Get rid of puffiness under your eyes! Care method to review from lifestyle habits

There are many people who care about sagging under the eyes and focus only on the eyes. But in fact, it can also cause sagging of the face, sagging of the scalp, and sagging of the entire body. Therefore, this time, we will introduce an approach to review from the lifestyle habits to eliminate the sagging under the eyes.

Get rid of puffiness under your eyes!  Care method to review from lifestyle habits

Table of contents

  • Supervisor Profile: Masahiko Toyoda (Dermatologist)
  • What is the identity of the sagging under the eyes?
  • Is the sagging under the eyes from the whole body?
  • 3 NG eating habits that lead to sagging under the eyes
  • 6 bad habits that lead to sagging under the eyes
  • Editorial department recommendation! 3 eye care products that work for sagging under the eyes
  • The November 2022 issue of the magazine “Halmek” is “Easy care for face, hands and neck”

Supervisor Profile: Masahiko Toyoda (Dermatologist)

 Dr. Masahiko Toyoda . Dermatologist (certified by the Japanese Dermatological Association). Allergist (certified by the Japanese Society of Allergology).
Director of Uruoi Skin Clinic. After graduating from Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University (currently Toyama University), from 1994, he spent two and a half years studying abroad at the Department of Medicine and Dermatology, Boston University, where he conducted research on skin aging and nerves.

At the 2002 and 2004 International Congress of Dermatology, she was the sole winner of the clinical and research categories respectively. To date, she has authored over 2,000 medical papers and medical treatises. She also holds more than 250 lectures, presentations at academic conferences, and guidance at public health centers in Japan and overseas.

What is the identity of the sagging under the eyes?

What is the identity of the sagging under the eyes?

What causes puffiness under the eyes? First, let’s get to know how the eye works.

Around and inside the eye, there are 6 layers: epidermis, dermis, orbicularis oculi muscle, orbital fat, orbital septum, and orbital cavity. There are two main parts.

  1. Epidermis : The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and driest part of human skin.
  2. Dermis : This is a part of the skin that is susceptible to damage from UV rays and other factors, and the collagen and elastin that keep the skin firm.
  3. Orbicularis oculi muscle: One of the facial muscles that closes the eyelids. Muscle strength gradually weakens with age, and the muscles become flabby.
  4. Orbital fat : Acts as a cushion to protect the eyeball. We lose weight and shrink with age.
  5. Orbital septum : A thin membrane that surrounds the orbital fat. Like the orbicularis oculi muscle, it slackens with age.
  6. Orbit : A cavity in the bone that contains the eyeball. It becomes thinner with age, and the skeleton itself deforms.

When the orbital septum (5) slackens due to aging and other factors, the orbital fat (4) inside it becomes saggy and weak, and the orbital fat (4) overflows as if pushed forward, gradually becoming noticeable as a bulge under the eye. I will come. At the same time, weakened laxity of the orbicularis oculi muscle (3) pushes the orbital fat forward.

In other words, sagging (swelling) under the eyes is “skin under the eyes: epidermis (1) and dermis (2), orbital septum, orbital septum, orbital fat is pushed forward due to muscle deterioration and sagging, falls downward due to gravity, and thin bones. The sunken, orbital (6) skeleton accentuates its bulge.”

Parts 1 to 6 gradually deteriorate due to aging, so it is common for them to become noticeable as they age.

Do you have two bulges under your eyes?

There are two types of bulges under the eyes: tear bags and eye bags. Both are similar, what’s the difference?

  • Tear bag
    The bulge along the eyelash hairline on the lower eyelid is the tear bag. The identity of the lacrimal bag is the state in which the muscle around the eye, the orbicularis oculi muscle, develops and swells. Plump tear bags give a youthful impression and tend to be liked.
  • Eye bags Eye bags
    are so-called “sagging”, and they are orbital fat that acts like a cushion that wraps the eyeball. When the orbicularis oculi muscle weakens due to aging or ultraviolet rays, the eyeball drops, and the weight of the eyeball pushes out the orbital fat, causing the lower eyelid to swell and become an eye bag. 

