Tips for choosing foundation for people in their 50s!

What is the foundation that makes your skin look beautiful? Why do you get twisted? Which type should I choose? First, let’s understand how foundation works. This will make it easier for you to choose the foundation that suits you.

How to choose foundation

Table of contents

  • Foundation is colored powder
  • The reason the foundation is twisted is because of the nature of the powder.
  • The difference in the shape of the foundation is the ratio of the powder
  • 4 points to focus on when choosing a foundation
  • How to apply foundation without making pores and fine wrinkles stand out

Foundation is colored powder

In the 19th installment, I mentioned that noble people used to apply white powder, and this white powder is the prototype of foundation. In other words, foundation is based on powder.

In the old days, the powder was dissolved in water and applied to the face, so the powder and water did not mix well, resulting in mottled spots. From there, it evolved into the current foundation that can be spread evenly and thinly on the skin, such as by adding oil and moisturizers so that the powder does not remain and the skin does not dry out.  

In the past, the color of the powder used to be white, but by mixing brick and yellow, it evolved into a color close to the color of the skin. Advances in technology for evenly mixing water and powder, which are difficult to mix and tend to separate, have made it possible to create foundations that feel good on use today.

The reason the foundation is twisted is because of the nature of the powder.

The surface of the powder repels water but has the property of being easily absorbed by oil. This is why powder mixes with sebum and causes wrinkles.

In order to eliminate wrinkles, a technology was developed to coat each powder so that it mixes properly with oil but the surface repels oil. It is thanks to the development of this coating technology that we were able to create a foundation that is “strong against sebum and does not wrinkle easily.”

The difference in the shape of the foundation is the ratio of the powder

powder foundation

The shape of the foundation varies depending on the powder ratio. Powder foundation has the most powder. It is a type that is presto, so-called compact. Next, stick foundation and cream foundation.

The least common is liquid foundation, which contains a base for good spreadability. For people with dry skin, using a liquid type that contains less powder and spreads well can give a moist finish.

After the age of 50, the skin becomes dry, so I think many people apply foundation after preparing the skin with cream or foundation. However, even if the foundation is said to spread well, the more you apply it, the easier it will become torn, and the uneven skin tone and pores will become more noticeable, so be careful.

4 points to focus on when choosing a foundation

In addition to the shape, there are four other points to consider when choosing a foundation.

  1. Ability to cover skin imperfections Conceal blemishes, dullness, uneven skin tone, and brighten skin tone
  2. Ability to cover skin imperfections such as pores and fine wrinkles Use light reflection to make them less noticeable 
  3. Make-up lasting Strength against sebum, resistance to crumbling, etc.
  4. Feeling of coating, feeling of use

These effects and features differ depending on the manufacturer and product. Personally, I used to have an image of Kao Sofina with makeup, Kose with gloss, and Shiseido with good comfort, but with the development and progress of technology, I can’t see any manufacturer’s products in terms of stickiness, gloss, and comfort. is also getting better.

A lot of product information is now available. The mechanism of light reflection that makes pores inconspicuous and the grounds for resistance to sebum are explained in an easy-to-understand manner on the website, along with the ingredients and techniques, so it would be a good idea to use this as a reference when choosing a product. .

How to apply foundation without making pores and fine wrinkles stand out

In order to make point 2, “make pores and fine wrinkles inconspicuous”, not only the product but also the application method is important.

When applying foundation, radiating from the center of the face to the outside, if applied from one direction, the foundation will be biased in the pores, so pores and fine wrinkles will be more noticeable when exposed to light.


how to apply foundation

Start from the center of the face and spread outward, then move from the outside to the center of the face. What you should be careful about at that time is that you can apply the product without wrinkling the skin by pressing the finger of the side that does not hold the puff to the position where the puff starts to move, such as the temple, so that the skin does not move. By doing so, the foundation can be evenly applied to the other side of the pores.

When you try to hide pores and fine wrinkles, you tend to apply a thick layer, but with this method, you should not be bothered by applying a thin layer.


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