The basics of eyebrow mascara! Advantages and usage

When it comes to eyebrow mascara, there is an image that it is used by young people, but recently there are more and more adult women who say, “I want to try it!” So this time, I will introduce various things about the basics of eyebrow mascara.

[Part 1] The basics of eyebrow mascara!  Advantages and usage

Table of contents

  • People over 50 should use eyebrow mascara!
  • Benefits of Eyebrow Mascara! what is good to use
  • Characteristics of eyebrow mascara
  • Basic use of eyebrow mascara

People over 50 should use eyebrow mascara!

By the way, do you use eyebrow mascara? For the younger generation, eyebrow makeup is already a staple, but it seems that some adults feel that the hurdles are still high.

However, eyebrow mascara is an item that we want adults to use. It is also perfect for arranging eyebrows and giving a three-dimensional effect and a loose feeling.

You can also add thickness and length to your eyebrows, so not only people who are worried about thin eyebrows, but also those who want to change their eyebrows that somehow have a Showa feel! It is also recommended for those who think.

Benefits of Eyebrow Mascara! what is good to use

1. When the eyebrows have a three-dimensional effect, it is also effective for increasing the three-dimensional effect of the entire face2
3. You can create trendy natural thick eyebrows . Youthful look
4. 5. Gives a sophisticated impression to the eyes
. Disadvantages such as thin eyebrows and thin eyebrows become less noticeable

In addition, using colored mascara can temporarily dye your eyebrows brighter, so you can feel better and enjoy a different style.

Characteristics of eyebrow mascara

The shape is almost the same as mascara used for eyelashes, but eyebrow mascara is characterized by a straight tip. Many eyelashes are curved to follow the shape of the eye, so if you can’t tell the difference from the eyelashes, it’s a good idea to look at the tip.

Also, unlike mascara for eyelashes, there are various types of bristles, such as thin and thick brushes, and voluminous ones.

Of course, like mascara for eyelashes, there are a wide variety of colors. I want to put out only the volume without adding color! For those who say, there are also transparent types like the above image and ones with fibers.

Basic use of eyebrow mascara

If you don’t know how to use eyebrow mascara, here’s how to use it.

[1] Draw eyebrows with a
pencil or powder as usual Instead of suddenly using mascara on your natural eyebrows, first draw your eyebrows with a pencil or powder as usual to create a base.

[2] Raise the hair from the outer corner of the eyebrow to the inner corner of the eyebrow

As with mascara for eyelashes, before putting it on your eyebrows, first squeeze the eyebrow mascara well to adjust the amount of liquid on the brush. Apply from the outer edge of the eyebrow to the inner edge of the eyebrow, working against the hair. At this time, be careful not to get it on your skin, and apply it mainly to the ends while raising your hair.

[3] Make the eyebrows stand up three-dimensionally
Once you reach the eyebrows, move the brush from bottom to top to make the eyebrows stand up. The point is to stand firmly so that it protrudes from the width of your eyebrows.

[4] Finish by arranging the flow of the entire hair After arranging the
inner part of the eyebrows, comb the eyebrows diagonally up to Mt. Bizan so that they connect naturally. From Mt. Bizan to the bottom of the eyebrow diagonally downward. Don’t panic as you can wipe off the excess with a cotton swab or adjust with concealer.

If there is a lot of liquid on the brush, it will stick to your skin or protrude, so you can avoid applying too much by gently wiping it off with a tissue before applying.

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