How to blur the gray hair, which is on the rise? Does it look good on anyone?

A new trend for gray hair, “Blur gray hair”. It is popular because it gives a more stylish finish than dyeing gray hair and lasts a long time. I want to graduate from gray hair dyeing soon and try it! For those who say, I will introduce in detail what kind of treatment is actually done and whether it suits anyone.

Gray hair blur treatment, looks good on anyone?

Table of contents

  • What kind of treatment is the popular gray hair blur?
  • Until now, I’ve covered it with gray hair dye, but… in the case of Mr. A
  • Gray hair has increased and stands out, and there is no gloss and dryness is worrisome…In the case of Mr. B
  • I want to know how to blur my gray hair for the first time!
  • Does it look good on anyone? Isn’t it too flashy?
  • What about daily care?

What kind of treatment is the popular ?

An increasing number of people are taking a positive look at the changes that come with age and are using “white hair blurring,” a coloring method that makes use of gray hair in a fashionable way. Gray hair dye is to dye the whole hair in a dark color. On the other hand, gray hair blur is to make full use of highlights and normal hair color to make the hair color that makes use of gray hair.

It’s popular because it’s unique and fashionable, and it’s hard to see the border even if your gray hair grows, but it’s a little uneasy if it’s your first time. So , I asked Masami Shirai, a beautician at NOV Jiyugaoka , who is good at design colors such as gray hair blurring , to teach me in detail.

“ Even if you say white hair blurring, the treatment will change depending on the amount of gray hair and what kind of atmosphere you want to finish, ” says Shirai. So, this time, I was able to see how the two people who were actually in charge of Mr. Shirai transformed into a wonderful transformation with gray hair blur.

NOV Jiyugaoka stylist Masami Shirai

Until now, I’ve covered it with gray hair dye, but… in the case of Mr. A

Before the operation of Mr. A. I was worried about the new white hair at the root after dyeing.

Ms. A has dyed her whole hair in the same color since she became concerned about her gray hair. I had to retouch my roots every two or three weeks, which was a source of trouble.

Shirai then proposed a method of removing thin and fine strands of hair and adding highlight color. There are various ways to put it in, but this time it’s all over the front, side, and back. After applying the bleach, wrap it in aluminum foil, leave it for a while, and then wash it off.

On top of that, the bleached hair bundle is dyed with a slightly lighter brown than the base hair color.

Minimal damage to the scalp and hair roots as only part of the hair is bleached from the middle of the hair.

By coexisting with highlights without dyeing all gray hairs, a natural three-dimensional effect was obtained after the treatment, and new gray hairs were less noticeable.

After the operation of Mr. A. The point is to leave all the gray hair at the root undyed and blend it with the dyed color.

Gray hair has increased and stands out, and there is no gloss and dryness is worrisome…In the case of Mr. B

Before B’s surgery

Ms. B was worried that her hair would lose its luster and become dry, even though she stopped dyeing it forcibly due to the increase in gray hair.

Mr. Shirai recommended to blur the gray hair by adding a lot of highlights.

Recently, the number of naturally derived hair dyes has increased, and gentle treatments for gray hair have become possible.

Add color to the hair bundles with henna, a natural hair color that is gentle on the scalp, and finish.

After the operation of Mr. B. While maintaining the balance of black hair, gray hair, and highlights, consideration is also given to maintenance after growth.

I want to know how to blur my gray hair for the first time!

Blur gray hair for the first time, and people who have never bleached before may be worried. For example, won’t it stain the scalp or make the smell unpleasant?

“ Bleaching a small amount of hair instead of the whole hair is a way to blur gray hair. Pick up and apply only the surface hair without applying bleach from the root.It is difficult to apply directly to the scalp, so imagine It doesn’t stain, and it does less damage to the hair and scalp, ” says Shirai.

Also, there is no need to worry too much about odors. “I wrap the bleached hair strands in aluminum foil and let it sit for a while.
For those who are concerned about damage to their hair, as mentioned above, it is good to choose a hair color such as henna after bleaching that is less burdensome to the hair and scalp.

Does it look good on anyone? Isn’t it too flashy?

Another thing that Mr. Shirai is often asked about for the first time is that some people worry that it will be too flashy if the white mesh gets all over the hair, especially at the bleaching stage.

“Don’t worry, we will add gray or beige color to the hair that has been stripped, so don’t worry (laughs) . Together, we design the entire hair, so it will be a style that suits each customer. ” (Mr. Shirai).

As interest in gray hair and gray hair blur increases, beauty salons and stylists specialize in gray hair blur, so you want to choose a hair salon with a proven track record.

What about daily care?

Once you have a nice finish with gray hair blurring, you want it to last as long as possible. So what can we do to improve the color retention?

“Gray hair will turn yellow if you do nothing, so I recommend using Murasaki Shampoo,” says Shirai.

It is said that yellowing can be prevented by washing with Murasaki Shampoo once every two days at home.

“What you want to be careful about is the color treatment that dyes the gray hair every time you wash it. Since the inside of the hair is dyed, even if you apply the gray hair blurring treatment, the color may not come off in one time and you may not get the desired result. However, the best way to deal with it varies depending on the individual’s hair type, so if you have any concerns, ask your stylist.”

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