[Menopause] The effect of HRT! regained motivation and self-confidence

“Menopause” that comes before and after menopause. Are you suffering from menopausal symptoms that started without you noticing? Keifu Uyama, a writer who became depressed due to menopause, writes about menopausal disorders and changes after treatment with hormone replacement therapy.

Overcome menopause with hormone replacement therapy

Table of contents

  • One week after starting HRT, abnormal sweating and hot flashes decreased
  • Work concentration, vitality and self-confidence are restored
  • A pinch of menopause is a chance and positive!

One week after starting HRT, abnormal sweating and hot flashes decreased

Image of hormone replacement therapy

HRT started. Every night, after taking a bath, apply a packet of estrogen gel to the designated area on your inner thigh. Since it contains alcohol, apply it to different areas (lower abdomen, thighs, etc.) every other day to prevent rough skin.

After a week of application, I noticed that my night sweats had decreased, my motivation and concentration improved, and my ability to get work done increased. That’s why I’m back in a bright and positive mood.

In addition, the dryness and itchiness in my delicate zone, which had been bothering me for a while, no longer bothered me. When I read the precautions on the medicine, it states that uterine bleeding and breast pain may occur, so I carefully observed that, but there was no breast pain, and I had a small amount of menstruation for 3 days from the 10th day after I started using it. I had bleeding like menstrual cramps but no lower abdominal pain or headaches like menstrual cramps.

Work concentration, vitality and self-confidence are restored

Image of the heart that became sunny with hormone replacement therapy

In my second month on HRT, I was also supposed to take progesterone tablets, one in the morning and one in the evening, for 12 days out of the month. Estrogen also acts to thicken the lining of the uterus, which may increase the risk of endometrial cancer. It is a method of HRT in which you take progesterone that has a certain amount of time for a period of time.

As a result, a cycle similar to the menstrual cycle was artificially created, and light menstruation began to come every month, but I didn’t feel it so bad. My concentration and motivation have been restored, and I have gained confidence in myself.

A pinch of menopause is a chance and positive!

A pinch of menopause is a chance and positive!

After experiencing menopause, I felt like I had met a “weakened self” and “aged self” that was completely different from my previous self. I shouldn’t have been weak, such as being dizzy and nauseous due to work stress, but I think I was actually losing my physical strength, patience, confidence, and motivation little by little.

Perhaps, while feeling that my presbyopia was progressing, my physical strength was declining, and my hair quality was deteriorating and my hair was growing gray, I felt uneasy, impatient, and frustrated because I felt “old age that I can’t resist.” I can’t. I think that deep down in my heart, I realized that I was much weaker than I used to be, but I didn’t want to admit that I was still young, and that I couldn’t lose to old age!

I think that the conflict and stress continued for many years, and I couldn’t stand it anymore, and it appeared as a symptom of menopause. Luckily, I was writing a lot of articles about menopausal symptoms at work, so I reached the menopausal outpatient clinic to seek help early, and was able to improve my menopausal symptoms with hormone replacement therapy. .

I don’t think menopause is scary, people who have it don’t age quickly and are unhappy, and people who don’t have it don’t feel young and happy. Rather, menopause seems to have taught me things like, “Your constitution has changed!” I’m thinking Menopause has allowed me to meet wonderful doctors and has changed my life.

Considering that menopause, to a greater or lesser extent, can affect anyone, take an interest in your mind and body, use it as an opportunity to love yourself, and continue to shine.

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