How to make gray hair that takes advantage of gray hair from the 50s?

Today, hair that is beautifully mixed with black and white hair is called “gray hair” with admiration. Gray hair is changing from “dye and hide” to “live and enjoy”. Let’s prepare for the road to gray hair from the stories of three women who already enjoy gray hair.

gray hair

Table of contents

  • 60s. Don’t dye, sometimes play with colors
  • Fashion is also garari. Cut the dyed part little by little by yourself
  • Waiting to brighten the color of the dye

60s. Don’t dye, sometimes play with colors

gray hair Yoko Narahashi

This article is  the second part of how to make cool gray hair that makes the most of gray hair (1) . *Ages are those at the time of the interview.

Casting Director Yoko Narahashi (69 years old)
“When you can enjoy a different beauty than when you were young. I don’t think it’s ‘aging’.”

Next to Gray Hair Narahashi Yoko

“My hair will grow again (laughs), so I think it would be nice to play around with it.”

Like wrinkles on the skin, white hair is natural.

Ms. Yoko Narahashi has impressive black hair with not only white but also blue and purple hair. Mr. Narahashi, who is negotiating appearances in Hollywood with Ken Watanabe and other actors who are expanding overseas, travels back and forth between Japan and the United States on a regular basis. Recently, she heard that it was fashionable in America to put blue and purple colors in a mesh style, so she tried it at her favorite beauty salon in Japan. She seems to like it.
She is extremely busy with her work and taking care of her grandchildren, and because of her rational nature, she orders “easy-to-set hairstyles” at the beauty salon. It was in her late 50s when Narahashi began to notice her gray hair.

She said, “She has dyed her hair black several times, but she didn’t feel comfortable dyeing her hair black, even though her skin was getting more spots and wrinkles. Since then, even though she has gray hair on her temples and around her ears, she’s let it come naturally.

“Some people worry that they will look older, but I think it’s time to enjoy a different kind of beauty than when you were young. It’s important to want to be beautiful, but I don’t think you hate gray hair.”

Yoko Narahashi
Born in 1947 (Showa 22). She has written lyrics for Godiego’s hit songs such as “Gandhara” and “Galaxy Express 999”. In recent years, as a casting director, she has participated in Hollywood movies such as “Last She is a Samurai” and “Babel”. In addition, she has a variety of faces, such as presiding over an English conversation school (MLS) and an actor training school (Apps Academy).

Photo by Asako Shimizu Hair and make-up by Shizuko Nagaami

Fashion is also garari. Cut the dyed part little by little by yourself

gray hair Tomi Seki

Fashionable housewife from Akita, Tomi Seki (60 years old)
“If you make it a white mushroom bob, you can enjoy red and black mode clothes!”

Gray hair Seki Tomi behind
Face the mirror and place the three-sided mirror on the back side. Extend your hands behind your back and cut the long hair vertically from top to bottom with scissors
gray hair seki tomiyoko
When the side
hair grows, cut the dyed part with hair scissors. Gradually, I started getting more gray hair. Carefully look at the side mirror while looking at the three-sided mirror

Tomi Seki who looks good with mushroom bob gray hair. She enjoys red and black fashion, which she learned from her daughter.

“Ever since I had this hairstyle, I’ve enjoyed being fashionable every day. Not only has her hair changed, but her fashion has also changed completely, so sometimes people say she looks like a different person,” says Seki-san with a smile. .

When she was 52 years old, she made up her mind to go gray hair. It was because her scalp had become rash from dyeing her gray hair. She didn’t like skin-friendly vegetable dyes either.

She can’t use hair dye anymore. Even though her daughter said, “Isn’t it too early to go gray?”, she decided to try gray hair on her own.

Seki’s method is very simple. When her hair grows, she prepares a pair of hair clippers and a three-sided mirror and just cuts off the dyed part. While she was worried about the “separation” between the gray hair and the dyed part, she was almost completely white over her ears over the course of a year. She doesn’t go to the beauty salon, and the cost is 0 yen!

Mr. Seki advises, “Please try it while having fun.”

When I didn't have gray hair
50 years old, when I was using gray hair dye. In those days, I used brown hair dye to hide my gray hair.
It is a conservative impression that is quite different from the present
gray hair couple
I’m 53 years old, and I’m starting to get a lot of gray hair. So that the clothes which are a mode look good.
It seems that visiting museums with her gray-haired husband has become more fun.

Waiting to brighten the color of the dye

gray hair Kayoko Uchihara

Halmek reader, Kayoko Uchihara (68 years old)
“The final stage of the graying plan. I hope it will turn white soon!”

Gray hair Kayoko Uchihara behind
of the precipice head, it has a round shape.
Every day I look behind me with a hand mirror, and when I lose my balance, I go to cut.
Next to Kayoko Uchihara with gray hair
Asymmetric short bob with short right side and long left side .
On the right side, stick out your ears and use the earrings as a point. ​​​

Kayoko Uchihara, who has appeared in the magazine’s stylish snap feature in the past. She is also particular about her hair color, and until three years ago she was at her home, she says, “Rather than being exactly black, I used to dye my gray hair in a sloppy manner on purpose.” “However, it became more and more troublesome to dye it myself. I decided to make it whiter.

” We will move closer to white.” Right now, the whole is light brown, almost blonde. The amount of white hair has also increased considerably.

She also says she goes for a haircut every one to two months, following her hairdresser’s advice that she “keep her head and toes neat.”

She said, “I’m happy with my current hair color, but I can’t wait for pure white!”

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