Only 5 minutes at a time! Facial sagging improvement, facial muscle training video

The first online video course by Ms. Yoshiko Mamada, a researcher of facial muscles, is “Niko Nico Exercise” to improve the sagging of the face. Are you smiling with your cheek muscles firmly? You will be rejuvenated from the day you train your face and body. Correct your posture and raise the corners of your mouth for 5 minutes at a time to take care of sagging.

Table of contents

  • Profile of Yoshiko Mamada
  • The cause of sagging is that the facial muscles used are biased
  • Points for correcting posture with facial muscle training
  • How to do facial muscle training “Nico Nico Exercise”
  • Sagging measures! Facial muscle training “niconico gymnastics” video
  • Check out Yoshiko Mamada’s facial muscle training video

Profile of Yoshiko Mamada

Facial muscle researcher. facial muscle trainer. Born in 1972. He gives about 200 “Face Yoga” lectures throughout the country every year, and is a hot topic on TV and other media. Currently, we are advocating core face training that moves facial muscles. He is the Tango Dance World Championship Asian Games Stage Division Champion (2010). He has authored many books such as “While face yoga” (published by Shufu to Seikatsusha) and “Yoshiko Mamada’s V-shape yoga with face yoga” (Pia Mook).

The cause of sagging is that the facial muscles used are biased

Cause of sagging

It can be said that the cause of sagging face is aging, such as the decline in the ability to produce skin cells, the deterioration of metabolism and the increase in fat on the face, but one of the factors is a hunched back and poor posture. is mentioned.

If your posture is bad, the facial muscles you use will vary. If there is a large difference between the area where the muscles are tense and the area where the muscles are weakened and loosened, the balance of the face will be lost and sagging and swelling will occur.

And the face line collapses and becomes sagging, a double chin, nasolabial folds and wrinkles.

example of bad posture
example of bad posture

Poor posture pushes your chin and shoulders forward and wrinkles the back of your neck. When this happens, you start using only the muscles in the lower half of your face when you speak, and you don’t use any facial muscles other than the muscles in your jaw.

There are various other causes of sagging, such as loosening of the skin due to ultraviolet rays and aging, fat accumulation due to slowed metabolism, and reduction of facial bones. Reference: “Causes and countermeasures for facial sagging. Care methods according to 5 causes”

If you are concerned about sagging skin, you can approach it by using skin care cosmetics that “lift up” and “firmness” ( see: “How to choose, arrange, and prioritize cosmetics that work for sagging face”). ), cultivating muscles from the foundation through facial muscle training will lead to a youthful face and expression in the long run.

Points for correcting posture with facial muscle training

First, raise your body and keep your pelvis firmly upright. At this time, imagine that the sit bones and head are pulled together, and one axis passes through the body, face, and head. Rock your pelvis from side to side while taking deep breaths to release tension and relax your shoulders.

Not only the body, but also the face and mind are relieved of tension and unnecessary force, making it easier to move all the facial muscles.

How to do facial muscle training “Nico Nico Exercise”

This time, it is “Niko Nico Exercise” that trains the cheek muscles and cheek muscles. Let’s do it while checking your face with the selfie function of the mirror or smartphone.

If you take a close-up photo of your smiling face before you start, you can see how your face has changed when you take another photo a week later.

First, open your eyes, lift the corners of your mouth, and lift your cheeks.

Then smile to show your top eight teeth and keep it there. Try to lift your cheeks firmly enough to create a gap between your teeth and the corners of your mouth.

At this time, be careful not to let your chin protrude forward. Stretch the back of your neck.

If you can’t lift your cheeks, use your hands to lift your cheeks to support the movement of your muscles. Practice so that you can see your top 8 front teeth.
If you can’t lift one corner of your mouth, try to lift the lower corner of your mouth with your finger while checking it in the mirror and practice to shape your smile.
Next, use the muscles around your mouth to make a “ko” and purse your mouth.

Alternate between “ni-” to lift your cheeks and raise the corners of your mouth, and “ko” to purse your mouth using the muscles around your mouth.

Repeat “Nee corny corny” five times along with the song.

The point is to imagine a V and lift your cheeks diagonally upwards.

Points to note when using Nico Nico Exercise

Keep your eyes wide open.
Notes on "Nico Nico Exercise"

It is NG if the lower teeth are visible when you smile “Ni-“. If you smile without using your cheek muscles, or if you push your face forward and put pressure on your chin, your mouth will tend to open sideways, so be careful. Until you get used to it, please go while checking the balance of the left and right of the face in the mirror.

Do this for 5 minutes once a day, and continue for a week. Even just one practice will make it easier to raise your cheeks and give your face a sharper look. Also, you should be able to feel the elasticity of your cheeks when you touch them. A three-dimensional effect on the cheeks will make you look younger. In addition, the smile becomes beautiful, and the impression gets better.

From now on, every time you make eye contact with someone, make it a habit to show them your 8 top teeth and smile!

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