Eyebrows need an update! How to write eyebrows that suit you?

A single eyebrow can make you look older than your age, or make you look tougher… And vice versa. Even though eyebrows greatly affect the impression of the face, there are many people who are worried about their own eyebrow makeup. Eyebrow makeup doesn’t happen overnight, but why don’t you take this opportunity to review your eyebrow makeup once more?

50s eyebrow makeup

Table of contents

  • Tips for finding eyebrows that look good facing your eyebrows
  • First of all, review the NG of eyebrow makeup
  • It is ideal to use both powder and pencil for eyebrow makeup.

Tips for finding eyebrows that look good facing your eyebrows

It is no exaggeration to say that eyebrow makeup is the decisive factor in the impression of the face, but regardless of age, eyebrow makeup always ranks among the top makeup concerns. Especially in the Halmek generation, there are many people who feel that their eyebrows are thinning, their entire face is drooping, etc., although it was supposed to be fixed until now, but somehow it does not suit them.

There are many people who try to draw eyebrows for the time being, but they do not feel comfortable, “Which item should I use for thin eyebrows?” We have received a lot of concerns about.

What kind of eyebrows suit you in the first place? Let’s review the basic shapes.

There are 3 points: the inner part of the eyebrow, Mt. Bizan, and the outer part of the eyebrow. Use your finger to touch the position of the brow bone above the hollow of the eye that connects to the nose bone to get a firm grasp of its position.

“Eyebrow” is the area between the inner corner of the eye and the extension of the base of the nostril.
“Bizan” is between the outer end of the black eye and the white end of the outer eye.
The “eyebrow corner” is the area on the extension line that connects the nose to the corner of the eye.

eyebrow position

Keep this balance in mind.

Next, let’s review your usual eyebrow makeup habits.

  1. regularly plucking, trimming, or shaving
  2. Finished with just an eyebrow pencil
  3. I’m writing by looking only at my hand mirror

If you apply even one of these, you can not draw eyebrows well. I will tell you why and how to improve it.

First of all, review the NG of eyebrow makeup

(1) Growing eyebrows and confirming your true eyebrows

eyebrow tools

Eyebrows generally grow along the eyebrow bone. It doesn’t grow out of it. However, if you pluck, cut, or shave your eyebrows, you will not be able to see the original shape of your eyebrows, and you will not be able to draw eyebrows that suit you. First of all, stop taking care of your eyebrows for at least two weeks . Then, you can see the overall image of the eyebrows, including how the hair grows, where there is no hair, and the shape.

(2) Eyebrows need brushing

eyebrow brushing

Finish with a quick write with an eyebrow pencil. This is the worst thing you can do with eyebrow makeup. Before drawing the eyebrows, use a screw brush (eyebrow brush) along the brow bone and hair flow . In addition, you can draw natural eyebrows by brushing with a screw brush for each step.

(3) Use both a hand mirror and a full-length mirror for makeup

The secret to makeup is to use two mirrors

It’s not limited to eyebrow makeup, but when I do makeup, I prepare not only a hand mirror, but also a large mirror that can reflect the entire face and check the balance by pulling it. Of course, you will need a hand mirror for detailed work, but it is important to draw your eyebrows after drawing them and check how they are seen from a distance .

It is ideal to use both powder and pencil for eyebrow makeup.

Now, let’s review how to draw a specific eyebrow.

1. Determine the position of the peak and the tail of the eyebrow according to the rules of correct position. It is OK to mark the end of the eyebrow with a dot at the target length. Use powder to draw from Mt. Bizan to the end of the eyebrow, and blend with a screw brush. Similarly on the other side. Brushing will make it thinner, but the line will not be crispy, so it will give a natural impression. In addition, if the angle from the mountain to the end of the eyebrow is too strong, it will give a harsh impression, so check the side face in the mirror to make sure there is no sharp angle.

2. Apply color with powder from the tip of the eyebrow to Mt. Bizan, then brush with a screw brush. Take a step back and reflect in a large mirror to check the balance of your eyebrows. Then you can see the lacking part such as the part where the hair is thin. Draw this along the hair flow with the intention of drawing one hair at a time with an eyebrow pencil. Of course, brush with a screw brush at the end.


Even if your eyebrows are thin or do not grow back, you should be able to draw eyebrows that suit you by shaping them so that they fit your eyebrow bones. In addition, if you want to make eyebrows that are perfect for you, it is recommended that you go to a cosmetics specialty store or eyebrow makeup salon and ask them to teach you the shape of the eyebrows that suits your face.

Eyebrow makeup has a shape that has been used for many years, so I think there is resistance to suddenly changing it, but if you don’t update the technique you learned when you learned eyebrow makeup, it will look unnatural, ignoring the age and aging of your face. on the eyebrows.

First of all, review the basic rules firmly, try writing many times while slightly changing the thickness and length, and try to find the best shape that suits your current face. This is something that your eyes are accustomed to, so if possible, I think it would be good to have someone else judge whether it suits you or not.

Also, if you’re from the Halmek generation, you don’t have to force yourself to follow eyebrow trends. At this time, make the eyebrows a little thicker and the ends of the eyebrows slightly shorter for a youthful look.

Eyebrows that greatly affect the impression of the face. That’s why, don’t give up and try eyebrow makeup. I’m sure you’ll be able to meet your fresh face.

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