Get rid of sagging face in 3 minutes in the morning! Yusen Kimura’s strongest lift-up technique

“Facial sagging” such as around the eyes and nasolabial folds is a concern year after year. Did you know that the cause is actually in the collusion of the shoulder and neck muscles? In search of a way to fundamentally eliminate facial sagging, we developed an original method with Yusen Kimura, a lymphatic care professional.

Table of contents

  • If you continue every day, you can change your facial impression!
  • 1 month trial! Here are the amazing changes
  • Stay on the futon! morning 3 minutes method
  • [STEP1] Relax your neck, chest and back
  • [STEP2] Face lift
  • [STEP3] Drain the lymph at the end
  • Morning method done!
  • Held on Wednesday, December 14, 2022! Yusen Kimura’s “Improvement of sagging face and neck! Lymph drainage” online lesson 

If you continue every day, you can change your facial impression!

“If you are concerned about sagging, do you have stiff shoulders and neck? Actually, that is the cause of sagging,” says 61-year-old Yusen Kimura, who is miraculously young. He is a beautiful trainer who continues to suggest lymphatic care.

“Sagging around the eyes and mouth cannot be fundamentally eliminated by caring only for the eyes and mouth. In addition to that, now that we live in masks 365 days a year, the area around our chins is always covered by masks, and the muscles around our mouths are stiff, so many people must have deep smile lines.”

Mr. Kimura proposes a “lift-up technique for 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes in the evening” that can be continued easily. The muscles around the shoulders, neck and jaw are loosened comprehensively.

1 month trial! Here are the amazing changes

(Left) Before, (Right) After one month of Kimura’s method

When Halmek’s editorial staff challenged Mr. Kimura’s method for a month
, the left side photo before implementation showed swollen eyes and an impression that the entire face was lowered. Nasolabial folds were also conspicuous. In the photo on the right one month after the treatment, the puffiness around the eyes has cleared and the jawline has sharpened. The smile line is not conspicuous and the whole face is tightened.

Stay on the futon! morning 3 minutes method

“Most people clench their teeth while sleeping, so the muscles around the jaw are the most stiff in the morning. It also loosens the cheek muscles that are attached to the chin.Finally, the lymph is drained and you feel refreshed in the morning.I think it’s much more effective than massaging your face or using expensive serums.” (Kimura) Mr. Yuizumi)

[STEP1] Relax your neck, chest and back

1. Lie on your back on the futon and place your hands under your neck.
*If it is easier to remove the pillow, you can remove it. If you feel comfortable, your brain will release pleasure hormones and your muscles will relax more easily.
The part you touch will loosen. By placing your hand on the stiff part and shaking it, the stiffness will be loosened.

2. Shake your head from side to side while placing your hands under your neck.
Keep your mouth slightly open and relaxed.
The point is to be conscious of loosening the inner muscles in the deepest part of the neck while moving the bones of the neck that support the head.

3. Then lightly place your hand on your collarbone and alternate your elbows in a figure eight motion.
Be conscious of moving your collarbone and shoulder blades on your back (think of your shoulder blades moving when you do a backstroke).
Start with small tremors and gradually increase the movement. Muscles are often stiff in the morning, so once the muscles are loosened, even a little big movement will not be a burden. When you move your elbows, your hips and legs will naturally start to move, so your whole body will sway. Again, open your mouth slightly and relax.

[STEP2] Face lift

 1. Press (pressurize) the cheekbones

Starting from the sides of the nostrils (center), apply to the middle and outer sides of the cheeks. Press your cheekbones with three fingers. With the image of pressurizing the skin so that it does not move. After that, release the pressure from your finger and lightly rotate it to loosen it.
*It is NG to twirl while applying pressure as it will stress the facial muscles.

2. Tighten chin sagging

4 places from the tip of the chin toward the gills. Press (pressurize) the kiwa along the lower jawbone with your thumb.
* The purpose of sticking out the tongue is to relax the muscles under the jaw. Instead of pushing it out with force, just pull it out lightly so as to reduce the pressure under the chin. When you are stressed by speaking, your tongue will fall into the back of your throat and put pressure on your jaw. Stick your tongue out to relieve that pressure.

[STEP3] Drain the lymph at the end

Gently stroke in one direction from the cheek toward the parotid gland with a soft touch. Alternately moving both hands, stroke the nape of the neck from top to bottom in one direction.

Morning method done!

If you want to lift more! Also try ” lift care at night “ ! Relax your muscles efficiently in the bathtub. The flow of blood and lymph improves and you can relax and fall asleep.

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