Improve your eyesight! Recommended eyelash serum for people in their 50s

As you age, your eyelashes become thinner and shorter, and they fall out and look poor. Strengthen your lashes before resorting to mascara, extensions, and eyelash perms. Eri Nakao, a beauty writer for the Arafif generation, will introduce recommended eyelash serums for the Halmek generation.

Improve your eyesight! Recommended eyelash serum for people in their 50s

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  • I did not know! Do eyelashes age too?
  • I want to use it for adult eyelashes! eyelash serum
  • UZU can care for dry eyelids
  • Make it easier to keep upward curls! Sensai

I did not know! Do eyelashes age too?

eyelashes age too

Unfortunately, decline comes all over the body. It’s down to the details. Eyelashes are no exception. It’s just that unlike skin and hair, it’s not a part that cares more than others. “It’s hard to apply mascara”, “I feel like it’s hard to curl up”, and so on.

In the first place, eyelashes have a hair cycle, just like hair, eyebrows, and body hair. It does not grow all the time, but repeats the growth period, regression period, and rest period. However, unlike other hairs, the growth period is short and the period of elongation is short, so it does not grow very long.

In addition to aging, the hair cycle is affected by stress, decreased metabolism due to nutrition, and hormones. In general, as you get older, the growth phase of the hair cycle becomes shorter, the resting phase becomes longer, and new hair may not grow.

Do you need special care for eyelashes?

Image of using eyelash serum

Short, thin, or thin lashes can make your eyes look less youthful. Now I often wear a mask, so the upper half of my face wins. In particular, you want to give the impression that the eyes are easy to express, even if just a little.

When applying makeup or applying mascara or false eyelashes, if your eyelashes are not in good condition, they will not look beautiful. People who have extensions or eyelash perms also depend on the condition of the base eyelashes. Therefore, I would like to take care of my eyelashes with special eyelash products every day to make my eyelashes as strong, long and fluffy as possible.

I want to use it for adult eyelashes! eyelash serum

Eyes of the author wearing eyelash extensions
Eyes of the author wearing eyelash extensions

Perhaps because the mask life has spread, eyelash serums are evolving steadily and appearing. Maybe you don’t need much? Even for the Halmek generation, who tended to think that it is, the power of the eyelashes affects the impression when wearing a mask without makeup, so eyelash serums and eyelash perms seem to be popular.

I wear eyelash extensions, but when I neglected eyelash care for a while, I was warned that “the base eyelashes have weakened, so I can’t wear a lot of them and they fall out quickly.” So, I hurriedly picked up the latest eyelash serum. Here are some things you should try to strengthen your lashes and skin without harming them.

UZU can care for dry eyelids

UZU can care for dry eyelids

“UZU Eyelash Essence” is an evolution of the popular item “FLOWFUSHI THE Eyelash Essence” that was previously released. Contains 28 kinds of beauty ingredients. A unique natural mineral ingredient that focuses on the effect of eyelid circulation, which is the soil for eyelashes, prepares the environment for eyelashes to grow, strengthens the eyelashes themselves, and can also be used to care for the entire eye area, including the eyebrows.

With a fresh gel base, it moisturizes the eyes, which tend to be dry, and makes the eyelashes supple and firm. Immediately after washing your face. Easy care by simply applying to the eyelashes and eyelids with your fingertips. It’s also nice to be able to grasp the condition of your own eyelashes and eyelids because you use your fingers. The capacity has been increased so that it can be fully used. It can also be used for eyebrow care.

Make it easier to keep upward curls! Sensai

Make it easier to keep upward curls! Sensai

“Sensai Lash Conditioner” protects eyelashes from dryness and friction and gives them firmness and firmness. A unique treatment formula allows beauty ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin. Repair thin and short eyelashes. By taking care of your eyelashes at night, you can make your eyelashes more addictive the next morning, and keep your upward curls.

Since it is a mascara brush type, anyone can easily apply it from the root to the tip of the eyelashes, and apply mascara to the inside of the eyelashes and the outer corner of the eye. It feels like each one has its own elasticity.

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