Recommended for autumn whitening that does not make your skin remember summer damage!

Summer UV damage is reset in autumn! Let’s start serious whitening care before the nail marks appear on the skin as stains and dullness. Clear skin gives a youthful impression. There is no reason not to do whitening care because the result will be as much as you do.

Summer UV damage is reset in autumn!

Table of contents

  • With the arrival of autumn, the effects of summer begin to appear on the skin!?
  • Whitening care before melanin goes out of control
  • Whitening is not done in a day. Continuation only
  • Check it out in the video! Whitening care from the inside out with a simple “skin recipe”

With the arrival of autumn, the effects of summer begin to appear on the skin!?

At this time of the year when autumn is starting to feel like autumn, when I look in the mirror, for some reason, my spots are getting darker and my skin looks dull… Isn’t there a lot of people who have such a feeling? 

In the summer when the amount of UV radiation reaches its maximum, even if you take proper sun protection, the heat of this year makes the sunscreen run off with sweat, and when you wipe off the sweat, you may end up wiping it off with it. One of the reasons is that the original UV blocking effect could not be demonstrated.

In addition to melanin-derived products, poor blood circulation due to poor blood circulation due to poor skin circulation due to coldness due to air conditioning, cuts in skin care due to heat, and lack of sleep can cause dark spots and dull skin.

In any case, the skin that has spent the harsh summer shows signs of aging even at the age of 5 or 10.

Whitening care before melanin goes out of control

In other words, the blemishes and dullness that I feel “for some reason” were undoubtedly etched into my skin this summer.

However, do not despair.

It is fully possible to try to recover from now with whitening cosmetics. Many people have the question, “Can whitening cosmetics remove blemishes?”

The answer is, “It won’t make you look clean, but you can make it pretty thin and inconspicuous.”

In the first place, the function of whitening cosmetics is roughly divided into three.

  1. Make Melanin! shutdown command
  2. Restores excess melanin production
  3. Melanin that has finished its role does not stay on the skin (this is a stain), and it promotes rapid discharge.

In recent years, it has been found that not only UV rays but also stress and air pollution cause inflammation in the skin, which triggers the production of melanin. Therefore, it is designed to deal with such inflammation.

Whitening is not done in a day. Continuation only


However, whitening care does not happen overnight. Considering the rebirth of the skin, it is important to keep using one whitening cosmetic every day for at least a month and a half.

Also, some whitening active ingredients may or may not suit your skin. Not all are this way,

Vitamin C for people with rough skin and dull impression, tranexamic acid for thin skin and sensitive skin , kojic acid for people who are concerned about dull spots such as melasma , natural type If you like arbutin, we recommend cosmetics that use arbutin as a whitening active ingredient.

When we think of whitening care, we tend to think of it as summer, but if you’re worried about blemishes and dullness, it’s better to take care of it all year round. Today, there is a wide range of products, from lotions to creams and masks, and there are many products that have moisturizing and anti-aging effects.

Texture and effectiveness are of course important, but whitening care requires continuous use. Choose a product that is easy to incorporate into your skincare routine, and that you can continue to use, including the price and how to obtain it. By the time winter arrives, you should be able to boast about your beautiful skin.

In addition to taking care of your skin from the outside, don’t forget to take care of your body from the inside with Vitamin ACE, which prevents skin aging !

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