Recommended to friends in their 50s! 3 kinds of beauty items to drink!

Due to the corona crisis, it seems that everyone is no longer “obsessed” with fashion, makeup, and hairstyles. 100 years of life. There is still a long way to go, so why not make up your mind and review your daily care first? I will introduce three “drinking beauty care” that I personally added.

Recommended to friends in their 50s! 3 kinds of beauty items to drink

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  • Replenishes the energy necessary for skin aging care
  • A unique approach to “feeding” the placenta
  • Birth of a new brand of Saishunkan Pharmaceutical
  • By continuing, you will also have a sense of transparency. Whitening supplements do not disappoint

Replenishes the energy necessary for skin aging care

I have many friends of the same generation who have aged due to the corona virus, but I was surprised to see that after two years, they have started doing various things, saying, “I was inspired by seeing myself aged.”

While I was trying “mana enzyme fasting” with one of them and “muscle-storing exercise” with another friend, another friend said, “Cosmetics alone are not enough for skin aging.” , Contacted me to tell me about supplements. Speaking of supplements, I was conscious of intestinal activity, so I started looking for supplements that are good for the skin.

Many skin-beautifying supplements are on sale from brands other than cosmetics manufacturers. Recently, I’ve been preoccupied with intestinal products such as lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria, so I’m impressed by the evolution of supplements that are good for the skin. The following products are the ones I chose to try.

A unique approach to “feeding” the placenta

A unique approach to "feeding" the placenta

Ichimaru Pharcos Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of raw materials for cosmetics and health foods, sells “drinkable placenta.” Placenta is an ingredient that has been used since ancient Greece, but we have newly developed a placenta that is highly concentrated and easy to drink. It has acquired evidence and is certified by the Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association.

Placenta contains plenty of nutrients such as more than 10 kinds of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Speaking of placenta, many people have the impression that it is good for the skin, as it is also used in whitening products. You can also expect effects such as pores becoming less noticeable and increasing the amount of moisture.

It is also used to treat menopausal disorders these days due to its ability to prevent the growth of bone-destroying cells and its ability to regulate hormonal balance. This is a nice feature.

What kind of shape is it, it is a small bottle. Concentrated placenta undiluted solution. Exactly fluid. The image of replenishing the placenta itself, not that it is coated with something. Of course, you can drink it as it is, but it’s even easier to drink if you put it in a drink or soup. By the way, it seems to go well with sour foods.

By the way, there are two types of products, horse and pig, but the reason is the amount that can be caught. A horse can only give birth to one head compared to a pig that is prolific. However, there is not much difference in the evaluation of effectiveness, and horse has a slightly weaker scent, so it seems that horse is recommended for those who are concerned.

You can drink placenta drink in style on the go!

You can drink placenta drink in style on the go!

In Ginza, the world’s first “drinkable placenta” shop “TOKYO PLACENTA 20cc” is also open. You can also enjoy the highly concentrated placenta undiluted solution with delicious intense juice containing 7 types of beauty ingredients.

In addition, at the directly managed online store, a type that comes in a newly developed pouch that can be carried around is also available. You can easily supply high-purity, concentrated placenta anytime, anywhere.

TOKYO PLACENTA 20cc Intense placenta pig (bottle) 20cc 1300 yen, horse (bottle) 20cc 1800 yen, pig (pouch, set of 8) 8000 yen, horse (pouch, set of 8) 12,000 yen

Birth of a new brand of Saishunkan Pharmaceutical

In the first place, Saishunkan Pharmaceutical is a Chinese medicine pharmaceutical company. Domohorn Wrinkle, which follows this trend, is a brand that supports beauty for 100 years. And the brand “Lashiku” that supports 100 years of health was newly born.

There are two items released this time, but what I would like the Halmek generation to pay attention to is “Lashiku body supple”. Ingredients found based on the idea of ​​Chinese medicine are combined with marine-derived type V collagen, which is said to be difficult to extract and formulate.

What only a collagen pioneer can do

For the Halmek generation, we want to be careful about the “posture” that is directly linked to youthfulness. Collagen is actually the key! Collagen is a familiar ingredient, but Domohorn Wrinkle is the first application of collagen in cosmetics in Japan.

“Lashiku Karada Shinyaka” is not a common type I collagen, but a rare and high-quality type V collagen. In addition, based on research that has been cultivated over many years, it is a nutrient functional food that considers nutrients that are difficult to ingest in the required amount in daily meals.

In addition to collagen, absorbable calcium, zinc, iron, minerals, vitamins such as folic acid. As original raw materials, pearl citrus and cherry yeast. It is a multi-supplement that can provide total nutrition not only for the skin, but also for the generation that has begun to worry about physical disorders.

In addition, a lozenge type is used to effectively replenish collagen, which is easily discharged from the body. It is also convenient that you can take it anytime, anywhere.
Lashiku Body Supple [Food with Nutrient Function Claims] 60 capsules 5,400 yen Saishunkan
Pharmaceutical Co.  , Ltd.

By continuing, you will also have a sense of transparency. Whitening supplements do not disappoint

By continuing, you will also have a sense of transparency. Whitening supplements do not disappoint

Even though I don’t go out much because of the corona crisis, I still get exposed to UV rays even when I’m indoors. In addition to daily UV protection, whitening care is also indispensable, and inner care that supports transparency is also attracting attention.

There was a time when I thought it wouldn’t work, but when I stopped taking it, I sometimes felt like, “Huh?” It may be good to have POLA’s blockbuster tablet that supports whitening, which has evolved from conventional items and appeared on your side.

Less wrinkles with more muscle mass!?

The tablet, “White Shot Inner Lock Tablet IXS”, is newly formulated with its own original ingredients “Maio MG Extract”, “Tulsi Extract”, and “Devil’s Claw Extract”. By the way, “Maio MG Extract” is an original raw material extracted from mango ginger.

Paula’s long-term research has discovered that myonectin, which is released from muscles, suppresses melanin production. Myonectin is a type of myokine that is released from skeletal muscle, and is expected to have the effect of suppressing inflammatory substances caused by physical stimulation and the effect of breaking down excess melanin. And mango ginger extract is thought to support myonectin production.

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