Sagging can cause dark circles

In addition, bags can be more noticeable due to dark circles, and bags under the eyes can lead to dark circles.

The skin on the face is naturally very thin, but the skin around the eyes is even thinner. Therefore, it is a particularly delicate part of the face, and fatigue and aging are easily noticeable.

Since sagging is formed in the same place as the bear, if a thick dark circle forms under the sagging, it will be as dark as a shadow, which will make you look older. Conversely, the shadow of the slack may look like a bear.

Why can bears

If you classify bears by color tone, there are four types, each with a different cause. Most of the bear troubles are said to be “black bears” and can be done by slack. In other words, getting rid of slack and getting rid of dark circles are the same thing. 

  • Black bears Black bears
    have dull skin that looks black. Also called a shadow bear, the shadow of the slack looks like a bear. If it’s hard to hide with foundation or concealer, it’s black bears.
  • Blue bear
    The blue-black color is “blue bear”. It is caused by poor blood circulation, lack of sleep, eye fatigue, etc. It is also characterized by being inconspicuous when blood circulation is good, such as after taking a bath.
  • Brown bears Brown bears
    are brown bears. Pigmentation is mainly caused by irritation such as rubbing the eyes and eye makeup. In addition, wrinkles under the eyes due to aging can overlap and shadow the eyes, making them look brown. If you pull the outer corner of the eye with your finger and the brown part moves along with the skin, then you have brown bears.
  • Red bear
    The orbicularis oculi muscle located just behind the skin looks red, which is a “red bear”. It is a bear that is often caused by the muscle being compressed by the orbital fat inside the orbicularis oculi muscle.

Is the sagging under the eyes from the whole body?

Is the sagging under the eyes from the whole body?

A single piece of human skin covers the entire body. It is also possible that the bags under the eyes are the result of bags elsewhere on the body.

from facial sagging

Symptoms of facial sagging include sagging cheeks, conspicuous nasolabial folds and marionette lines, and vague facial lines such as double chins . The sagging face is caused by the accumulation of fat and the loss of elasticity of the skin with age.

For example, if the cheeks are sagging and drooping downward, the cheeks will become moss and the cheekbones will protrude. When the skin and fat overlying the protruding cheekbones and the ligaments that connect the skin to the facial bones of the cheeks are attached, the bags under the eyes become noticeable.

In addition, the cause of sagging of the face should be especially noted is the weakening of the orbicularis oculi muscle, which is a facial muscle. Eye movements are closely related to facial expressions. When you smile, the lower eyelid lifts and the orbicularis oculi muscle also moves greatly. If you don’t change your facial expression too much, the muscle strength of the orbicularis oculi muscle will weaken, leading to sagging under the eyes.

Due to the corona crisis, people have been wearing masks and refraining from going out for a long time, and they are less likely to move their facial expressions than before. Make a conscious effort to move your facial expressions. 

From sagging scalp

The sagging of the scalp also greatly affects the sagging under the eyes. The scalp and facial skin are also connected, and when the scalp sag, the sagging skin is pushed down on the face. As a result, the skin around the eyes, which is especially close to the scalp, is affected, causing sagging under the eyes.

In addition, the “temporal muscles” in the temples are stiff, which leads to sagging under the eyes. The temporalis muscle is linked to the orbicularis oculi muscle, and when the temporalisus muscle is stiff, the orbicularis oculi muscle shrinks and the blood flow worsens. The firmness of the cheeks disappears, and the orbicularis oculi muscle is pulled downward, making wrinkles and sagging more likely to occur.

The cause of stiffening of the temporal muscles is overuse of eyes such as smartphones and PCs, and clenching of the back teeth while sleeping. It also causes sagging and nasolabial folds because the power to pull up the cheeks to the side is lost. 

From body slack

If you have fat on your body and your whole body is sagging, such as your stomach, upper arms, and thighs, you may also have sagging under your eyes, which is connected by a single piece of skin.

In addition, if blood circulation is poor due to sagging of the body, the flow of lymph nodes will be blocked, and excess waste and water will accumulate around the eyes, resulting in swelling. This swelling can also lead to puffiness under the eyes. 

