Dry your hair faster! 5 convenient goods

I have trouble drying my hair. Especially when you are tired, you want to finish as soon as possible. That’s why we’ve put together a collection of useful products that help dry your hair faster.

Table of contents

  • [Hair drying item 1] Saronia speedy ion dryer
  • [Hair drying item 2] 3COINS hair dryer clip
  • [Quick-dry hair item 3] Aveda Blow Dry Accelerator Spray 
  • [Hair quick drying item 4 & 5] Quick drying set found at 100 yen store

It’s troublesome to dry your hair when you’re tired. I have semi-long hair, so if I use the dryer for a long time, I’m worried about damage to my hair, and above all, my arms get tired. So, I searched for something that could shorten the time of this dryer even a little, and found that there are quick-drying goods and convenient items!

[Hair drying item 1] Saronia speedy ion dryer

Saronia Speedy Ion Dryer 5478 yen (tax included)

Saronia’s speedy ion dryer that makes your daily dryer comfortable. With a large air volume of 2.3 cubic meters/min, drying time is reduced by 30% (*). Since the time exposed to heat is shortened, it is also effective for hair damage care. In addition, it also has a negative ion function, which has the nice effect of drying your hair while taking care of it.

*Manufacturer research. Drying time for women with medium hair is shortened from about 7.5 minutes to about 4 minutes compared to using the old manufacturer’s product (there are individual differences)

What I felt when I actually tried it was that it was “light and easy to hold”. Because it is a large air volume, I thought that the sound would be loud and strong wind would come out, but the sound and air volume are not particularly different from ordinary hair dryers, and there is no discomfort even if the wind hits my face. When I tried drying it as usual, the time was definitely shorter. (According to the data, it dried a few minutes faster than usual.) Even though it dries so quickly, it still has the necessary moisture, and the moist feeling is a nice point!

[Hair drying item 2] 3COINS hair dryer clip

■ 3COINS hair dryer clip 550 yen (tax included)

For people like me who get sluggish hands from holding a hair dryer for a long time, I recommend this one I found at 3 Coins. It is a very convenient hair dryer clip that allows you to dry your hair hands-free by holding the dryer and attaching it to a base such as a table.

Inside the box, there is a base clip connected to the arm head on the right side of the image above, a plastic nut, and a dryer clip, which is the key to the product.

When assembled, it will look like this. It is possible to freely change the height and angle with a stiff arm and a clip that can change the direction. Above all, it is quite a point to have both hands free when drying your hair!

You can use both hands when blowing your hair, so you can finish it neatly. The direction and angle can also be changed, so it is convenient to dry the back of the head. It is a convenient item that you can hear the voice saying “I wanted this!”

[Quick-dry hair item 3] Aveda Blow Dry Accelerator Spray 

■Aveda Blow Dry Accelerator Spray 4,070 yen (tax included)

This styling spray was a big success in our house in the summer of 2021. The lactic acid (coating ingredient) derived from sugar beets closes the open cuticles and makes the surface closer to a flat state.

In short, by reducing the surface area and making it easier for air to pass through, the dryer time is greatly reduced. In addition, the coconut-derived conditioning ingredient (cetrimonium chloride) can be expected to have the effect of making it easier to untangle the hair and protect the hair from the heat of the dryer.

Just spray it on towel-dried hair and dry it with a hair dryer as usual, but it dries very quickly. It dries really quickly, and last year I was saved from the scorching heat of the dryer hell in the summer. In addition, it also serves as damage care for your hair, giving it a smooth finish. I can’t do a hair dryer without this anymore! The more you think, the more indispensable it is.

[Hair quick drying item 4 & 5] Quick drying set found at 100 yen store

Left: Daiso Hair Dry Microfiber Glove 110 yen (tax included), Right: Can Do Hair Turban 110 yen (tax included)

Hair drying gloves using microfiber sold at 100-yen Daiso. By the way, microfiber is a synthetic fiber that is said to have excellent water absorption. Fluffy and comfortable to the touch, and an excellent fit. It can be used without falling out in the middle, so it is safe for people who are clumsy. It can be used instead of a towel dry, but if you use it while applying the wind of the dryer, the effect will be doubled. It dries surprisingly quickly.

I found a pink hair turban that also uses microfiber at Can Do. It is an excellent product that absorbs water well just by putting it on wet hair. When I did my skin care while wearing a turban and tried to dry my hair, I was surprised to find that my hair, which was always dripping wet, had dried to a moist level. Both are 110 yen including tax, so it’s nice to be able to casually try them.

Furthermore, by using gloves, a dryer, and a stand, I was able to dry my clothes in about half the usual time. This is the strongest set. In addition, when I added Aveda’s spray, my hair seemed to be happy and the drying time became comfortable.

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