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For those who want to make their gray hair look stylish or don’t know what clothes to wear with gray hair, we have selected four women in their 40s to 70s from the hair style collection “Neo Gray Hair Style (Fusosha)” from Egao Beauty Salon. Introducing gray hair fashion with photos.

fashionable gray hair fashion catalog

Table of contents

  • Testimonial 1: Gray hair has expanded the range of fashion
  • Testimonial 2: Free from the stress of dyeing gray hair! live active
  • Testimonial 3: I have more chances to be praised as “fashionable”
  • Testimonial 4: For natural gray hair that does not overdo

Testimonial 1: Gray hair has expanded the range of fashion

Chihoko Akui (72 years old)

Neo gray hair experience story: Chihoko Yasukui (72 years old)

In the first installment, I briefly introduced ” What is a neo-gray hairstyle? “, but this time, I will introduce the experiences of four women in their 40s to 70s who actually have gray hair and enjoy their lives actively.

“About two years ago, my hairdresser recommended that I stop dyeing my gray hair to look cool, so I got gray hair. It was fun to watch the black and gray hairs mix while I was growing them out.” Mr. Yasukui, who spoke slowly.

Originally she likes short hair and has never had it longer than her chin, but this permed hairstyle has been changed to gray hair.

“Since I changed my hairstyle, I have more casual styles. The cuteness of this hairstyle matches natural clothes, so my range of fashion has expanded.” Her hobby is ballroom dancing. Gray hair seems to be popular among dance buddies.

“Right now, kimonos are my fad, and I’m going out to various places. It’s fun to think about color matching. Any color can look lighter when paired with gray hair, so I have more options.”

Gray hair fashion 1: Going to the theater with friends

Gray hair fashion sample: vivid dress (woman in her 70s)

The vivid green dress is one of my favorites that my daughter chose. The color is dark, but the gray hair has a sense of looseness, so it is well-balanced. Add playful accessories.

Gray Hair Fashion 2: Going to the Gym

Gray hair fashion sample: Sweat style for going to the gym (woman in her 70s)

My favorite sweatshirt is from Acne Studios. Perfect for going to the gym or around the neighborhood. Cutting with design makes you feel the room of adults.

Gray hair fashion 3: In the beauty salon

Gray hair fashion sample: White dress and denim (woman in her 70s)

It is also nice to match gray hair with white one tone. If you wear denim with a dress, you won’t get tired even if you sit for a long time. It is one of the pleasures to meet a friendly hairdresser.

Gray Hair Fashion 4: Shopping

Gray hair fashion sample: Colorful shirt style (woman in her 70s)

The green top was purchased at the Egao Clothing Store, which is attached to the Egao Beauty Salon. One piece of the outstanding performance with favorite color taste and unique form. It’s very comfortable because just wearing it makes you look good.

Next, I would like to introduce the experience of Mr. Kogiri, 49 years old.

Testimonial 2: Free from the stress of dyeing gray hair! live active

Akemi Ogiri (49 years old)

Neo gray hair story: Akemi Kogiri (49 years old)

Ms. Kogiri, who works as a café staff, decided to stop dyeing her gray hair during the few weeks she was absent from the café. She said, “She had a short break and her gray hair grew back. I wanted to break her cycle of negativity.”

When she was dyeing her gray hair, even the slightest growth in her hair would bother her, and it was painful to have to keep dyeing it. “Since I had gray hair, I have been complimented more and more on how nice it is. And because I have gray hair, I pay more attention to fashion and makeup.”

Even so, every morning’s set is just to apply organic hair cream. “I love sports, jogging, playing tennis, bicycling, etc. I live an active life, so I can’t wear long hair.”

It is a beautiful gray hair that is perfect for a positive personality who challenges everything that interests him.

Gray hair fashion 1: Chatting at the cafe

Gray hair fashion sample: White coordination (woman in her 40s)

The whole body white coordination creates a sense of unity because the hair is gray, and it comes together refreshingly. Make your hair fluffy and give it a soft impression. Add sharpness with red lipstick.

Gray hair fashion 2: for cycling

Gray hair fashion sample: sporty (woman in her 40s)

The only way to get around is by bicycle. On the day of the shoot, he appeared in the studio in this authentic exercise style. Healthy, natural gray shorts are perfect for sporty styles.

Testimonial 3: I have more chances to be praised as “fashionable”

Mayumi Kobayashi (64 years old)

Neo gray hair experience story: Mayumi Kobayashi (64 years old)

“I had gray hair and started wearing not only bright colors, but also black, which I had never worn before, and every day became a lot more fun. When my 3-year-old grandson asked me if my hair color was purple, I was surprised to see that he was so small.”

Mr. Kobayashi said that he changed his hair to gray after his daughter’s wedding was over. Her hobbies are traveling and singing chansons, and she wants to try coordinating dresses and hair colors in the future.

“My hair is stiff and I don’t perm it, but I enjoy coloring my hair with eyebrow mascara.”

This idea is also unique to gray hair. After she changed her hair to gray hair, she got a good reputation.

Gray hair fashion 1: A short trip to Hakone

A sample of gray hair fashion: A short trip to Hakone (woman in her 60s)

1 night in Hakone with friends. Be careful not to be too casual with a slightly shiny sweatshirt and an elegant hairstyle with movement on the ends. If the top of the hair is slightly raised, it will be more youthful.

Gray Hair Fashion 2: Art Appreciation at the Museum

Gray hair fashion sample: Appreciating art at an art museum (woman in her 60s)

The white shirt and gray knit gown are easy to put on and take off, and are perfect for museums. The combination of gray hair and bright gray gives the overall impression an elegant and cute look. Add a little redness to your lips for a gorgeous look. Surprisingly, the purple mesh goes well with any fashion.

Testimonial 4: For natural gray hair that does not overdo

Sakura Ichijo (75 years old)

Neo gray hair story: Sakura Ichijo (75 years old)

Mr. Ichijo has had short hair since he was young. She has never dyed her hair and has naturally transitioned to gray hair. Today’s hair is colored blue silver, giving it a glossy and sharp look.

“Actually, I’m not really interested in makeup or facial care. I usually wash my hair from head to toe with baby soap (laughs). Even if you wear it, it doesn’t have to be flashy.”

It seems that he is trying to be natural and not to overdo it in a way that is appropriate for his age. That cleanliness is also connected to coolness.

Gray hair fashion 1: Work / office coordination

Gray Hair Fashion: Work / Office Coordination (75-year-old female)

A masculine colored jacket can also be worn with gray hair for a light look. The jacket has a simple silhouette, but the impactful stripes and glasses are used as accessories.

Gray hair fashion 2: bar time

Gray hair fashion: Elegant with black coordination (woman in her 70s)

The transparent and glossy material and the large ring make it much more fashionable. Even if you match a skirt with a lace blouse to create an adult cuteness, you can still maintain your dignity with grayish hair.

The elegant style does not look overdone with the looseness of the gray hair.

These are the experiences of four women and gray hair fashion. Next time, we will introduce the hair catalog of neo gray hair by age and length. looking forward to!

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