Lemon water gargling diet method and 7 points!

I will introduce a simple diet method that I myself practiced from the book “Lemon water gargle diet” (Asa Publishing) by Dentist Miya Hidede. No exercise or diet restrictions! What is the method and point of the lemon water gargling diet to get the ideal figure in 10 seconds 3 times a day?

Table of contents

  • Concentration and timing are the keys! Lemon water gargling 7 points
  • How to gargle with lemon water
  • [Testimonial] I lost so much weight in 10 days!
  • Miyamoto’s book confirms the effect of gargling with lemon water

Concentration and timing are the keys! Lemon water gargling 7 points

Concentration and timing are the keys!  Lemon water gargling 7 points

” Lemon water gargling diet ” is a diet method that brings you closer to a healthy figure by changing from “fat taste” to “thin taste”. Just gargle before eating, so you don’t need exercise or diet restrictions.

This time, I will introduce how to gargle with lemon water and the experiences of people who actually tried it.

First, let’s check out how to make lemon water, when to gargle, and what to pay attention to when doing so.

  1. Use commercially available 100% lemon juice
    Many domestic studies on taste have used 100% lemon juice. By using the same product, you can expect the same effect.
  2. Make it around 5% lemon concentration.
    If the lemon concentration is too strong, your mouth will be sore and it will be painful to gargle. On the other hand, if the concentration is low, you will not be sensitive to bitter taste, so you cannot expect an appetite suppressing effect.
  3. Spread
    the lemon water over the back of your tongue. When you gargle, be conscious of letting the lemon water touch the back of your tongue. The bitter taste is located in the middle of the tongue. When lemon water arrives there, it becomes sensitive to bitterness, and you can expect a diet effect.
  4. Aim to start eating five minutes after
    gargling. Therefore, start eating 5 minutes after gargling. If you have more than 10 minutes, gargle with lemon water again.
  5. Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste after meals.
    Lemon water is acidic, and your mouth will remain acidic after meals. Acids can dissolve teeth more easily, so brush with a fluoride toothpaste after meals to strengthen your teeth (even toothpaste with xylitol, which strengthens tooth enamel).
  6. Don’t use lemon water to clean your
    mouth. The purpose of a lemon water rinse is to change your sense of taste. If you are concerned about your mouth being dirty, wash it with fresh water.
  7. Do not gargle with lemon water before snacking
    Basically, refrain from snacking during the diet period. If you are going to eat between meals, refrain from rinsing with lemon water before snacking, and only before 3 meals.

How to gargle with lemon water

Now let me show you how to gargle with lemon water. The point is to spread the lemon water to the back of the tongue by combining “buku buku gargling” and “garagara gargling”.

  1. Spread the lemon water over your tongue for about 5 seconds
    Take about 30 mL of lemon water made with lemon concentration around 5% in your mouth and move your tongue so that the lemon water spreads over the entire tongue.
  2. Close your lips and gargle for about 5 seconds
    When you put lemon water in your mouth, puff and constrict both cheeks and quickly “bubble” and gargle. Make sure to spread the lemon water over your tongue.

    *If you have weak muscles around your lips, gargling vigorously will cause the mouthwash to leak out of your lips, so slow down when you gargle. 

  3. Tilt your head back and gargling for about 5 seconds
    Tilt your head back, open your mouth slightly, and gargle. Push your lower jaw up a little and exhale while doing this so that the lemon water reaches the back of your tongue. When finished, spit out the lemon water. 

    * In the case of the elderly, be careful as there is a risk of aspiration. 

[Testimonial] I lost so much weight in 10 days!

“Recently, I’ve become more and more concerned about the fat in my lower abdomen. I love to eat, so I usually end up eating too much. The constipation that I had before has also disappeared.My stomach has become clearer, and people around me have complimented me on how beautiful it is! glad! I don’t feel like I’m holding back from eating the lemon water gargling diet, so I think I’ll be able to continue.” (Female in her 30s, photo above)

Testimonial 2: The Lemon Water Diet Stopped Wanting to Snack

“During the long holidays, I tried a lemon water gargling diet. I thought I would gain weight on holidays because I had less opportunities to exercise, but even if I didn’t exercise, I didn’t gain weight thanks to lemon water gargling. Until now, I often snacked due to stress, but after gargling with lemon water, I no longer want to snack.Even after the 10-day diet, I still feel the effects. (Woman in her 50s)

Testimonial 3: 1.8kg reduction in 10 days! Effective for middle-aged fat

“It’s getting harder to lose weight with age, so I usually measure my weight in the morning and at night, and on the weekends I’m careful about exercise and body management. However, I still can’t lose my ideal weight. I couldn’t do it, so I started a lemon water gargling diet.The result was that I lost 1.8 kg in 10 days, and I was a little surprised that I was able to keep it after that.I wonder if something in my body has changed? (Male in his 40s)

As you can see from these experiences, the “lemon water gargle diet” is a stress-free diet method.

You don’t have to hold back your appetite in the first place, and you don’t need to do intense exercise. You can have a diet that is good for beauty and health without rebound.

In the book ” Lemon Water Gargle Diet “, we introduce not only how to make lemon water, but also the effects of dieting and beauty. If you are interested, please check it out and start your diet with a stress-free “lemon water gargling”.

Profile of the author: Mr. Hinade Miya (Dentist, Director of Saiwaicho Dental and Oral Surgery Clinic)

Hizuru Miyamoto Dentist and oral surgery critic. After graduating from Aichi Gakuin University School of Dentistry in 1990, he engaged in clinical and basic research on cutting-edge oral surgery at the University of Adelaide (acquired a doctorate in dentistry through research at the same university) and Meikai University. , published more than 160 medical papers in Japan. In 2000, he won the Excellence Award at the 13th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Temporomandibular Joints. In 2007, he opened Saiwaicho Dental and Oral Surgery Clinic (Shiki City, Saitama Prefecture).

* This article is about ” -3 kg in 10 days with a “fat taste” reset! Lemon Water Gargle Diet ” (Asa Publishing Co., Ltd.).

Miyamoto’s book confirms the effect of gargling with lemon water

” Lemon water gargling diet ” that Mr. Miyamoto practiced himself . The book introduces the health benefits of lemon water, including why lemon water works for dieting, daily habits that enhance the effect, and how to gargle to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, colds, and new coronavirus infection. This is a must-read book for those who have failed on a sugar-restricted diet or a hard exercise diet, and those who are worried about health management during the corona crisis.

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