Recommended gray hair dye that restores gray hair to its original color!

Eri Nakao, a beauty writer of the same generation, will introduce beauty items that are perfect for women in their 50s and older. This time, about “gray hair” that many women are worried about. Instead of dyeing, we will report on recommended items to restore the original base color with home care.

gray hair item

Table of contents

  • I want to do something about the gray hair that keeps coming out even if I cut it or dye it!
  • After dyeing at the salon, keep the color at home!
  • From the 40s, not only dyeing but also gray hair care is essential

I want to do something about the gray hair that keeps coming out even if I cut it or dye it!

I’m Eri Nakao, who is searching for an anti-aging lifestyle every day. She was very old when she gave birth, so her child is still in elementary school, so summer vacation is hell in a sense… Normally, I can do various errands while going to school, but since my child is at home all day, I can hardly do anything for myself. The other day, when she was talking about that with her mom friend, she lamented, “Because I can’t go to the beauty salon, my hair is getting more and more gray!”

Whether it’s heredity, constitution, or hair quality, Nakao has almost no white hair, but even so, if you see 3 or 4 of them, you feel like you’re old. It is said that hair is the life of a woman, and I can’t help but feel that shiny black hair and dry gray hair make a big difference in age.

But how do gray hairs grow?
Melanin is the primary pigment that determines hair color. There are two types of melanin pigments, eumelanin (dark brown) and pheomelanin (yellowish red). If the amount of melanin pigment is high, the hair will be black, and if it is low, the hair will be blond. And gray hair is hair that contains very little melanin.

Hair is made from hair follicles. There are melanocytes in the hair bulb next to the hair matrix cells, and melanin pigment is passed from the melanocytes in the process of making hair, and it seems that the hair color is determined.

In other words, “gray hair” is hair in which the function of melanocytes is reduced and melanin pigment cannot be produced. When I think about it, the hate stain is also caused by melanin pigment. The melanin pigment is what makes the skin and hair dark. Like age spots, aging, UV rays, stress, and heredity are thought to be the causes of gray hair, but it is still unclear why the function of melanocytes declines. If you think that “I have more gray hairs these days”, it means that the function of melanocytes is weakening. Also, some people get gray hair even when they are young, but it seems that there are individual differences in the timing of gray hair.

It is often said that gray hairs will grow when you pull them out, but that is not the case. It seems that the next hair that grows from the pores where the function of melanocytes is weakened is often gray hair. However, it is not a good idea to forcefully pluck it to grow healthy hair, as it will damage the hair roots.

After dyeing at the salon, keep the color at home!

I think most people dye their gray hair at a hair salon, but I think they do home care for the gray hair that comes out little by little. It costs a lot of money to go to the salon many times, so I think many people are looking for care that will make their dyed gray hair last as long as possible.

Even if you pay attention to your diet and stress, things will come out, so I want to do something about it at home every day. An item that dyes gray hair can be considered for that purpose.
As a countermeasure against gray hair, it can be roughly divided into two types of hair dye and hair color treatment that use a bleaching agent. Since the gray hair is dyed after it is bleached, it puts a little strain on the scalp and hair. The hair color treatment coats the hair from the outside, so it doesn’t do much damage. If you regularly dye your hair at a salon, you may want to take care of your hair at home with a hair color treatment to prevent the color from fading.

However, there are many items in the world that deal with gray hair. I haven’t used all of them, but I’ll report on two items that caught my attention recently.

From the 40s, not only dyeing but also gray hair care is essential

Personally, I don’t have a lot of gray hair, so I have used hair color treatments as a trial, but Kao’s “Rerise” is a product that I was deeply moved by the natural coloring.

This year’s new item, “Rerise” in the category of gray hair care, is an item that focuses on the melanin pigment that black hair originally has. Formulated with 100% naturally-derived coloring ingredient “Kurokami melanin”, which is made by extracting ingredients from plants and applying the fermentation technology of koji. It is to supplement the natural blackness of black hair with gray hair.Just apply it to your hair after shampooing, leave it for 5 minutes and rinse. It takes about 3 days for the color to change every time I use it. After that, it is OK to use around the root about once a week. Not only does it make gray hair less noticeable, but it also leaves your hair soft and moisturized after washing! It can be used like a treatment and has no odor, so it is an easy-to-use item.

Kao Rerise

Rerise hair color server for gray hair Re-Black Cohesive finish 2,916 yen (Kao 0120-165-692)
*There is also a soft finish. There are two types of colors: re-black and gray arrangement. Also available as a replacement.

Another thing I wanted to continue was POLA’s “Growing Shot BK”. It’s not a scalp serum that claims to treat gray hair, but the reason why melanocytes and hair matrix cells are not functioning properly is because the scalp environment isn’t in place. Metabolism is already slowing down with age, so shouldn’t we be working hard to nourish our scalp? I tried using it.

It is good to massage the scalp while shampooing, and it is also recommended to massage the scalp using a scalp serum after washing the hair. “Glowing Shot BK” is refreshing without being too stimulating, and the scent is not too strong. It is also great for massage. It also contains hair repair ingredients, so the damage is repaired, and I feel that the roots have started to rise, and for some reason, the stiff shoulders are lightened.

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