3 NG eating habits that lead to sagging under the eyes

3 NG eating habits that lead to sagging under the eyes

To maintain youthful skin, it is necessary to smoothly deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin. However, if the blood circulation and lymph flow around the eyes are poor, nutrients will not reach the skin properly, and waste products will not be able to be discharged well and will accumulate, which will accelerate the aging of the skin.

In order to maintain healthy skin, it is essential to improve lifestyle habits, especially eating habits. The food you eat makes up your body, so know what to watch out for and review your eating habits.

Eating too much cold food and white sugar

Cold foods and drinks cool the internal organs. When the internal organs are chilled, their work slows down, and especially when the kidneys are overloaded, symptoms tend to appear around the eyes.

The kidneys are responsible for removing waste products and cleaning the blood. However, when the kidneys get cold and their function declines, the blood flow becomes stagnant and dark circles easily appear under the eyes.

Also, taking too much white sugar puts a strain on the internal organs. Undigested excess sugar binds to protein and can cause skin deterioration. This is called “saccharification”.

AGEs (glycated proteins: end-products of saccharification) are produced by saccharification. As a result, the aging of the skin progresses, and in addition to the dullness of the face and wrinkles around the eyes, the sagging under the eyes becomes more noticeable. 

too much salt

Puffiness under the eyes can also come from puffiness (excess fluid buildup in the tissue outside the blood vessels). The skin around the eyes is thin and prone to swelling. Swelling under the eyes makes dark circles and sagging under the eyes more noticeable.

Excessive salt intake can also cause swelling. If you eat too much salty food, the salt concentration in your body will increase, and in an attempt to dilute the salt concentration, your body will hold back water and retain water. Excess water cannot be recovered even by the circulation of lymph fluid, and accumulates in the skin, and this water appears as swelling.

In other words, swelling is caused by an imbalance of salt and water in the body. Especially at night, when you lie down and sleep, water accumulates in your face, so when you wake up in the morning, your face and eyelids tend to swell.

excessive drinking

Have you ever had puffy eyes under your eyes the day after drinking too much alcohol? Excessive drinking causes the body to lose water due to the diuretic effect of alcohol, resulting in poor blood flow.

When you drink alcohol, the concentration of alcohol in your blood rises, dilates your blood vessels, and causes fluid to leak out of your blood vessels. The cells of our body have a function (osmotic pressure) that tries to equalize the water concentration inside and outside the cells, but if you drink too much, your veins and lymph nodes will not be able to process the water in time, making it easier for you to swell. increase.

In addition, when the liver breaks down alcohol, a large amount of toxic substance called acetaldehyde is released. Acetaldehyde damages collagen fibers and dries out the skin. As a result, puffiness under the eyes is also noticeable.

Limit alcohol and salty snacks in moderation, avoid drinking too much water before going to bed, go to bed early, and get up early the next day. Also, if you try to avoid sleeping on your stomach by elevating your head a little, you can improve the swelling under the eyes, which is the part of the face that is prone to swelling. 

6 bad habits that lead to sagging under the eyes

6 bad habits that lead to sagging under the eyes

Even in our daily lives, there are hidden actions that can cause bags under the eyes. Let’s review your habits to see if you’re doing it.

Scrubbing off eye makeup

Do you remove your eye makeup along with your face when cleansing? Actually that’s not good. Eye makeup is dark point makeup. If you don’t remove it properly, the dirt will irritate you and cause pigmentation.

On the other hand, rubbing around the eyes in an attempt to remove it is the worst thing to do. The skin around the eyes is thin and delicate, so rubbing can cause the skin to sag, leading to puffiness under the eyes. When removing eye makeup, use a cleansing agent specifically for the eye area and gently remove it with a cotton pad. 

look down for a long time

When you look at your smartphone, do you look down at the screen? Looking down for long periods of time can also induce sagging of the face due to gravity.

Also, if you keep looking at the screen, you will blink less. Blinking is movement for the eyelids. As the number of blinks decreases, the blood flow around the eyes becomes stagnant, and the necessary oxygen and nutrients cannot be delivered.

