Luxurious hair care with salon menu for dry and dry hair without gloss!

Beautiful hair is an eternal dream for women. However, I was shocked when I realized that my hair lacked luster! Don’t think, “Is it something I can’t do because I’m old?” Let’s bring back the luster to your hair with hair care and scalp care with a hairdresser.

Dry hair with no shine

Table of contents

  • If your hair lacks luster, review your scalp care
  • “Beautiful hair starts with a beautiful scalp” Shampoo points
  • specialty shop? A salon near you? where are you going?
  • Unexpected special menu that can be done at a familiar salon
  • Relaxing is effective for the luster of hair and for the mind and body

If your hair lacks luster, review your scalp care

If your hair lacks luster, review your scalp care

When you feel that your hair lacks luster, you tend to focus on the hair itself. However, the focus of care may lie elsewhere.

Where hair comes from in the first place is the scalp. There is a mechanism that healthy hair will not be born if the condition of the scalp is not good.

In order to turn dull hair into glossy hair, it is important to thoroughly remove dirt from the scalp and provide nutrients in a well-balanced scalp environment.

Let’s take a look at the causes of dull hair, focus on scalp care, and think about what to do when your hair is dull.

The face and scalp are connected by one piece of skin!

Even those who carefully perform facial care and those who go to facial beauty salons, it seems that there are few people who pay attention to scalp care. However, there are many facial beauty salons that focus on handling scalp care products such as shampoo.

We tend to think of it as separate parts, but in reality, the face and scalp are connected by a single piece of skin, so it is necessary to take care of the scalp as well as the face.

What is the best item to change in face care and scalp care?

There are various types of facial care items, such as cleansers, facial cleansers, lotions, milky lotions, serums, and creams.

In the same way, there are a considerable number of items that care for the scalp and hair, which are connected to the face and skin, such as shampoos, conditioners, treatments, hair oils, hair dryers, brushes, and other related products.

If you were to change just one of your many hair care items, what would be the first item to change? 

The answer is the cleaning item used at the beginning of each care. That’s why we’re often told to “spend your money on shampoo,” rather than on nourishing creams and treatments.

“Beautiful hair starts with a beautiful scalp” Shampoo points

“Beautiful hair starts with a beautiful scalp” Shampoo points

In addition to removing dirt, shampoo also has the implication of repairing damaged hair. So let’s take a look at some effective ways to shampoo at home.

Effective shampoo points at home

  • Shampoo at night. It removes the dirt of the day and prevents bacteria from growing while you sleep.
  • Pre-wash for at least 1 minute in the shower before shampooing (removes 70-80% of dirt).
  • The purpose of shampoo is to clean the scalp, not the hair. Lather a small amount and use your fingertips to massage your scalp.

Hair care after shampoo

  • Wear a shower cap and keep the treatment warm for about 5 minutes before rinsing it off.
  • Let’s dry it thoroughly using a hair dryer with air volume.
  • Protect your hair from the heat of the dryer with a leave-in treatment.
  • For treatments and leave-in treatments, apply them firmly to the ends of your hair that are concerned about dryness.

The cycle of hair rebirth takes about a month, so it may take some time to feel the difference, but be patient and believe in your body’s ability to repair itself and continue scalp care. .

Scalp care should lead to the solution of the problem of “hair lacking luster”.

specialty shop? A salon near you? where are you going?

specialty shop?  A salon near you?  where are you going?

For those who cannot solve their problems with hair care at home, it is recommended to consult a professional.

Recently, it seems that the number of “hair quality improvement specialty stores” that specialize in hair quality problems, rather than general beauty salons and hair salons, is increasing. It can be seen that many people are worried about their hair quality.

The fact that there is a specialty store means that hair quality improvement is a level problem that is left to a difficult professional. It is a reassuring ally for those who are worried that their hair lacks luster.

Starting from a familiar salon, there is also a specialty store debut!?

However, even though the number has increased recently, the number of “hair quality improvement specialty stores” is still not so large compared to the number of beauty salons. It is also recommended to start with hair care that you can do at your favorite salon first, and then make your debut at a specialty store.

Let’s try a menu that can solve the problem of “hair is not glossy” at the beauty salon (hair salon) you usually use.

Unexpected special menu that can be done at a familiar salon

Unexpected special menu that can be done at a familiar salon

When your hair lacks luster, there are shampoos, treatments, and head spas that you can do at your local salon. You can also order a single item, so let’s consult with a beautician and incorporate the necessary care.

*Some salons require a separate fee for drying and set fees, so it is recommended to check in advance.

1.Professional shampoo removes dirt differently

The first item on the special menu is “shampoo”. Many salons offer cuts, colors, and perms as a set, so many people may not recognize it as a separate menu item.

It is actually difficult to wash the entire scalp evenly by yourself. If you ask for shampoo at a beauty salon, you can wash the parts you can’t see and the back of the head thoroughly, so the condition of your hair after washing is completely different.

2. Nourish hair with treatment

The second special menu is “Treatment”.

Salon treatments are often recommended together with haircuts, colors, and perms, so we tend to think of them as an optional menu, but in reality, you can order individual treatments at many shops.

Lack of nutrients in your hair can also be one of the reasons your hair loses its luster. Adding nutrients to your hair with a treatment is also a quick way to make your hair shiny.

“Salon Shampoo + Salon Treatment” has the advantage that you can take care of both the scalp for the hair that will be born and the hair that has already grown at once.

3. Head spa has a great relaxing effect!

The third special menu is “Head Spa”. Head spa is one of the beauty menus aimed at “cleaning the scalp”, “massaging” and “restoring hair”. In other words, it is full of elements that solve the problem of lack of luster in hair.

Recently, more and more salons have been adding head spas to their menus, and some salons are even paying close attention to the sound and lighting of their shampoo tables and shampoo spaces.

Even if you say head spa in a word, there are various types of salon menus such as cream bath head spa, cleansing head spa, carbonated head spa, etc.

There are many types of beauty items used for head spa, such as oil-based, aroma oil-based, cream-based, and carbonated-based products. If you have any interests or preferences, please contact the salon before booking.

If you don’t know what to choose, it might be a good idea to consult with a salon and find something that suits you.

Many people think that head spa is for relaxing purposes, but in fact, it is a menu that many people become addicted to because it has a high lifting effect on the face.

Relaxing is effective for the luster of hair and for the mind and body

Relaxing is effective for the luster of hair and for the mind and body

If you don’t get rid of stress without accumulating it, you will lose your energy both physically and mentally. The scalp and hair are no exception, and not being able to control stress well may lead to the problem of “hair lacking luster.”

Could stress be the reason your hair isn’t shiny?

When I see people with more gray hair, I sometimes wonder if they are under a lot of stress.

In fact, it seems that stress can cause poor blood circulation in the scalp and weaken blood vessels. As a result, nutrition may not be distributed, and it may lead to loss of luster in the hair.

If you feel that your hair lacks luster, consciously relax.

If your hair feels dull, it’s important to intentionally make time to relax.

Even those who think that stress is irrelevant may actually be accumulating stress without knowing it, and their hair may be sending out an SOS.

When I go to the hair salon, my head is refreshed and my mood is radiant. 

Shampoos and treatments at hair salons and relaxation at head spas can also be expected to relieve stress.

While paying attention to your daily hair care, let’s restore luster to your hair while relaxing with a little luxurious time at the hair salon and special menus by professionals.

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