For yourself, not for “nursing care”! VIO hair removal experience

Beauty journalist Yoko Kisara recommends beauty spots for women in their 50s and above. This time it’s “Hair Removal Clinic”. I am passionate about wanting you to enjoy this comfort without saying it too late.

Senior hair removal experience

Table of contents

  • VIO hair removal that is still in time for the 50s
  • how do you get rid of hair? The road to hair reduction
  • How to find a good hair removal clinic

VIO hair removal that is still in time for the 50s

middle aged VIO hair removal

“VIO hair removal”. Did you know? Even if you have heard of it, you are quite familiar with it. “V” is the triangular zone of the important part. “I” is the part of the narrow passage that continues from the triangular area to the back. The “O” stands for the big round exit at the back. The short story is “pubic hair”. They are called “V”, “I”, and “O” as they appear. You’re kind of laughing, aren’t you? “VIO hair removal” that considerably reduces this hair is in fashion now. Moreover, it’s in the middle of the day!

Even those who were the first to get laser hair removal on their underarms and shins didn’t have the idea of ​​removing important parts. It has been a boom for young people for several years, but now it has spread to adult women and seniors. Anyway, I tried to do it steadily over a year! ! !

Some people seem to call it “nursing hair loss” (that is, for when you will be taken care of in the future…). No! for myself. It feels really good! ! I no longer have the opportunity to show my hair to anyone, so it’s purely for myself.

It’s so refreshing to have no hair! This is no longer a detachment. I wish I had done this sooner! Of course, not all are hairless. You don’t have to go that far. If you don’t have it at all, important things will be exposed, and on the contrary, you will be worried about people’s attention at hot springs.

how do you get rid of hair? The road to hair reduction

image of hair loss
Image of armpit hair removal

However, the road to hair reduction is quite difficult. First, at the clinic, you have to expose the important part and have the laser applied. For that, you have to shave your own hair. Even so, there is still some leftover shaving, so I ask the nurse to shave it off.

At this point, it’s already a light nursing experience. Lasers are painful only on sensitive areas. There are measures such as applying anesthesia and cooling, but it is quite painful. Personally, I was more grateful for “quick” rather than “polite”. Well, everyone feels pain differently…

By the way, “reducing hair” and “hair removal” here means to destroy the cells that grow hair by applying a laser suitable for hair removal to the skin and prevent hair from growing again. This hair removal can only be done at a clinic presided over by a doctor, and the treatment is only allowed for medical professionals such as doctors and nurses.

How to find a good hair removal clinic

How to find a hair removal clinic

Then, what kind of clinic should be done? Do you also have esthetics and home care? I think there are some people who think that, but the power of laser machines is completely different between medical institutions and esthetics and home care. Of course, you can also choose to spend more time on esthetics and home care without spending money, so that’s up to the individual.

In addition, as a personal advice, I think that it is good to have a clear accounting every time at the clinic.

This is because the cycle of hair growth is different, so only a part of the hair is affected by the laser, and the treatment needs to be repeated. In addition, there are individual differences in the speed of decrease. This is because it is better to be able to easily change clinics when you don’t feel like your hair has been reduced, or when you don’t like the atmosphere. This is because beauty clinics are different from treatment for injuries and illnesses, and whether or not you feel better is subjective.

Usually, the number is clearly reduced even once, and the more you repeat the number, the more you can see the difference. If the number does not decrease no matter how many times you do it, it is also recommended to change the clinic.

I personally go to a small non-chain clinic 6-7 times on a regular basis, and the number of visits has decreased considerably. I still have it, but I’m satisfied with it, so I stopped. The amount of money required for one time was around 50,000 yen, so the total cost was about 300,000 yen.

If you are interested, why not start by gathering information? Elimination of the body from the early fifties, what you want to throw away is not only fat but also “hair”. When you throw it away, it feels surprisingly refreshing!

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