Modern people overwork their eyes. Looking at a smartphone or computer for a long time without resting your eyes will cause eye strain and the muscles around your eyes will become stiff. When you look at your smartphone or computer, adjust the height and take a moderate break. 

neglect skin care

The skin around the eyes is thin and easily dry, so it is important to keep it well moisturized. The increase in fine wrinkles due to dryness around the eyes is also a factor that accelerates the sagging under the eyes.

Ultraviolet rays can also cause serious damage to the skin, leading to wrinkles and sagging. Always keep the delicate eye area well moisturized. 

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep affects not only the puffiness under the eyes, but also the skin as a whole. It is known that several hormones are involved in sleep.

  1. Suppression of melanin production (prevention of blemishes)
  2. Antioxidant action (prevention of rough skin, etc.)
  3. Promotes degradation of aging substances AGEs (suppresses saccharification)

Good effects on the skin such as are lost due to lack of sleep.


Cold weather affects the activity of the muscles around the eyes and the tone of the skin due to irregular blood circulation, so caution is required. Smoking accelerates skin aging such as sagging by promoting the generation of active oxygen along with blood circulation disorders.

Self-styled massage

In some cases, the massage performed for beauty is connected to the sagging under the eyes. Incorrect massage can irritate the skin around the eyes, resulting in bags under the eyes.

When massaging yourself, pay close attention to your eyes, and be careful about the ingredients of the cosmetics you use. Some cosmetics can break down the skin barrier and cause dryness, dehydration and loss of firmness under the eyes.

Editorial department recommendation! 3 eye care products that work for sagging under the eyes

Editorial department recommendation!  3 eye care products that work for sagging under the eyes

The eyes are the part of the other person’s field of vision. Therefore, if the sagging under the eyes is improved, the appearance will also give a youthful impression. First of all, daily moisturizing care is important for sagging under the eyes.

Here are three eye care products that have moisturizing properties.

Bioderma “Sensibio Eye Care Gel Cream 15g”

Bioderma "Sensibio Eye Care Gel Cream 15g" 2750 yen (tax included)
Bioderma “Sensibio Eye Care Gel Cream 15g” 2750 yen (tax included)

Bioderma “Sansibio Eye Care Gel Cream 15g” contains hyaluronic acid to prevent dryness and moisturize your eyes. Contains caffeine, which has the effect of tightening the skin, for a clean and beautiful eye area.

It also contains ingredients that prevent rough skin, so even sensitive skin can use it with peace of mind. It is a non-sticky gel cream that spreads easily and is perfect for everyday use. 

Hanajirushi “Ceramide Moisturizing Eye Cream 30g”

Hanajirushi “Ceramide Moisturizing Eye Cream 30g” contains amino acids, which are moisturizing ingredients, and leads to firm eyes. With a soft creamy texture, it spreads well and blends into the skin. Formulated with 3 types of ceramides to balance skin moisture.

Can be used morning and night without stickiness. By using it before makeup, the eyes will be moisturized and the makeup will be better. As a special care once a week, apply a thick layer before going to bed as an eye pack. The next morning, you can feel the firmness and liveliness of your eyes. 

Kirarie “Eye Cream 3 20g”

Kirarie "Eye cream 3 20g" 1980 yen (tax included)
Kirarie “Eye cream 3 20g” 1980 yen (tax included)

Kirarie “Eye Cream 3 20g” contains water-soluble proteoglycan to strengthen the skin from the foundation. Collagen and hyaluronic acid keep the skin firm and elastic. Ash bark extract, vitamin B, etc. approach sagging and dark circles under the eyes. In addition, a generous amount of retinol will reach even dry wrinkles.

For moisturizing, maple water, which is highly safe and has excellent moisturizing power, is blended. It has a soft and melting texture that penetrates well into the eyes. It spreads well and fits well even in small amounts. 

Above are the products recommended by the editorial department.

A mask life that tends to look down. Now that we are refraining from going out, we have less changes in facial expressions, and the sagging of the body due to lack of exercise is accelerating the sagging under the eyes. In addition to sagging due to aging, sagging due to lifestyle habits is also a major factor and cause of sagging under the eyes. Start by adjusting your lifestyle little by little.

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