Eliminate whirlpool cracks! Proper use of curlers learned from professionals

“Pakkuri whorl cracking” where the skin of the whorl part is exposed and looks like thinning hair. As a way to deal with it, we will introduce how to use the correct curlers from Fusosha’s “Pakkuri Whorl Cracking Curler BOOK” supervised by the professional “Egao Beauty Salon” for senior women’s hair troubles.

Table of contents

  • Women in their 50s and older are troubled by “puffy cracks”!
  • We asked the customers of the Egao beauty salon about their hair concerns
  • Easy! How to add volume to your hair with curlers
  • Keep power up! plus one technique
  • Present a mook book with a hair curler introduced in the article
  • Check out the video on how to use curlers correctly!

Women in their 50s and older are troubled by “puffy cracks”!

hello. We are an ” Egao Beauty Salon ” that specializes in people over the age of 50. Our salon, which specializes in adult hair problems, confidently recommends curlers.

The phenomenon in which the skin of the whorl is exposed and looks like thinning hair is called “puffy whorl crack”. There are so many customers who want to do something about this, and in response to their requests, we have supervised the “ Pacly Whorl Crack Eliminating Curler ”.

We asked 176 customers of the Egao beauty salon about their hair concerns.

This time, in order to supervise the curlers, we conducted a survey of the customers of “Egao Beauty Salon”. As a result, I found out again that there are many people who are suffering from “puffy hair cracks” and hair volume reduction.

Many people in their 50s and older are worried about “puffy cracks”

The most common problem for people in their 50s and older is “a crack that cracks” when viewed from behind. As the hair loses its elasticity, whirlpool cracks become noticeable, and it may look like thinning hair.

Approximately 1 in 2 people are worried about “no volume”!

As you age, your hair becomes thinner and less voluminous. It seems that there are many people who are particularly worried about the top becoming flat.

The curler takes about 5 minutes. Anyone can do it because it’s just winding. But the effect is enormous. You can also solve the problem of “the volume of the top does not come out” at the same time.

Therefore, in this article, we will introduce the points of correct use of curlers that will increase the volume of your hair, using pictures in an easy-to-understand manner.

* This article is an excerpt from the ” Pakkuri Whorl Crack Elimination Curler BOOK ” (Fusosha).

We asked the customers of the Egao beauty salon about their hair concerns

Difficult to set with a hair dryer! Favorite by professionals・Benefits of curlers

The reasons why the conventional “puckly tuft cracking & flat hair elimination method” does not work are as follows.

[NG] Set with a hair dryer

△ Technique required
△ Time consuming
△ Arms get tired

[NG] Use hair restorer & change shampoo

△ Expensive △ It
takes time to see results
△ Difficult to find a product that suits you

[OK] Curlers solve all these problems!

Make-up artist Miho Suzuki

“The feature of the curler is that it can pinpoint the parting of the hair that cannot be hidden with just the amount of hair. No difficult techniques are required. You can increase the volume in a short time while applying makeup before going out!” ( Makeup artist Miho Suzuki)

[OK] Only curlers can raise the roots of the hair!

Make-up artist Yuji Funatsu

“It’s difficult to straighten your hair from the roots with just a hair dryer. By using curlers, you can easily straighten your hair and get rid of cracks. It’s easy and doesn’t take much time. The beauty of curlers is that anyone can do it.By adding volume to your hair, you can make your face look smaller!” (Makeup artist Yuji Funatsu)

[OK] Curlers are very useful at salons!

Hairdresser Takahiro Teruita

“Curlers are also very useful when setting them for customers. Customers who are worried about splitting curlers often ask me, ‘That’s good.’ ‘Where can you buy them?’ It’s attractive to have a soft and natural finish even though it’s not there.” (Hairdresser Terui Takahiro)

Easy! How to add volume to your hair with curlers

We will introduce the “correct use of curlers” recommended by hairdressers, which is easy and leads to a reduction in hair setting time. If you don’t know how to use curlers to add volume to your hair, or if you can’t use them well, check out the photos for how to use them.

*There are multiple photos. If you are viewing it on an external distribution site such as Yahoo! News, please slide the “>” above the photo.

Step 1: Take the hair bundle at the parting part and lift it straight up, and wind the curlers around the ends of the hair. 

The point is to lift the hair bundle as vertically as possible without pulling it forward or backward. Use the curlers to comb your hair from bottom to top, and then roll it up from the ends to create a neat curl.

Step 2: Wrap the curler from the tip of the hair to the root and clip it. Leave as it is for 5 minutes or longer

Wrap the hair bundle around the whorl in the same way and secure it with a clip (If you move around the house, or if you have long hair that is difficult to hold, we recommend using a clip, but if you don’t move much or have short hair, don’t use it. is also OK).

Step 3: Pull straight up to remove, then straighten with fingers

Be careful not to pull it back when you take it off, or the root will not stand up properly.

Keep power up! plus one technique

Keep the style firmly by spraying while removing the curler

Applied technique: apply the heat of the hair dryer to the curler

The point is to spray the inner roots as shown in the picture. If you apply it from the outside, it will collapse. Choose a spray that keeps your hair soft.

If you apply the heat of the dryer, the time saving and keeping power will increase.

OK in 2-3 minutes. The trick is to apply it to the inside of the curler tube as shown in the picture.

Present a mook book with a hair curler introduced in the article

It is also popular in Halmek WEB’s image change before and after series! 5 people will receive a “Pakkuri Twirl Crack Elimination Curler BOOK” (released May 30, 2022) supervised by “Egao Beauty Salon”. It comes with a professional curler that solves the problem of cracked hair, which is said to be a problem for about one in three senior women.

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