What a 60-year-old “earlobe” wrinkle and sagging care?

“Kurukuru earlobe” is a topic that “wrinkles and sagging disappear!” Yumi Kimura, a “Kuru Kuru Earlobe” instructor who is so youthful that you wouldn’t believe she is 60 years old, taught me how to do it and how to move it. We will also tell you about the care that can be applied to your daily skin care!

Table of contents

  • The cause of wrinkles and sagging is tension such as stiff shoulders and neck
  • When the muscles of the tongue weaken, the nasolabial fold becomes deeper and the outline becomes sagging.
  • [Step 1] How to loosen the shoulder circumference
  • [Step 2] How to curl earlobes to eliminate wrinkles and sagging in 30 seconds
  • Skin care applying round and round earlobes
  • With Yusen Kimura’s sagging care, the reader’s waist is -11 cm!

The cause of wrinkles and sagging is tension such as stiff shoulders and neck

Are you worried about wrinkles and sagging, stiff shoulders and neck, and clenched teeth? In fact, the tension is the cause of wrinkles and sagging. This is because when the muscles are tense, the lymph does not flow and waste products accumulate in the face.

Yumi Kimura , a 60-year-old “Kuru-Kuru Earlobe” instructor, says, “If you loosen the muscles from your shoulders to your tongue, the sagging will disappear naturally.”

The round and round earlobe releases the tension with a very weak force, drawing out the original strength of the body and leading to a youthful face.

Here are the before and after photos of Mr. Nishida, a reader who actually experienced Kurukuru earlobes.


“When you wear round and round earlobes, your skin’s metabolism improves and it becomes brighter and firmer, so you don’t need unnecessary cosmetics. I will do it,” said Kimura.

In this article, we will show you how to do round and round earlobes in an easy-to-understand manner using photos and videos.

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