[Supervised by experts] Effects and methods of protein diet!

Under the supervision of experts, we will explain in detail the effects of the protein diet, the correct way to do it, tips to increase the effect, types of protein, etc. Let’s aim for a beautiful body by ingesting protein that builds muscle, increases metabolism, and supports the creation of a slimming constitution.

[Supervised by experts] Effects and methods of protein diet

Table of contents

  • What is a protein diet? why do you lose weight
  • Effect of protein diet
  • type of protein
  • how to protein diet
  • How to take protein to enhance diet effect
  • Protein diet notes
  • 3 recommended proteins by the editorial department
  • Lose weight beautifully with an effective protein diet!

What is a protein diet? why do you lose weight

A protein diet is a diet that actively incorporates protein-rich supplements and protein-rich foods.

The protein diet is said to help you lose weight because you can efficiently ingest protein while reducing fat, sugar, and calories. If you try to ingest protein from your regular diet, you may end up taking in extra calories, but supplements can help you get protein efficiently.

In addition, protein is a nutrient that helps develop muscles and internal organs, which account for most of the body’s basic metabolism. In order to lose weight, it is necessary to raise the basal metabolism and create a body that is easy to lose weight. Lack of protein makes it difficult to lose weight, so it is important to take in the necessary amount in daily life.

Effect of protein diet

Effect of protein diet

From here, we will introduce the effects of the protein diet.

increase muscle mass

Protein is the nutrient that builds muscle. Combining protein intake with weight training will help you build muscle mass. As your muscles increase, your basal metabolism will increase, so you will be able to create a body that is easy to lose weight.

nutritionally balanced

During a diet, the amount of food is reduced, so nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals tend to be lacking. Deficiency of these nutrients can lead to slow metabolism. By drinking protein, you can supplement the nutrients that tend to be lacking during your diet.

diet effect

Proteins are digested and absorbed more slowly than carbohydrates, which are abundant in rice and bread. It is easy to feel satisfied even with a small amount, and it is also recommended during dieting because it keeps you full.

There are also differences in the amount of energy expended when a meal is ingested. More energy is consumed when protein is ingested than carbohydrates and fats.

Potential for hormonal balance

Drinking soy protein containing soy isoflavone can be expected to have the effect of balancing hormones. Soy isoflavones act like estrogen, a female hormone, so soy protein is recommended for those who feel hormonal imbalance.

Helps improve skin and hair texture

Most of the human body, such as muscles, internal organs, nails, skin, and hair, is made of protein. A lack of protein not only leads to a decrease in muscle mass, but it can also lead to dull hair and rough skin.

If you take protein firmly, the condition of your skin, hair, and nails will improve, and it will also work to boost your immune system, so you can diet healthily.

Type of protein

There are several types of protein. The following three are representative.

  • Adjust hormone balance and stress care “soy protein”
  • Casein protein keeps you feeling full for longer

how to protein diet

how to protein diet

From here, I will introduce how to do a protein diet.

It’s not a matter of getting a lot of protein, it’s about getting the right amount.

The amount of protein required per day is calculated by the following formula based on body weight.

[Protein required per day = body weight (kg) x 1.0-1.5g]

1.0 is applied to people who have a low daily activity level, such as desk work, and 1.5 is applied to people who have a lot of activity, such as moving around or standing all the time. For a person with a desk job weighing 50 kg, 50 x 1.0 equals 50 g, which means that the daily protein intake is 50 g.

Consider the balance between diet and supplements

Nutrients in your diet are important for a successful diet. If you take nutrition such as protein in your meals and supplement the lacking amount with protein drinks, you will be able to take in protein in a well-balanced manner.

A popular meal to combine with protein is “salad”. Salads are easy to incorporate into a protein diet because they are easy to cut carbohydrates, fats, and calories. However, avoid eating the same thing all the time, and be conscious of balanced nutrition.

dissolve in a drink and drink

Since many protein products are in the form of powder, it is basic to mix them with water, milk, or soy milk before drinking. Put protein and drink in a dedicated shaker, shake the container well to dissolve, and then drink.

There are many types of protein, and they come in various flavors such as cocoa, strawberry, yogurt, and coffee, making them easy to drink. It’s a good idea to change the drink that dissolves depending on the taste, your preferences, and the nutrients you want to ingest.

If you dissolve it in milk instead of water or hot water and drink it, you need to be careful because the intake of lipids and sugars will increase.

Be conscious of supplementing nutrition as a snack

Diet methods that replace one meal with protein drinks or supplements can reduce calorie intake, but there is a risk of rebounding easily when returning to a normal diet.

It is recommended to take in protein as a snack between meals, or to supplement protein when you reduce the amount of dinner.

get some exercise

In order to become a body that is easy to lose weight on a protein diet, it is also important to increase muscle mass and increase basal metabolism. When the basal metabolism rises, there is also the merit that rebound is less likely to occur.

