[Experience report] Changes that occurred in two weeks of “protein” life!

It is an image that people who are training such as athletes drink, but in reality, middle-aged and older women have a great advantage to drink protein. We will also introduce how to drink effectively, how to take it recommended for beginners, and the experiences of actually living a protein life.

Table of contents

  • Easy to get used to! “Morning protein” recommendations
  • [Experience story] Protein life! tried for 2 weeks
  • After taking protein for 2 weeks, “3 things I noticed”
  • Is it okay to drink too much just because you like it?
  • Don’t just drink! Unexpected variations in protein intake

Easy to get used to! “Morning protein” recommendations

Speaking of protein, the image of ingesting after muscle training or exercise. When I talked to Kaori Takei, a registered dietitian, hair diagnostician, and vitamin advisor, she said, “Immediately after training, the muscles supplement nutrition and recover at the same time, so it’s important to take in protein. is the best timing.” So, if you have a general lifestyle that does not involve special muscle training, how should you incorporate it?

“I recommend ’30 minutes to 1 hour before going to bed’ and ‘right after waking up in the morning’. Humans produce growth hormone even when they are sleeping. Growth hormone promotes protein synthesis and heals damaged areas in the body. It repairs and strengthens the body.In addition, since the body is in an empty state immediately after waking up in the morning, it absorbs nutrients very quickly.” (Mr. Takei)

Until it becomes a habit, it is easy to forget, so it is recommended to set a time to drink.

“Especially in the morning, it’s easier to absorb nutrients and consume the calories you took in at the beginning of the day, so it’s recommended.” (Mr. Takei)

There is also the merit that you can spend the day actively by taking protein firmly in the morning. Considering that it is easy to habituate, “morning protein” may be easy for beginners to start.

[Experience story] Protein life! tried for 2 weeks

protein tasting

“I recommend protein in the morning,” so I started by drinking one cup in the morning. I usually drink 2-3 cups of coffee or tea in the morning, but I decided to warm up milk or water to dissolve the protein and drink it. Instead of coffee latte or milk tea, I was able to smoothly make it a habit by drinking protein like a hot latte.

Protein is the main component of protein, so it is the material that builds muscle. The good news is that if you increase your muscle mass, your basal metabolism will increase, and you can expect to have a slimming constitution, which is effective for dieting. I would like to introduce the results of observing my body while I was taking protein.

Except for protein in the morning, I didn’t pay attention to exercise or diet, and as a result, my weight, body fat, and muscle mass didn’t change much over the two weeks. Numerical values ​​such as weight, muscle mass, and body fat percentage fluctuate depending on the amount of food eaten and swelling, so I don’t think my body has changed dramatically in two weeks.

The most noticeable thing was that I was feeling good and feeling good for a long time. By ingesting protein in the morning, I became more conscious of my meals for the rest of the day, avoided eating only carbohydrates, and was less likely to eat sweets when I wasn’t hungry. When my eating habits are in order, my body somehow feels lighter and my activity levels tend to increase. I felt that if I continued for a few months, the numbers would change. Maybe it was because I was in a good mood, and my skin and hair felt better, but maybe it wasn’t just my imagination.

If there is a disadvantage, is it about rebound? As soon as you stop eating protein, if your awareness of food goes down, there is a risk that your well-organized mind and body will return to its original state. If it’s delicious protein, you’ll end up drinking too much, so it might be better to be careful not to drink too much.

multi protein

This time, I tried three types of “multi-protein” berry and matcha / plain. A multi-protein that combines the good points of soy protein, which has a good filling and is slowly absorbed, and whey protein, which is easy to dissolve and absorbs quickly. If you go to all the trouble to drink it, you will want to be greedy, and the beauty protein, which contains ingredients that are good for beauty, such as vitamins, keratin, hyaluronic acid, iron, and zinc, is a great value and appeals to adult women!

After taking protein for 2 weeks, “3 things I noticed”

1 “Delicious!” A renewed image of protein

Many people may shy away from protein, saying, “It’s bad and hard to drink.” It’s true that the old protein had a unique taste and smell, but when I tried the latest protein, I was surprised at how delicious it was. Rather than compulsory nutritional supplementation, I wanted to actively drink it.

2 Healthy and “just right” for a small stomach

When I miss a little sweetness, I used to put sugar in caffe latte or milk tea, but the protein is sweet enough to satisfy me. If you drink a cup of protein in the morning, you can spend it until lunchtime, and you will feel full!

3 If it’s easy, you can “continue” without stress

There is an image that protein does not dissolve unless mixed with a shaker, but multi-protein can be dissolved just by mixing with a spoon. If you choose an easy-to-dissolve protein, you don’t have to wash the shaker, just stir and drink. If it’s that easy, you can keep going.

Is it okay to drink too much just because you like it?

“ You need to be careful not to overdose , not just protein. If you take too much protein, it becomes fat and is excreted in the urine, which puts a burden on the liver and kidneys. It is also included in the diet, so it is recommended to adjust the amount of protein according to the amount of protein intake in the meal. ” (Mr. Takei)

The recommended protein intake is 1g per 1kg of body weight to maintain muscle mass. Rather than taking a large amount at once, it is said that it is better to take in a well-balanced amount throughout the day, such as taking a small amount at each meal, so that it is absorbed more efficiently.

Don’t just drink! Unexpected variations in protein intake

Once or twice a day for about two weeks, I never got tired of drinking several flavors alternately, but in order to make it a habit for several months or years, The more variation you have in how you take it, the better. Mr. Takei taught me a method other than dissolving and drinking.

“If you put it in a blender with fruit to make a smoothie, or mix it with yogurt to make a yogurt drink, you can enjoy it without getting tired of it. You can also increase its nutritional value. You can easily get protein by making pancakes with the flavor of

When I searched the recipe site, there were 275 recipes using “protein powder” (as of November 2021), and many users posted recipes on Instagram.

A recipe book using protein is also a reference.

If you take protein in sweets, your diet will be healthier. For those who are training, of course, when you want to diet, or to maintain beauty and health, why not make protein a habit as part of your life?

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