliopsoas, which activates intestinal activity, is to get down on all fours and cover yourself with a rag. By moving the iliopsoas muscles, which are closely related to the movement of the intestines, and increasing the flexibility of the hip joints, you can improve your posture and prevent a bloated stomach. (B)

Use a rag to clean

4. Occasionally use a Japanese-style toilet
Squatting down with your knees bent will help you defecate and relieve constipation. People who do not have pain in their knees should actively use Japanese-style toilets. (B)

5. Operate your smartphone at eye level

Smartphone operation that tends to stoop. When you get used to it, the muscles around your stomach become easier to loosen. Operate your smartphone by holding it at eye level. (C)

6. Hold your bag over your shoulder rather than in your hand

The position of the scapula rises as muscle strength declines with age. When you go out, you can easily lower your shoulder blades by carrying a backpack on your back, improve your posture, and clean your lower abdomen.

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