The usual cut will change wonderfully! 3 steps of beauty salon utilization

In the previous article, I introduced a 1-minute styling before going out that you can do yourself. Here are three steps to finding a hairstyle that suits you better at the salon. Continuing from the last time, I asked three professionals to teach me the secret.

Table of contents

  • Three beauty professionals taught me! 
  • “Things to do” and “Things not to do” before going
  • [Step 1] Convey your image firmly
  • [Step 2] Draw out professional sense and technique
  • [Step 3] Get home care tips
  • Check out the fashion points in the video

Three beauty professionals taught me! 

Minako Yokomori

fashion designer. He is also familiar with the serialization of the magazine Halmek, “The Fashionable School for Eyes and Scales.” Her technique of transforming readers by changing clothes and hairstyles is popular.

Ms. Tomomi Sato

Japan’s first hair writer and editor. He is the author of many books, including the best-selling “A woman’s fate changes with her hair” (published by Sunmark Publishing). Her recent book “Hair, this is everything. ] (published by Kanki Publishing) is also popular.


A popular hairdresser at the beauty salon ” RUALA ” in Omotesando, Tokyo . Proposals for hairstyles that match her personality and lifestyle are popular. Meiji Building 4F, 6-18-11 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Telephone 03-6427-9588

“Things to do” and “Things not to do” before going

According to Chiharu, a veteran popular beautician, “You don’t need to shampoo beforehand.” “The important thing is to go with your usual styling. It’s easy to give advice on the spot, and depending on whether you usually have bare hair or if you have a habit of blowing your hair, the hairstyle that suits you will be different. is”

Also, it is important to make your wishes known in advance. “For example, if you prioritize your requests in advance, such as ‘I want to give a light overall impression, but I want to keep the length as long as possible,’ it will be easier for you to get the hairstyle you want.” (Mr. Chiharu)

It’s important to be prepared to tell the hairdresser “things you can’t understand just by looking at it”, such as your usual styling and your own requests.

Now, I will introduce how to make a request to the hairdresser and how to get a nice hairstyle that suits you better at the beauty salon in 3 steps.

[Step 1] Convey your image firmly

[Step 1] Convey your image firmly

If you bring 3 types of photos of the hairstyle you want to be, you can convey your preference

“All hairdressers are welcome to have ‘pictures of the hairstyle you want to be.’ It’s good to bring about 3 types of smartphone images, so it’s easier to understand the person’s hairstyle preference, such as the silhouette and overall atmosphere. “(Mr Sato)

If you say why you want that hairstyle, your worries will be conveyed

“In addition to wishing for a hairstyle such as ‘I want it short’, I also told them the reason for wanting that hairstyle, such as ‘My hair is thin’ and ‘I want to look cool.’ I might be able to become one!” (Mr. Sato)

If you go in clothes that you usually wear, you can convey your lifestyle

“‘I’m going to the beauty salon,’ so put all my energy into my clothes and make-up… wait a minute! Your hairstyle will look great if it matches the clothes and make-up you usually wear. Look good.” (Chiharu)

[Step 2] Draw out professional sense and technique

If you feel that your current hairstyle doesn’t suit you, make an order to “cut the thin ends of your hair.”

“As you age, your hair becomes thinner and thinner, and the ends of your hair may become sparse, and your previous hairstyle may no longer suit you. It gives a plump feeling.” (Mr. Sato)

If you want to make it look softer without changing the length, have it layered.

“Some people are reluctant to layer their hair if they don’t have enough hair, but it’s actually the opposite. Gives a youthful impression.Try telling her, “I want to make it softer, so add layers.” (Mr. Yokomori)

In order to dye the best color, the home dye declares

“If you use a home-use gray hair dye before coming to the hair salon to dye your hair, be sure to tell the hairdresser about it. It can also be a cause of damage.” (Mr. Sato)

If you want to change completely, you can also change the entire beauty salon

“If you have been at the same hair salon for many years, you will get used to each other and your hair style will tend to be in a rut. It’s better to ask your friends for their impressions rather than your family.” (Mr. Yokomori)

If you change hair salons, try going there two or three times as much as possible.

“Many hair stylists try to get a hairstyle that suits them more to their liking, based on the condition of the customer’s hair the next time they visit the store and their impressions. Judging the compatibility.” (Chiharu)

[Step 3] Get home care tips

Check your hair type for proper care

“Even if it’s just one styling product, there are different types of hair, such as wax, balm, and oil. Let’s see.” (Mr. Sato)

When someone recommends a hair care product, first listen to what they have to say

When someone recommends a hair care product, first listen to what they have to say

“Currently, there are almost no sales quotas for hair stylists, such as hair care products. When I recommend a product, I look at the customer’s hair quality and how damaged it is. Even if you see it.” (Chiharu)

Please find a hairstyle that suits you by devising the styling that you can do at home for one minute before going out and how to talk at the hair salon, which we introduced in two parts !

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