Get rid of puffy face! Facial muscle training that can be done in 5 minutes at a time

The second online video course by Ms. Yoshiko Mamada, a researcher of facial muscles, is facial muscle training “Shoowa” to improve swelling of the face. By moving the muscles of the whole face, the blood circulation is up! Eliminates swelling. Correct your posture and use facial muscles for 5 minutes at a time.

Table of contents

  • Profile of Yoshiko Mamada
  • The reason why your face is swollen is because you are not moving your face.
  • Correct your posture before starting facial muscle training
  • How to do facial muscle training “Shoo Ower” to eliminate facial swelling
  • Point of movement of facial muscle training “Shoo Ower”
  • How to do facial muscle training “Shoo Ower” with video
  • Check out Yoshiko Mamada’s facial muscle training video

Profile of Yoshiko Mamada

Facial muscle researcher. facial muscle trainer. Born in 1972. He gives about 200 “Face Yoga” lectures throughout the country every year, and is a hot topic on TV and other media. Currently, we are advocating core face training that moves facial muscles. He is the Tango Dance World Championship Asian Games Stage Division Champion (2010). He has written many books, including “While Face Yoga” (published by Shufu to Seikatsusha) and “Yoshiko Mamada’s V-Shaped Face Yoga” (Pia Mook).

The reason why your face is swollen is because you are not moving your face.

A swollen face is caused by not using the facial muscles.

If you don’t move your face, your blood circulation will get worse and the flow of lymph will be stagnant, and waste will accumulate. When waste products accumulate, it leads to swelling of the entire face and sagging of the face line, making the appearance age steadily older.

Firmly move the muscles of the entire face to create a tight and lively face.

Correct your posture before starting facial muscle training

correct one's posture

If your posture is bad, the facial muscles you use will vary. Even if you do facial muscle training in this state, the difference between the areas where the muscles are tensed and the areas where the muscles are weakened and loosened increases, and the balance of the face collapses.

In this state, no matter how hard you try, the causes of aging such as swelling and sagging will not go away.

Be sure to correct your posture before doing facial muscle training.

First, raise your body and make your pelvis stand firmly. Rock your pelvis from side to side while taking deep breaths to release tension and relax your shoulders. Not only the body, but also the face and mind are relieved of tension and unnecessary strength, making it easier to move all the facial muscles.

At this time, let’s imagine that one axis passes through the body, face, and head.

How to do facial muscle training “Shoo Ower” to eliminate facial swelling

Let’s do it while checking your face with the selfie function of the mirror or smartphone. If you take a close-up photo of your smiling face before you start, you can check the change in your face after a week and feel the effect.

First, correct your posture and create a single axis with your head, face, and body.

Then, while puckering your mouth and exhaling with a “whoosh”, pull the muscle around your mouth, the orbicularis oris muscle, forward.
Next is the shape of the mouth of “O”. Stretch under the nose so that nasolabial folds disappear.
Just like that, open your mouth, eyes, and whole face wide outward.
Match your breathing with these “hoo”, “oh”, and “wah” facial movements.
Take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale as you say “whoosh”, “ooh”, “wow”. After exhaling, relax.

Repeat this 3-5 times until your face feels warm and warm. Eliminates puffiness and refreshes the face.

Point of movement of  “Shoo Ower”

The point is to move your face as much as you can. The orbicularis oris and buccal muscles are surprisingly not moving even though they are supposed to be moving. When you get stronger, you get more elasticity. Let’s train hard.

I also show you how to do it in detail in the video, so be sure to check it out.

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