Measures against volume reduction, gloss, gray hair, and adult hair problems!

Do you feel that your hair has lost volume and luster as you get older? The problem can be solved by how to apply the wind of the dryer and how to use hair care agents. This time, Kaoru Suganuma will teach you how to solve the problem of lack of volume and lack of luster in your hair.

Table of contents

  • How to use a hair dryer to add volume to your hair
  • Lack of gloss is covered by coating the cuticle
  • Popular gray hair! why does your hair turn white

How to use a hair dryer to add volume to your hair

I’ve talked about hair loss care for 4 times until last time.

If you review how you wash your hair and continue to massage your head, you will surely see results. However, if possible, I would like to do something about my hair that has become thin due to the volume down. The problem can actually be solved by using a hair dryer.

Originally, hair grows diagonally from the scalp. If you apply the wind from the hair dryer along this way, the hair will fall flat. If you want to add volume, blow the air from the inside of your hair in the opposite direction of where it is growing.

How to apply the dryer


The correct way to apply the dryer
Photographed by Kouta Yamashita

After shampooing, put your hand in the opposite direction of the hair growth, lift the hair and blow the air. This will dry your scalp and add volume.

If you fix the parting along the way your hair grows, it will be easy to flatten it, so changing the parting is also a trick to create volume. Also, keep in mind that if you continue to put your hair in a ponytail or bundled hair, the tension will be applied to the hair roots and the scalp will be pulled. When you tie your hair up, do not tie it tightly, but keep it loose enough to prevent it from being pulled.

Lack of gloss is covered by coating the cuticle

Not only the volume of the hair, but also the loss of luster is a problem of aging hair. There are various reasons why the luster is lost, but this is related to the structure of the hair.

As shown in the picture above, the hair is wrapped in glue. The part of the rice is the cortex made up of proteins. Melanin, which determines the color of the hair, is also found here, as it affects the flexibility and thickness of the hair. At the center is a protein called medira, which some people with fine hair don’t have.

The outer “nori” part is the cuticle.This nori roll is round and straight for most Japanese people, and it seems that many Westerners have an oval shape.

Condition of dull cuticle

The cuticle grows from the root to the tip of the hair like a roof tile or scale, and consists of 6 to 8 overlapping layers. Healthy hair has smooth overlapping cuticle surfaces. When the hair is damaged by UV rays, friction, perms, coloring, etc., or when the ends of the hair are damaged due to hair growth, the surface of the cuticles will turn up and overlap will decrease. In addition, the length of the cuticle shortens with age, and it is easy for it to float.

As the number of overlapping layers decreases, the ability to retain moisture and oil also decreases, causing a loss of luster. In addition, the hair may be cut from the part where it is turned up, and it will become split ends from the cut part.

In order to care for the cuticle and make it shiny, you can cover it by applying a hair care agent that coats the cuticle in addition to treatment. It seems that many people in the Halmek generation use camellia oil, but be careful not to apply it to the roots. Please apply about 5cm from the tip of your hair as a guide. Camellia oil is not sticky, but spreads well and is easy to use. Basically, it is difficult to oxidize and hard to harden, but if it is oxidized, it becomes an irritant, so please be careful if you continue to use old ones.

Nowadays, cosmetics formulation technology is advancing, and there are more products that are easy to use without stickiness, so it might be a good idea to try various things. However, the fundamental remedy is not only to take care of the scalp environment and grow healthy hair, but also to prevent damage.

Popular gray hair! why does your hair turn white

From Halmek WEB “Cool Gray Hair Style Catalog”. Photographed by Akio Nakamura

Gray hair seems to be popular these days. In addition to being freed from hair dyes, hair damage can be reduced, and it is popular for its natural beauty that is suitable for one’s age.

However, to maintain beautiful gray hair, it is important to maintain the luster of the hair. Don’t forget that you need care such as minor haircuts and treatments.

By the way, recent research has elucidated the mechanism of gray hair, which has been unknown for many years, “which part of the hair root has the key to gray hair.”

Hair color is determined by the amount of melanin pigment in the cortex. A Japanese researcher discovered that melanin stem cells, which produce melanin pigment, are located in the bulge region, which is located slightly away from the root of the hair follicle. For some reason, that part is no longer working, and as a result, the hair loses its color and turns gray.

But that’s what it turned out to be. We are still researching the reasons why it stopped working and the effectiveness of making it work, and we are waiting for the results.

With age, hair problems such as hair loss and lack of volume increase. However, with proper care, it can be prevented and improved.

Please try to incorporate the care that I talked about over 5 times. In order to prevent hair loss and maintain healthy hair, not only hair care but also lifestyle is important. A well-balanced diet, moderate exercise, and good quality sleep are the basics for building a healthy body. In addition, excessive mental and physical stress is a great enemy for beauty and health.

In the coming season, not only the skin but also the top of the head will be easily irritated by the sun and other stimuli. You can protect your scalp just by wearing a hat, so don’t forget to take care of yourself!

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