“Nakajima-style Mindfulness Meditation” to increase self-esteem!

From popular counselor Teru Nakajima’s book “Self-affirmation textbook that makes you think “I’ll be okay” no matter what” (SB Creative), you can easily increase your self-affirmation. to introduce. This time it’s “Nakajima Mindfulness Meditation”.

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  • OK in 30 seconds a day! Focus on me here and now
  • Try “Nakajima Mindfulness Meditation”
  • You can do it in your daily life! Ingenuity to increase self-affirmation
  • Check out Akira Nakajima’s book!

OK in 30 seconds a day! Focus on me here and now

30 seconds a day.  Focus on me here and now

When you have low self-esteem, you become more anxious, anxious, and afraid, focusing on past events and the future that has yet to come. I can’t concentrate on me here and now.

So, at the beginning and end of the day, the end of the week, and the beginning of a new one, Sunday, just a little bit of time, 30 seconds, is fine. Try a meditation that focuses on the here and now me.

Here, we will introduce the “Nakajima Mindfulness Meditation Method” that allows you to feel the energy of the earth and heaven while maintaining the correct breathing rhythm.

Nakajima meditation method is a meditation method that contains Tao’s thought. Tao is an ancient Chinese thought, and it is a principle that penetrates the universe that has been discovered by observing the movement of nature and stars and the flow of human behavioral psychology, health, and destiny over many years. is.

According to the Tao, the human mind and body follow the Tao, and human beings themselves are microcosms.

Therefore, we human beings, as one of the small beings kept alive in the universe, should harmonize the microcosms within our bodies and live naturally with gratitude to the Tao, which is the happiest, most comfortable and healthy way of life.

Try “Nakajima Mindfulness Meditation”

“Nakajima Mindfulness Meditation Method” is divided into 5 steps, but just take an average of 8 seconds of deep breathing for adults 3 times for about 30 seconds. If you want to increase your self-affirmation, repeat 30 seconds three times.

  1. Concentrate on the Tanden Stand with your
    feet together and place your palm on the Tanden (below your navel) to focus your attention. This is to be conscious of the movement of the diaphragm and rectus abdominis muscles in the tanden and to control breathing.
  2. Inhale slowly through your nose Spread your
    feet shoulder-width apart, press the soles of your feet firmly into the ground, and imagine feeling the earth. Then, breathe in slowly through your nose, imagining that the heat energy of the magma is escaping from the earth beneath your feet.
  3. Exhale slowly through your mouth. As you exhale
    , whisper to yourself , “I hope everyone is happy.” Respecting the people around you and accepting them as they are will help you accept yourself as you are and increase your self-esteem.
  4. Have an image of getting energy from your head
    Be aware of the sun during the day and the North Star at night. At first, you have an image of bright light, and imagine that light energy enters the part of the brain called the pineal gland located behind the eyebrows. Inhale slowly through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth.
  5. Have an image of being connected to the energy from the earth and the sky.
    Finally, imagine a state in which the energy of the earth that you feel from the soles of your feet and the energy from the sun and the North Star above your head are connected as one, creating an axis within you. increase.

This 30-second mindfulness meditation allows you to unwind your body, emotions, thoughts, and breath, and bring your attention to the here and now.

By arranging the mind and making it flat, and creating a space in the mind, you can create a mind that thinks “I’m fine” no matter what happens. I am sure you will feel that your self-esteem has increased.

You can do it in your daily life! Ingenuity to increase self-affirmation

You can do it in your daily life!  Ingenuity to increase self-affirmation

In addition to the Nakajima Mindfulness Meditation method, we will also introduce “Ingenuity to increase self-affirmation” that you want to incorporate in your daily life.

three good things

You can write it in a notebook at the end of the day, or you can use it as a mental memo on your way home or after shopping.

“It was sunny today and it felt good!” “Lunch was delicious!” “I found an interesting book!” The brain is interested in whoever you turn your attention to.

For example, with a digital clock you discover your birthday! Do you have anything to do? This is because the memory conscious number remembers your birthday the most.

If you focus on good things every day, it will become a habit.

self hug

Self-hug means hugging yourself.

According to the data of 2,000 students and clients who have taken the course, those who have tried it have felt the effects of euphoria, such as “I feel relieved” and “This is fine! Let’s do our best!” increase.

You can easily do it by yourself, so please give it a try.

It’s easy to do. Spread your arms wide open and wrap yourself in a hug. You can do this while sitting on a chair or on the floor, or even while standing. Close your eyes and try to hug her tightly for 8 seconds x 3 times.

The effect of self-hug is to secrete oxytocin, which is said to be a happy hormone. Oxytocin is one of the hormones secreted by conversations and physical contact with close people such as family, friends, and lovers.

It works to suppress stress, and it is said that increasing the amount of secretion will make you feel excited and stable.

eat a snack

When self-affirmation is low, it becomes negative thoughts and stress builds up. Reward yourself with a snack before the stress explodes.

Some people may say, “I’m on a diet!”, but you don’t have to eat a lot. Even if it’s just a little candy, sweets, or fruit, and if you’re on a diet, please adjust it with meals before and after.

Just eating your favorite snack releases serotonin, which makes you feel happy and relieves stress. In order not to run out of serotonin, eat whatever you like, even just a little bit.

What you like satisfies the satiety center and lip cravings and calms the mind. Give yourself a small gift in your spare time.

*This article is composed of partial excerpts and partial additions from Akira Nakajima’s book ” Self-affirmation textbook that makes you think “I’ll be okay” no matter what ” (SB Creative).

Author profile: Akira Nakajima (psychological counselor)

Akira Nakajima

Teru Nakashima Self-affirmation leading psychological counselor / Self-affirmation Academy representative / Qualification issuing organization “torie” representative. At the age of 5, she experienced the loss of her foster parents when she ran away at night, and from around the age of 9 she suffered from panic disorder. For 10 years, he was living in a difficult mental state, shutting himself up in his parents’ house. Currently, she provides counseling to over 15,000 clients, including J-leaguers and managers of listed companies. He has authored many books such as “Lessons to make self-affirmation on your side” (PHP Research Institute), “One minute self-affirmation” (Magazine House), “ Every day you see it! Self-affirmation 365 days BOOK ” (SB Creative).

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