Improve the quality of your sleep with “care for tired eyes” taught by an ophthalmologist!

The eye is a place that is easily damaged by dryness and fatigue. According to Rui Hiramatsu, an ophthalmologist, eye fatigue is related to the quality of sleep. The 4th installment of the fatigue-removing special feature is directed by Mr. Hiramatsu, “Take care of tired eyes.” Please try to experience this refreshing feeling.

Improve the quality of your sleep with "care for tired eyes" taught by an ophthalmologist!

Table of contents

  • Profile of Rui Hiramatsu
  • Eye fatigue can lead to stiff shoulders and brain fatigue
  • Tired eyes care 1: Place a warm towel over your eyes
  • Tired eyes care 2: Gently stroke around the eyes
  • Tired eyes care 3: If you feel fatigue, press a point to relieve tension
  • Eye fatigue care 4: Look at a distance of 2m or more for 30 seconds or more
  • Tired eyes care 5: Indirect lighting at your feet when you sleep
  • Tired eyes care 6: Keep your smartphone at least 30 cm away from your eyes

Profile of Rui Hiramatsu

Profile of Rui Hiramatsu

Ophthalmologist, Vice Director of Nihonmatsu Eye Clinic. Information will be disseminated on YouTube ” Ophthalmologist Hiramatsu Rui “. “Just look at it for 3 minutes a day and your eyes will get better!

Eye fatigue can lead to stiff shoulders and brain fatigue

Eye fatigue can lead to stiff shoulders and brain fatigue

They are prone to dryness because they are not protected by the skin, and when blood flow deteriorates with age, they become chronically lacking in moisture. It causes dry eyes, which is a major cause of eye fatigue,” says Rui Hiramatsu, an ophthalmologist.

When the blood flow in the eyes is poor, the meibomian glands in the eyelids produce less sebum, which worsens the dryness. Such eye fatigue can cause stiff shoulders and brain fatigue.

There are two ways to improve it: “warm the eyes to improve blood flow” and “moisturize with good quality tears”. First, place a steamed towel over your eyes to warm them. When the blood flows smoothly, the fatigue of the eyes is reduced and refreshing.

Furthermore, by improving the blood flow, high-quality oil is secreted to cover the water, and it becomes high-quality tears and is moisturized. “You can also get good quality fat from foods such as fish that are rich in omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids.”

Eye fatigue is also related to the quality of sleep. Light has a deep relationship with the state of mind, and when humans see artificial light such as the blue light from smartphones, they become overwhelmed and their brains become excited. It also strains the eyes and makes them tired. This kind of light is good for morning and afternoon exposure, but if you are exposed to it at night, your brain will mistakenly think that it is morning and your sleep will be shallow. “At night, put down your smartphone 30 minutes before you go to bed.”

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