Make gray hair fashionable! What is the latest trend, Neo Gray Hair?

Neo gray hair is a hairstyle that adds color and mesh to gray hair and enjoys fashion. From the hair catalog “Neo Gray Hair Style (Fusosha)” of the beauty salon Egao Beauty Salon specializing in senior generations, we will introduce the latest trend of “grey hair makes you look nice”.

Latest trend!  What is Neo Gray Hair?

Table of contents

  • What is Neo Gray Hair? Time to make the best use of gray hair without hiding it
  • Make the transition period from black hair to gray hair more fashionable!
  • If you stop dyeing gray hair, first “switch color”
  • Hair salons recommend coloring gray hair
  • So free! Neo gray hair color variation
  • Get rid of red with mesh! fashionable gray hairstyle

What is Neo Gray Hair? Time to make the best use of gray hair without hiding it

Until now, gray hair refers to “hair that is not dyed gray”. However, at Egao Beauty Salon, we are making new proposals every day to expand the possibilities of gray hair.

A style that makes undyed hair look its most beautiful, an exquisite nuanced color that can only be achieved by dyeing white hair, and a sense of fun with bright mesh…

It is a new hairstyle that can be called “neo gray hair style” and “because it is gray hair, it becomes beautiful”. Gray hair isn’t something to hide, it’s something to take advantage of. Don’t cling to youth, live naturally and be yourself. We will introduce a style that is perfect for such a wonderful woman.

The nice thing about “Neo Gray Hair” is not only that it frees you from the hassle of dyeing your gray hair. Every day will be lively and fun. You can discover your own charm that you didn’t notice until now.

Younger generations may be able to appreciate it at a glance, saying, “I want to be such a cool adult.”

Getting older becomes even more fun. Welcome to the world of “Neo Gray Hair”!

Make the transition period from black hair to gray hair more fashionable!

You don’t have to think “grey hair = only black and white”. Gray hair is more versatile and free. After you graduate from gray hair dye, don’t just leave it as it is, but enjoy the color that suits you because it is gray hair.

It also has the effect of making the boundary between black and gray hair inconspicuous, and also covers the fading of hair due to gray hair dyeing and the yellowing of gray hair. It can give you a natural youthful look.

If you stop dyeing gray hair, first “switch color”

Hair that has just stopped gray hair tends to look older at a stretch because the boundary between newly grown gray hair and black hair is conspicuous. For that reason, we would like you to adopt a “switch color” that removes the gray hair dye and adds a new color.

Even if my gray hair grows, I don’t care, so I don’t have to worry about stress. There are plenty of color variations, and the width of fashion spreads. Gray hair grows differently for each person.

You can enjoy gray hair more by making use of it instead of hiding it.

Hair salons recommend coloring gray hair

Hair salons recommend coloring gray hair

The correct answer is to make gray hair with a hair stylist! Decide on the color and tone while considering the balance between gray and black hair, and consider the damage to the scalp and hair. It brings out the beauty of the person.

  1. Proposing a color that makes use of gray hair while looking at the overall balance
    There are individual differences in the way gray hair grows, and the best way to color the back and inside of the hair evenly and neatly is to go to a beauty salon. After discussing what kind of gray hair you want, we will propose the perfect color.
  2. Consideration for damage to the scalp and hair
    Many people suffer damage to their hair and scalp by repeatedly dyeing their gray hair. At the beauty salon, first check the condition of your hair and scalp. We use coloring agents that are less irritating and devise ways to apply them.
  3. Maintain beautiful color and luster with regular retouching Retouch when
    hair grows longer. Regular visits to the beauty salon will help keep your skin looking youthful and radiant. Feel free to consult about color changes. The width of fashion spreads a lot.
  4. There are many color options, and you can enjoy mesh etc. There are
    colors such as bright beige and pink that shine because of gray hair. Only at a beauty salon can you find a color that suits you from a wide variety of colors. Partial color such as just the tip of the hair or a single bundle of mesh is up to you.

So free! Neo gray hair color variation

Fashionable gray hair color variations

Gray hair coloring makes the most of hidden gray hair. Bright and vivid colors come out beautifully because it is gray hair. Discover your new charm with new colors.

[Gray hair color sample 1] Beige and brown that blends well with the skin

Color swatches for gray hair: beige & brown
Bright brown for a gentle and feminine impression

Even if your gray hair grows out, beige and marron-based bright browns are natural and inconspicuous. It goes well with Japanese skin tones and is a color that anyone can easily try.

Gray hair color swatch: bright marron brown
Unique short hair can be elegantly finished with glossy brown hair

[Gray hair color sample 2] Make your skin look beautiful with bright cool colors

Gray hair color swatches: bright cool colors (blue green)

Cold colors such as green and blue are easy to get into gray hair, but dark colors with low tones can make your complexion look dull. The key is to choose bright colors or colors that are slightly reddish.

[Gray hair color sample 3] Cute impression with purple and pink!

Color swatches for gray hair: purple and pink

Purple and pink bring out the cuteness of adults. Easy to get into gray hair and gives vivid color. The skin looks brighter and looks great with gorgeous makeup and fashion, spreading a happy aura.

Get rid of red with mesh! fashionable gray hairstyle

It is also fashionable to change the color of a single color with different tones, or add mesh to just the ends of the hair or just one bundle. You can easily enjoy a little flashy colorful colors if you have a small amount.

Mesh on the ends of the hair!  Enhance your taste by adding color

If you put just a bunch of accent colors on the side, you can feel the playfulness in the elegant interior (left photo). Also, if you add brown to the tips of your hair that moves, your face will look brighter and your facial expression will look livelier (right photo).

Next time, for those who say “I don’t know what to wear with gray hair”, I will introduce the experiences of three women who transformed with neo gray hair and a fashionable gray hair fashion catalog .

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