For those who find it difficult to find time to exercise or who are not good at exercising, it is good to be aware of small exercise habits such as taking a detour when shopping, getting off one station earlier and walking, and using stairs instead of escalators and elevators. prize. At this time, if you try to walk as long as possible, the effect will be further improved.

How to take protein to enhance diet effect

How to take protein to enhance diet effect

I will introduce how to take protein to enhance the diet effect.

Best food for protein diet

It is important to have a well-balanced intake of protein not only from protein drinks, but also from regular meals. Depending on the ingredients, the amount of protein contained in meat and fish is about 15-25% of their weight. As a rule of thumb, 100g of meat or fish per meal will provide you with 15-25g of protein.

Meat and fish should be eaten with as little fat as possible. Fat is a nutrient that tends to be excessive. Eating fatty meat or fish for the purpose of taking protein leads to obesity due to excessive fat intake.

In addition to meat and fish, proteins are abundant in eggs and soy products. Since each protein has a different structure, a well-balanced combination of various types of protein will lead to a higher quality protein intake.

“W protein”, which is a double intake of vegetable protein and animal protein, is a protein intake method that is currently attracting attention as it can effectively build muscle, such as suppressing muscle weakness and maintaining blood protein levels.

For snacks, we recommend bananas, which contain a lot of vitamin B6, a nutrient that helps your muscles synthesize protein. Banana is a surprisingly low calorie fruit with about 20g of sugar per 100g and about 93kcal of calories. However, if you eat too much, it will lead to a calorie surplus, so it is a good idea to limit yourself to one or two servings a day.

Drink at a time when protein can be ingested effectively

You can get the most out of your protein intake by consuming it at the right time. Before going to bed and after waking up in the morning, it is a good idea to consider the amount of protein you need per day, such as the timing of exercise and the amount you take in meals.

before sleep

During sleep, many growth hormones are secreted. Growth hormone plays a role in increasing muscle mass and controlling body functions, and it also has the effect of promoting protein absorption.

If you drink it just before going to bed, it will put a strain on your stomach, so it’s a good idea to drink protein about 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime.

after waking up in the morning

In the morning, your body is depleted of nutrients and water. If you take protein at this timing, you can make an efficient body.

Take at the right time

The purpose of drinking protein varies from person to person. By taking it at the right timing, you can increase the effect even more.

  • Improving diet and nutritional balance: before and after meals and before bedtime
  • Strength and muscle mass up: Within 30 minutes after exercise
  • Weight up: After meals or as a supplement

Protein diet notes

Protein diet notes

The protein diet also has some caveats. Make sure to check the precautions so that you can have a healthy diet.

hard to get satisfaction

There is also a diet method that restricts the diet instead of incorporating protein into the diet, but it is difficult to get satisfaction compared to fat. As a result, you may end up eating too much at your next meal.

If you restrict your diet too much, you may end up eating too much and rebounding, so it is important to do it without overdoing it.

If you don’t exercise, you may end up gaining weight

If you are on a protein diet and still can’t lose weight, review your intake method, exercise habits, lifestyle habits, and diet.

Protein is a nutrient that serves as a source of energy for the body, just like lipids and carbohydrates, and too much of it can lead to weight gain.

3 recommended proteins by the editorial department

From here, Halmek WEB editorial department will introduce recommended proteins.

is a protein that is popular among women and people who have never drunk protein like a smoothie.

It has a chewy texture of strawberry grains and chia seeds, and a delicious berry mix flavor, recommended for those who want to incorporate protein into their daily life. It also contains L-carnitine, 11 multivitamins, and highly nutritious superfoods such as maca, cacao, chia seed, acai, and maqui berry.


“FIXIT Soy Protein MAKE BALANCE” 3880 yen

FIXIT Soy Protein MAKE BALANCE is a soy protein made from soybeans that provides more than 15g of protein per cup. It is also recommended for those who have a loose stomach with milk or whey protein. In addition to 6 kinds of vitamins and 3 kinds of minerals, it also contains water-soluble dietary fiber and lactic acid bacteria, which also has the effect of adjusting the intestinal environment.

ULTORA whey diet protein

ULTORA whey diet protein
“ULTORA whey diet protein” 5590 yen

ULTORA Whey Diet Protein is a protein that does not use artificial sweeteners, and is designed to be consumed for a long time as a healthy food. Pursuing ease of drinking, it is also recommended for those who do not like the powdery and sweet taste of protein. There are plenty of flavors such as matcha latte, strawberry, chocolate, chocolate coconut, and fruit au lait.

Lose weight beautifully with an effective protein diet!

A protein diet can lead to a healthy and lean body while maintaining and increasing muscle mass by combining it with exercise. Protein is essential for the human body, and it is also a nutrient that makes up hair and skin, so ingesting the required amount has beauty benefits.

However, excessive intake and lack of exercise may lead to weight gain, so it is important to take in while considering the amount of intake and nutritional balance.

*Prices in the article are from Amazon as of December 8, 2021, and include tax.

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