How to apply nail color easily and beautifully at home?

Eri Nakao, a beauty writer of the same generation, introduces the beauty method that is perfect for women in their fifties. Just applying her nail color makes her hands look bright and youthful. I will tell you a simple way of painting that even clumsy people can paint beautifully!

What is the trick to applying self-nail color beautifully?

Table of contents

  • The menopausal generation’s nails are brittle, so apply a solid base coat.
  • Tips for applying nail color beautifully with your non-dominant hand
  • Control the amount of paint in 4 steps
  • Hitting hot air from a dryer has the opposite effect!

The menopausal generation’s nails are brittle, so apply a solid base coat.

A base coat is essential for nail care after the age of 50

I’ve talked about the importance of nail care before, but in the generation where female hormones are decreasing, the nails are easy to dry and split nails, and streaks appear on the surface of the nails. Why don’t you apply nail color while taking care of your nails once every 10 days (just keep your hands moisturized every day!)?

Even if it’s not a color, just applying a base coat will protect your nails and make your hands look beautiful because it will be glossy. The base coat is transparent, so you can cover up a little clumsy application.

Tips for applying nail color beautifully with your non-dominant hand

Tips for applying nail color beautifully with your non-dominant hand

When applying nail color, you may be worried about how to paint the nails of your dominant hand. Apply the base coat and nail color first, starting with your non-dominant hand. If you are right-handed, apply a base coat or nail color on your left hand.

Once the base coat or nail polish has dried, place your dominant hand on a table with your palms open. After picking up the base color or nail color with your non-dominant hand, fix your little finger on the table and hold the handle of the brush short to apply. You can paint relatively well by painting in a stable style that does not wobble.

However, since you will be using your non-dominant hand, the underarm areas of your nails will not be well painted, so apply slowly and carefully.

Control the amount of paint in 4 steps

4 steps nail color

It is recommended to apply two coats of nail color. However, if it is a light color, it is difficult to color, so depending on the color, you may need to apply three coats. However, if you apply it too many times, it will become thick and difficult to dry, and it will be easy to twist and damage the surface.

Always apply a base coat before applying nail polish. The smooth surface of the nail makes it easier to apply nail color, and the color develops and lasts longer.

The application method is the same as nail color.

1. The first effort is important! Apply to the tip and inside of the nail

1.  The first effort is important!  Apply to the tip and inside of the nail

The amount of liquid to be applied is the amount that is taken by applying one side of the brush to the mouth of the bottle and squeezing it. And first the tip of the nail. With your palm facing up, use the tip of the brush to lightly brush the inside of your nail. The tip of the nail is easy to peel off, so this one effort will increase the stickiness. If the meat is colored, you can wipe it off with a cotton swab and nail polish remover afterwards. Finish all five fingers. Then put it back on the back of your hand and place your hand open on the table.

2. paint the center of the nail

Place the brush in the center of the nail slightly closer to the tip of the nail than the base, then lightly push down to the base and then apply all at once toward the tip. It feels like pulling without applying force. If the hand holding the brush is also placed on the table, it will be fixed and will not wobble.

3. paint both sides of the nail

Then both sides of the nail. Lay the brush on top of the nail, press it down to the base of the nail once, and apply to the tip of the nail as if coloring the edge of the nail. If you have nail color on the skin next to your nails, wrap a small amount of cotton around a toothpick and soak it in remover to remove it.

4. apply a double coat

Finish the second coat in the same way. If you apply it immediately before it dries, it will come off, so let’s apply a second coat after about 5 minutes. However, recently, there are many quick-drying nail colors, so it may dry while you are painting the other hand once. Alternatively, lightly pat the surface of the nail with the tip of the nail and check to see if it is dry before applying.

Hitting hot air from a dryer has the opposite effect!

Hitting the nail color with hot air from a hair dryer has the opposite effect!

Some people want to dry their nails quickly with hot air from a hair dryer, but it has the opposite effect. Use cold air as it will loosen when warm. Alternatively, if you put it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes before applying the nail color, it will dry faster.

Also, if you use a dark color, the unevenness will be noticeable, so if you are a beginner, why not start with a light color? Alternatively, we recommend using a nail color that contains glitter or lame, as it makes the unevenness less noticeable and gives a stylish finish.

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