Introducing the cause of sagging face line and tightening method!

Even though I’m not fat, I have a double chin, a sluggish face line when viewed from an oblique angle, a swollen face, a sunken area around my temporomandibular joint, and an increased presence of my nasolabial fold. For those who apply even one, there is a possibility that the face will become larger and larger due to sagging in the future. Take action now.

Repel the sagging of the face line

Table of contents

  • Check & check the slack of the face line!
  • The identity of sagging face line
  • What should I do? What are the countermeasures?

Check & check the slack of the face line!

□ Double chin even though you are not fat

□ The face line seen from an angle was sluggish

□ I feel like my face is swollen overall

□ When viewed from the front, the area around the temporomandibular joint has become dented

□ The presence of nasolabial folds has increased

If even one of the above applies, it means that the sagging of the face line is progressing.

It is unlikely that only the face line is sagging, so it is safe to assume that the face, scalp, and body are all sagging. If you leave it to nature as it is, the slack will progress at an accelerated pace.

The identity of sagging face line

Illustration: Taihei Namikawa
The white part is where the ligament is (*image).
It penetrates from the skin to the bone and plays the role of an anchor

Illustration: Taihei Namikawa

The face has tissues called ligaments that hold bones, fascia, muscle, fat, and skin together. Think of it as an area with many anchors going through the skin to the bone. Since this anchor is not stuck in the face line, it has a structure that allows fat to sag easily when the skin loosens due to gravity.

As a result, the contour becomes loose and the face becomes bloated. In addition, if water and waste products are not flowing and are stagnant, swelling and sagging will be more noticeable. As the sagging progresses, the ligaments and muscle boundaries become as if the fat is blocked, so the steps become noticeable. In addition, it is known that the fat around the face line enlarges with age.

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