Miraculous 60s secret care without sagging!

Sagging face and neck, wrinkles, bulging belly… Are you giving up because you’re too old? Yusen Kimura (63 years old), who is active as a lymphatic care trainer, says that “adult beauty” can be regained depending on a little trick and feeling.

Yusen Kimura's miraculous 60s secret care without sagging

Table of contents

  • Profile of Yusen Kimura
  • “Lymph care” changes migraines, stiff shoulders, and facial sagging
  • “Lymph care” to relax and prepare without trying hard
  • “Beauty standards” felt in the 50s “
  • Care from the 60s is to care for the mind and body
  • Held on December 14, 2022! Yusen Kimura’s Online Lesson 

Profile of Yusen Kimura

Profile of Yusen Kimura
Photo by Hiroto Nakanishi

Yumi Kimura Lymph care trainer. Representative of “LHJ Kenbi Research Institute”. She graduated from Toyama University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. While working at a pharmacy, she realized the effects of lymphatic care, and became a trainer and a pharmacist. She is also delivering a method introduction video on “Halmek 365” .

“Lymph care” changes migraines, stiff shoulders, and facial sagging

Yuizumi Kimura (63 years old) is a “miraculous 60s” who maintains a tight face line and a lean style. Currently, as a lymphatic care trainer, in addition to magazines and books, he is also attracting attention in lectures.

Yusen Kimura says that the source of her beauty lies in the “lymphatic care” that she advocates, and the “way of holding her heart” that she has felt along the way.

“When I was in my 40s, I was a teacher at a cram school for junior high school students. I can feel it now,” says Kimura.

“The most memorable moment was when I saw my face reflected in the subway window was that of a tired old lady. is this me? ‘ she said in amazement, ‘it can’t go on like this! ‘I thought, ‘I tried all sorts of cosmetics, but I wasn’t satisfied.’

"Lymph care" changes migraines, stiff shoulders, and facial sagging

After that, Mr. Kimura, who graduated from a pharmacy school and worked at a pharmacy, met many patients who suffered from migraine headaches.

“People come to me looking for a cure, but as I researched various things, I came to think that the cause of migraines might be clenching your teeth during sleep or chronic stiff shoulders. ”

That’s how I came across “Sato Lymphatic Care,” which loosens the jaw joint and improves the flow of lymph, advocated by dentist Seiji Sato.

“Lymph care” to relax and prepare without trying hard

Kimura immediately went to see Dr. Sato, determined to help the troubled patient. He was taught the care method directly, and when he tried the treatment as he had learned, migraine headaches and stiff shoulders disappeared smoothly, and the patient’s expression became brighter.

Mr. Kimura, who realized the effect, started working as a lymphatic care instructor with Dr. Sato.

. If you try it, you will find that it does not hurt or bother you, and you do not need to work hard at all. Everyone is very surprised.

And above all, it makes me happy. When I saw everyone’s expressions, I felt that my heart, which had given up saying “it can’t be helped because I’m old,” was filled with motivation and hope.”

Halmek's "Kuru-Kuru Earlobe" Lecture
Lectures held by Halmek in 2018 and 2019. Participants at the venue also enthusiastically practice “Kurukuru earlobes”!

“Beauty standards” felt in the 50s “

In her 50s, Yusen Kimura was introduced on TV as a witch who became 15 years younger by relieving stiff shoulders, and suddenly became known in the living room.

“At the time, the beauty witch boom was in full swing. There were many anti-aging treatments on the market. Well, it’s not just about looking younger.

It is important to maintain a healthy mind and body because it is a generation that begins to lose self-confidence due to a large change in physical condition. I think that’s the basis for a healthy, bright expression and a youthful look,” says Kimura.

“I personally feel that my serious lymphatic care has rejuvenated my body from the inside out at the cellular level.

Mr. Kimura continues to carry out a variety of activities, including giving lectures and introducing it in media such as magazines and books, in order to convey true lymphatic care to people of the same generation.

5 readers rejuvenated in 2 weeks! Surprising lymphatic care effect
If you look at the results of readers who have continued Kimura’s lymphatic care, the effect is obvious!

Care from the 60s is to care for the mind and body

Mr. Kimura, who has been practicing care using his own body as a laboratory, and has continued to research whether there is a better method. Currently, we are proposing a unique method that combines “fascia peeling” to loosen and loosen not only the muscles but also the fascia that supports the muscles.

“It’s what we call ‘myofascial release’ now. By loosening the fascia, the skin and body can be adjusted from the foundation, so it’s easier to get the effect of care and it’s easier to keep it going.”

This care method became a hot topic, and at lectures and magazine interviews, it was said that it was “easy but definitely effective”.

“As you get older, you will unconsciously build up a lot of hard work and endurance in your face and body. I’ll get back,” said Kimura.

Care from the 60s is to care for the mind and body

“Care is not about improving your shortcomings, but about appreciating and caring for yourself. I believe that realizing this is the first step in regaining a healthy beauty both physically and mentally.”

Now in her 60s, Yusen Kimura is in her 60s, and this is the care she wants to convey.

Photo by Hiroto Nakanishi Text by Shino Nagakura

Held on December 14, 2022! Yusen Kimura’s Online Lesson

“My nasolabial folds have gotten thinner!” and “It’s easy, but I’m sure I’ll look younger!” We will hold a lecture by Yusen Kimura, who is very popular and explains the topic of care for thinning facial sagging and neck wrinkles in an easy-to-understand manner.

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