For hair troubles of women in their 50s and 60s! Hair care specialized subscription!

When you have beautiful hair, you feel more confident and enjoy your day. If you use the affordable flat-rate system, you can leave the daily care to a professional. Do you know “MEZON” where you can go to a beauty salon like a cafe, and a convenient hair salon subscription service specializing in hair care?

beauty salon subscription

Table of contents

  • When you have confidence in your hair, every day can be positive
  • Flat-rate system that makes it easy to use beauty salons for everyday care
  • Visualization of technology and effects through user evaluation
  • Find a professional for your hair concerns
  • A new lifestyle that keeps you clean

When you have confidence in your hair, every day can be positive

“ MEZON” (hereafter referred to as Maison) is a fixed-price beauty salon service specializing in hair care such as shampoo & styling, head spa, retouching, and maintenance cuts. We have partnered with more than 1,100 beauty salons nationwide, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and you can freely choose and use a beauty salon according to your schedule and purpose of the day.

Mizuho Suzuki, CEO of Jocy says that the original experience of realizing the “magic” of a beauty salon was the impetus for starting the business.

Mizuho Suzuki, CEO of Jocy Co., Ltd., which operates “MEZON”


“When I was in sales at an IT company, I was worried about speaking in front of people. Before I gave an important presentation, I stopped by a beauty salon and had my hair shampooed and styled. The presentation was a success.I realized that when my hair looks great, I naturally gain confidence, so I’ve gotten into the habit of getting my hair done at a beauty salon before important business negotiations.” (Mr. Suzuki).

When I asked my female friends how often they went to the beauty salon, they answered that it was about every three months. She thought, “This is a waste! Beauty salons are places that give women power. It would be great if they could be used more casually.”

Flat-rate system that makes it easy to use beauty salons for everyday care

“Maison” has plans such as unlimited admission and flat-rate tickets, and menus centered on hair care can be used at about 20 to 40% of the normal price. Four years after the service started, the number of members has already exceeded 40,000. How do members use it?

The most popular plans are the flat-rate ticket plan of 11,550 yen per month (tax included) and the unlimited shampoo and styling plan (weekdays) of 17,600 yen per month (tax included). By making it possible to use a beauty salon in a location that is convenient for me at that time at a low price, I have been able to use a beauty salon that I used to only visit once every three months for a cut or perm. It is a service that allows you to stop by for care.

Visualization of technology and effects through user evaluation

“People who stopped shampooing at home and decided to leave it to the beauty salon, people who were released from styling that they were not good at, people who mainly use massage such as head spas, etc. From our members, this price has been realized so far. It has been well received, saying that it fulfilled various requests that had not been made before,” says Suzuki.

Another characteristic of “Maison” is that it makes it easier for users to search for menus and hairdressers they want by enhancing the evaluation items by users and visualizing the skills of the shops and hairdressers. . Mr. Suzuki says that these various ideas have led to high support, with the largest number of members among menus and store-type beauty subs.

Find a professional for your hair concerns

Also, many people use Maison as a trial to find their favorite hairdresser. Analyzing a survey of members, it seems that there are many cases where they look for a hairdresser who can solve their hair dryness and wavy problems rather than their preferred hairstyle. For that reason, “Maison” publishes detailed reviews by monitors for each menu item. Monitors evaluate not only immediately after use, but also after 15 days and 30 days, so that members can know the real effect of the treatment.

According to Ms. Suzuki, “They are good at improving hair quality, have a lot of knowledge about dyeing gray hair, and hairdressers tend to specialize in their skills for each treatment .” You may be able to find a beauty salon that provides optimal care for adult hair concerns such as lack of elasticity, lack of luster, and thinning hair that increase with age.

A new lifestyle that keeps you clean

Instead of visiting just to “cut your hair”, we will solve the root “hair troubles” and leave the things that you can’t do well (sometimes troublesome) to “the best hair salon that always makes you feel better”. to me……. “Maison” proposes a new lifestyle where you can stop by the beauty salon every day.

It would be great if you could incorporate beauty salon subscriptions into your life so that you can live a comfortable life without being swayed by adult hair concerns.

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