The reason why hairdresser Sachiko Kawabe stopped dyeing her hair!

Sachiko Kawabe is an 83-year-old active beautician who has been active in the Paris Collection and the Japanese advertising industry. She now runs her own salon and gives total beauty advice to ordinary women. We asked Sachiko about her beautiful gray hair, which is rich and shiny.

Sachiko Kawabe

Table of contents

  • Why I stopped dyeing my hair
  • Unexpected yellowish white hair
  • Enjoy your own cool gray hairstyle

Why I stopped dyeing my hair

I stopped dyeing my hair around 2014. Until then, I dyed my semi-long bob in ash brown and thought I was a cool aunt, but one day my daughter (Chigaya Miki, a hairdresser) told me, “You’re not cool anymore.” , Then I thought I’d try it to see how I would change if I had gray hair.

After a while, the boundary between the dyed part and the white hair that has grown out becomes noticeable, and people around you start to say things like “You look old” and “You look weird.” At this point, many women wonder if they should dye their hair again. But I overcame it by saying, “I’m doing it because I like it!”

Unexpected yellowish white hair

It is thanks to daily hair care that it is firm and glossy and keeps the hair volume.
It is thanks to daily hair care that it is firm and glossy and keeps the hair volume.

Half a year later, when I worked hard and my hair turned almost white, something unexpected happened. I was looking forward to having pure gray hair, but my gray hair turned out to be quite yellowish. I had the image that “natural gray hair = elegant”, but in my case, I realized that natural gray hair is not fashionable, so I decided to add a little more.

When I asked a hairdresser to make my hair pure white and had it colored, for some reason it turned out to be a pink blonde hair. I’ve tried many things, and now I’ve settled on a soft updo with an ash blonde color.

I feel like I’ve found a new me again by changing my makeup and clothes just by brightening my hair color. It’s also fun to hear young people say, “It’s nice, isn’t it?” on the street.

Enjoy your own cool gray hairstyle

Sachiko Kawabe's hairstyle

In fact, my hair is not 100% gray, it’s a natural base color under my sideburns and the back of my head. Rather, people who are completely white are rare. Mixed black and white hair is a kind of “design” in itself, as the balance of colors and the appearance of gray hair differ from person to person. Furthermore, if you design your hair according to your own gray hair, you can enjoy your own cool gray hairstyle.

Also, always think that “I am in season now” and deal more positively with gray hair, which will increase in the future. I am not satisfied with my current hairstyle. Someday, I would like to try semi-short hair that can be done because it is a bright hair color.

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