Excellent cosmetics from a 100-yen shop! 9 selections that adults should buy

What are the recommended 100 yen cosmetics for adult women? Now “100 yen cosmetics” are full of contents and quality, and they are not to be underestimated! We will introduce 100 yen cosmetics that are perfect for adult women found at 3 popular 100-yen shops, “Daiso”, “Seria”, and “Can Do”!

Cosmetics from 3 Popular 100 Yen Shops

Table of contents

  • It is a big mistake to think that 100 yen cosmetics are cheap or bad!
  • 3 cosmetics from Daiso! Too good looking and inside
  • Celia’s cosmetics 3 items! Also recommended for mask makeup
  • 3 Candy cosmetics! Plenty of items that can be used for multiple purposes

It is a big mistake to think that 100 yen cosmetics are cheap or bad!

The quality of 100-yen shops these days is astounding, and the same goes for cosmetics! The era of “whether 100-yen cosmetics are cheap or not” has long passed, and products that cannot be underestimated are appearing one after another.

I used to be skeptical about buying eyebrow pencils and nail polishes, which were relatively safe.

It’s a small price of 100 yen, so you can buy trendy items and colors that you were a little hesitant about due to your age! You can buy all colors!

This time, we will introduce 100-yen cosmetics that are perfect for mature women found at three popular 100-yen shops: Daiso, Seria, and Can Do.

3 cosmetics from Daiso! Too good looking and inside

First of all, I would like to introduce the cosmetics from “Daiso” that I personally use regularly. Speaking of Daiso cosmetics, “UR GLAM SEXY AND HEALTHY MAKEUP”. Not only does it look stylish, but the contents are also pretty good!

[Daiso 1 item] “Gradation eye shadow” that saves time

Left: UG Gradation Eyeshadow (04), Right: UG Powder Eyeshadow (PK-2)

An eyeshadow that allows you to easily create gradation makeup with a single application. If you want to enjoy beautiful coloring, the point is to apply with your finger. Slide your index finger or one ring finger left and right to pick up the three colors together (the trick is to apply the color firmly to your finger).

Blend your finger all over the eye hole. If you start from the middle and apply it like a wiper to the left and right, you can apply it evenly.

Gradation makeup is completed just by doing this. Orange-brown is familiar regardless of skin color, and you can enjoy trendy makeup.

If you want to add sparkle, turn on “powder eye shadow” from above to make your eyes more impressive. The whites of the eyes look beautiful when placed in tear bags, so this item is recommended for adult women who tend to have yellow eyes.

[Daiso 2 items] “Eyebrow mascara” that creates sophisticated eyebrows

UG Eyebrow Mascara (03)

There may be people who have never used eyebrow mascara in the adult generation, but it is a recommended item for creating sophisticated makeup. Even beginners can try 100 yen cosmetics without hesitation.

If you have brown hair, choose brown, and if you have dark hair, choose ash gray. It matches the color of your hair and gives you unusually three-dimensional beautiful eyebrows.


[Daiso 3 items] “Highlighter stick” that adds a three-dimensional effect

UG Highlighter Stick (01)

It covers pores and dullness and adds luster, so it is recommended when you are concerned about dullness of your skin. It’s really convenient because it makes your face look three-dimensional and gives a bright impression just by applying it to the high cheeks that can be seen from the mask.


Product information

All Daiso, 110 yen each (tax included)

  • UG Gradation Eye Shadow (04 Orange Brown)
  • UG powder eyeshadow (PK-2 shell pink)
  • UG Eyebrow Mascara a (03 Ash Gray)
  • UG Highlighter Stick (01)

Celia’s cosmetics 3 items! Also recommended for mask makeup

Next, we will introduce the cosmetics of 100 Yen Seria, which is very popular for fashionable items.

[Seria 1 item] “Crayon Lip” that can be drawn smoothly


The slim design and smooth texture make it easy to draw detailed parts such as the corners of the mouth and the entire lip. You can draw softly and smoothly like a real crayon. CLASSIC ROSE and CINNAMON RED brighten up your complexion.

[Seria 2 items] Cover skin troubles! “Smooth concealer

AC Smooth Concealer

“Sarasara Concealer” covers worrisome areas such as spots, pores, and acne scars. It feels creamy when you take it in your hand, but it turns into a smooth powder when you apply it to your skin. It also has high coverage, so even if you want to spend your time without foundation, you can simply apply it to areas of concern to complete your base makeup.

It can also be used to touch up your makeup, so keep it in your makeup pouch for peace of mind!


[3 items of Seria] Hair care item “Maegami Powder”

TM Maegami Powder Y

When you’re wearing a mask, your bangs may get twisted due to the humidity. In such a case, try this powder that will keep your bangs soft just by applying it to your bangs before going out. It is also effective against humidity during the rainy season and against sweat in the heat!

Product information

All seria, 110 yen each (tax included)

  • AC crayon lip (01 CLASSIC ROSE, 02 CINNAMON RED)
  • AC Smooth Concealer 
  • TM Maegami Powder Y

3 Candy cosmetics! Plenty of items that can be used for multiple purposes

Lastly, I would like to introduce cosmetics from the 100-yen shop Can Do.

[Cando 1 item] Can be used on all faces! “multi cream”

TSE Multi Cream (MU0002)


It is a cream type and can be used for multiple purposes, such as around the eyes, cheeks, and lips, but I recommend using cheeks! Just take an appropriate amount and apply it to your cheeks to get both natural complexion and luster. You can also enjoy trendy one-tone makeup by using it on your eyes and lips at the same time.

[Cando 2 items] far exceeded the 100 yen level! “Lip gloss”

The second item is a “lip gloss” that does not seem to be 100 yen in terms of gloss and color.

TSE Lip Gloss (MU005)

With just one swipe, you can get plump and lustrous lips, and the tip is firm, so it’s easy to apply. If you can’t decide on a color, you can buy several colors in bulk, which is a unique way to enjoy 100-yen cosmetics!

[Can Do 3 items] Time-saving eyebrow item “Eyebrow Crayon”

TM eyebrow crayon Y (light brown)

It is neither a powder nor a pencil, it is a new time-saving eyebrow item that can be drawn quickly. Instead of filling in the eyebrows like a crayon, the point is to draw them quickly like a pencil. It just gives you a soft and natural brow. Blur the ends of the eyebrows with your hand for a more natural look.

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