Readers have changed too! Slim stomach, straight body, size down

According to Eiki Fukutsuji, an acupuncturist and moxibustion practitioner, simple stretching such as “just stretching and loosening” will improve the distortion of the body, and the bulging stomach and hunched back will be refreshed. No hard diet restrictions or muscle training! After 4 readers practiced for 3 weeks, the results were amazing!

Table of contents

  • Big changes for 4 readers in 3 weeks!
  • It is very important to correct the distortion of the body

Big changes for 4 readers in 3 weeks!

Big changes for 4 readers in 3 weeks!
From left to right: Hiroyuki Shimada, Mutsumi Kato, Kanako Uda, Yoko Ochi

This time, four readers will challenge Fukutsuji’s stretching and loosening stretches ( introduced in the 3rd and 4th special feature) for 3 weeks. He had no dietary restrictions and ate whatever he wanted.

Everyone was skeptical, saying, “Is it effective just by stretching?” There was a big change.

My crooked body is now straight!

I’ve been overweight lately due to lack of exercise. I was skeptical about the effect, but after 3 weeks, my stomach felt refreshed and my spine straightened.

Yoko Ochi's Before→After

Waist: -2.2cm Below
navel: -2.3cm
Weight: -0.4kg

Improved plump stomach and rolled shoulders!

I was worried about the sagging of my stomach, but after three weeks of fun, I was able to wear a tight blouse. Her arms were easier to lift and her rounded shoulders were improved.

Before→After by Mutsumi Kato

Waist: -2.7cm Below
navel: -5cm
Weight: +0.3kg

The round back and stomach are refreshing!

For many years, I was troubled by my hunched back and sagging stomach, but my daughter told me that after continuing to stretch, I could see the S shape on my back.

Hiroyuki Shimada's Before→After

Waist: -4.5cm Below navel
: -1.2cm Weight

So that you can wear denim one size down!

I was worried if it would work, but I was surprised to find that my daughter’s hand-me-down denim that is one size smaller can be put on, and the hooks of her bra can now be hung on the innermost part.

Kanako Uda's Before→After

Waist: -2.7cm Below
navel: -3.4cm
Weight: -1.1kg

It is very important to correct the distortion of the body

The person who taught me was Toshiki Fukutsuji.

Profile of Eiki Fukutsuji

Director of Asuka Acupuncture and Moxibustion Clinic. He graduated from Toyo Acupuncture and Moxibustion College. He is a member of the Japan-China Therapeutic Medicine Study Group. He is a pioneer of esthetic acupuncture and moxibustion, and is widely active in magazines and television.

“One of the major causes of bulging stomach and hunchback is distortion of the spine, ribs, and pelvis,” says Fukutsuji. Modern people often lean forward when looking at their smartphones or working on a computer, and this poor posture leads to distortion of the skeleton.

“When you bend forward, your back becomes rounded. Pulled by the distorted spine, the ribs and pelvis, which are normally closed at about 90 degrees, widen, weakening the strength to support the internal organs. It puts pressure on the lungs and makes shallow breathing, putting a strain on the stomach and causing indigestion,” says Fukutsuji.

So what do we do?

“By stretching in the opposite direction of slouching, your spine, ribs, and pelvis will be in the correct position. In addition, stretching to loosen the muscles around your back and abdomen will make it easier to move your body and improve your skeletal structure. It makes it easier to correct distortions.” 

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