[Spring/Summer 2022 makeup] Return of the bubble!? Focus on gorgeousness

A mask life that lasts for a long time. Some people may say that their motivation for makeup is declining, but for the first time in a long time, it seems that there will be a makeup trend that will change our mood. We paid attention to the makeup trends of spring and summer 2022!

2022 makeup focuses on gorgeousness and volume

Table of contents

  • I want to enjoy makeup like before corona!
  • “Gorgeous makeup with volume” is the trend for spring and summer 2022
  • [2022 makeup trend 1] Natural thick eyebrows x dull colored lips
  • [2022 makeup trend 2] Intentional eyes with impressive eyeliner
  • [2022 makeup trend 3] Gorgeous layered texture
  • “Tight short hair” goes well with gorgeous makeup

I want to enjoy makeup like before corona!

As you can see in the article ” Do you know? Jolly Coral, the trendy color of 2022 “ , the color trend for 2022 is “coral”. It contains the idea of ​​a color that will guide us as we walk through the dark and long tunnel of corona misfortune.

The 2022 Spring/Summer season will see movement in makeup trends that have been stagnant due to prolonged mask life. According to a survey by the Shiseido Beauty Creation Center, which has been conducting “beauty trend research” on makeup and hair since 1987, there is a growing awareness of wanting to try new makeup.

“Gorgeous makeup with volume” is the trend for spring and summer 2022

According to a survey of domestic women’s magazines and SNS beauty trends and the general public, women’s magazines in Japan, mainly in their 40s and 50s,

・Signs of a revival in lip makeup as a changeover switch

・Growing attention to base makeup due to the evolution of items

・Tendency to increase volume of overall makeup

As a result. In a survey of the general public,

・A euphoric mood with harmonious colors and textures

・Gorgeous finish with volume and healthy and calm finish

・There is a high demand for glossy hair, and awareness of hair care continues to rise.

That was the point of attention.

[2022 makeup trend 1] Natural thick eyebrows x dull colored lips

The 1980s dressed in bodycon-style fashion. At that time, the popular make-up was thick eyebrows and red lips. The 2022 “80’s youth MIX” is a nostalgic memory for the Halmek generation that has returned with a natural impression.

natural thick eyebrows

The season is for thick eyebrows with a modern twist to the 80s. In the first place, thick eyebrows are a technique that anyone can easily look younger. A gentle and straight eyebrow is more natural than an arched one. If the space between the upper eyelid and the eyebrow is long, it can make you look older. If you are conscious of the underside of your eyebrows, you can eliminate the appearance of aging.

dull color lip

Speaking of the 80’s, bright red lips were a promise, but what I want to choose for a modern arrangement is a “rose lip”. The points of makeup are as follows.

・Softly spread from the center of the lips

・For a finish that matches the skin color

・Gently draw the valley of the upper lip to create a plump feeling


[2022 makeup trend 2] Intentional eyes with impressive eyeliner

In 2022, regardless of generation, it seems that there will be a tendency to increase the volume of makeup as a whole. I feel like I want to express my intentions with voluminous makeup for my eyes. The theme is “Sparkling Eyes”. The eyeliner that seems a little exaggerated is effective, and the glittering eyelids are impressive.

intentional eyes

The point of such “Sparkling Eyes” makeup is

・Fill the lashes with black eyeliner

・The outer corner of the eye is horizontal and long

・Connect the outside of the eye and the end of the line

・Arrange it so that it looks like a parallelogram when you close your eyes.

・Blur only the outline of the eyeliner with a dark color eyeshadow.

・ Apply glitter to the entire eyelid with your finger

Even if it’s difficult to complete all the steps perfectly, why not try black eyeliner and lame eyeshadow?

[2022 makeup trend 3] Gorgeous layered texture

“Layered” means “overlapping”. In fashion, the term is often used to refer to layered clothing for fashion rather than protection against the cold, such as layering a knit over a T-shirt or wearing pants under a skirt. In 2022, layers of color and texture are attracting attention in the world of makeup.

Gorgeous texture layered

for example,

Gives the skin a glossy base

After applying foundation

Apply face powder to T-zone

Blur cream-type cheeks in a circle

Apply highlighter over cheek contour

A natural complexion that melts into the skin while plump up with brilliance

And so on.

Even with lip makeup, it is possible to layer the lip pencil by laying it down, filling the entire lip, and then applying a gloss-type lip on top.

This year’s trend is to use less gloss when wearing a mask, and to finish things to your liking, such as TPO and fashion.

“Tight short hair” goes well with gorgeous makeup

Boyish short cuts are a great match when you have a voluminous and gorgeous make-up. We recommend this season for its compact form and wet style.

tight short hair

Tight and minimal hair seems to emphasize a more feminine face. Larger accessories also look great. How about trying new makeup and hair in 2022 as a step out of the rut mask life?

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