Tips for beautiful eye makeup for women in their 50s!

Following on from the last time how to use eyelash curlers, Kaoru Suganuma taught me about eyelash makeup, such as tips for choosing mascara and eyelash growth. We will also introduce the essential items and how to cleanse your eye makeup to make your eye makeup look beautiful.

Tips for beautiful eye makeup for women in their 50s

Table of contents

  • The point of choosing mascara is the shape of the brush
  • Prepare a magnifying glass and a cotton swab to finish your eye makeup beautifully
  • Do you need eyelash extensions and false eyelashes in your 50s?
  • Try using eyelash serum for 3 weeks
  • Thoroughly remove eye makeup with a special cleanser

The point of choosing mascara is the shape of the brush

Mascara is now an essential item for improving eyesight. There are a wide variety of mascaras available at drugstores, such as volumizing types, long lash types that add length, and types that curl upward. I don’t know which one to choose (laughs).

The shape of the brush is more important than these types when choosing mascara. Especially for those in their 50s and above, the fineness of the brush is an important point in choosing mascara in order to cleanly paint thin and short eyelashes that tend to be buried in the eyelids.

From left, straight type, comb type, curl type

We recommend the 3 thin types like the 3 above. If the curve is steep, it will be difficult to match the curve of the eye, and if the brush is thick, it will stick to the skin. If the brush is straight and thin with short bristles, it will be easier to match the curve of your eyes and you can apply it to your lower lashes without touching your skin.

By the way, I use comb type and straight type together. First, use a comb-type mascara to lift the lashes firmly from the roots, then use a straight-type brush to spread the lashes while separating them. By doing this, you can create lashes that are moderately voluminous and go straight up from the root without clumping. Please, try it.

Black mascara is definitely recommended. It blends well with black eyes, and can also be used as an alternative to eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger and clearer. If your eyes are brownish, you can choose a darker brown.

Prepare a magnifying glass and a cotton swab to finish your eye makeup beautifully

I always use a magnifying glass and cotton swabs when applying eye makeup, not just mascara. The trick to finishing your makeup beautifully is to do it while looking closely. In the first place, there is no way to draw a thin straight line where you can’t see it (laughs).

If you use a magnifying glass, you can apply makeup while looking closely at the fine details around your eyes, and you can prevent spills and leaks. Even thin lashes look sharper, so it’s almost impossible to apply mascara to your lower lashes and end up on your skin.

If it sticks out by mistake, you can remove it immediately with a cotton swab. Also, doing it in a bright place is one of the tricks to finish your makeup beautifully. You can clearly see how the color is applied, so your makeup won’t be too dark and you can prevent uneven coloring caused by over-applying.

Do you need eyelash extensions and false eyelashes in your 50s?

Do you need eyelash extensions and false eyelashes in your 50s?

Makes your eyes look bigger even after mascara is removed! And popular is “eyelash extension”, eyelash extension. It is a hair extension that attaches artificial hair to the existing eyelashes with a special adhesive. Maintenance is required about once a month, but depending on the length, color, and amount of artificial hair, you can achieve the desired eyelashes.

Of course, it is possible to get extensions even in your 50s. However, by attaching the extensions, it may damage the already thin eyelashes, so do you personally recommend it? If you ask me, it’s not.

If so, how about false eyelashes? Technique is required to apply false eyelashes beautifully, and it is for advanced makeup users. For eyelash makeup after the age of 50, I think eyelash curlers and mascara are enough.

Try using eyelash serum for 3 weeks

As with eyelash extensions, eyelash serums that grow thicker and longer eyelashes have been on the rise recently. From medicinal eyelash growth agents to cosmetics that can be used as a base for mascara, there are more types, and they are attracting more and more attention.

As you age, your eyelashes, like your hair, tend to lose their firmness and firmness. Disturbed turnover is also one of the causes of thin, short and fewer eyelashes. The hair that has grown so much will fall out without growing thick and long. In order to solve these problems, it can be said that beauty essences that prepare the skin environment for healthy eyelash growth are effective.

The effects will vary depending on the product you use, but no matter what product you apply today, you won’t get thicker and longer tomorrow (laughs), so please try using it for at least 3 weeks. If you don’t feel the effect after about a month, you should try changing the product.

Thoroughly remove eye makeup with a special cleanser

How to remove eye makeup with a special cleanser

Today’s eye makeup is difficult to remove with sweat, so it is difficult to remove. There are many products that can be easily removed with cleansing, but it will remain on the skin unless you wash it well. After cleansing, many people say that the towel they used to wipe their face turned black.

In order not to leave eye makeup on your skin, do not finish cleansing at once, but remove eye makeup and then cleanse the entire face.

You can remove most of your eye makeup by simply placing a cotton pad soaked in a cleansing agent specifically for the eye area and gently wiping it down. It may seem like a hassle at first, but once you get used to it, you will be able to remove makeup easily and thoroughly. Also, it does not irritate the thin and delicate skin around the eyes more than necessary. Excessive stimulation can cause fine wrinkles around the eyes.

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