What is fluctuation skin? Introducing the cause and recommended care method!

Don’t you hear the word “fluctuating skin” as you age? What kind of condition is fluctuating skin in the first place? We will introduce the causes and countermeasures of fluctuating skin, skin care methods that can be expected to improve fluctuating skin, and recommended lotions, serums, sunscreens, and more.

Causes of fluctuating skin

Table of contents

  • What is “fluctuation skin”? What is the state in the first place?
  • What causes flaky skin?
  • What are the measures to avoid and improve the fluctuation skin?
  • Recommended by the editorial department! Recommended skin care for fluctuating skin

What is “fluctuation skin”? What is the state in the first place?

What kind of condition is fluctuation skin in the first place?

Skin conditions are constantly changing. When you wake up in the morning and wash your face, when you put on your makeup, when you go out and feel the fresh air and the sunshine… I think that everyone often feels that the condition of the skin changes at various moments in the day.

Even when you feel as good as usual, your skin is actually constantly reborn. “Reborn” may sound like a bit of an exaggeration, but our bodies and skin are constantly replacing old parts with new ones, keeping the same condition.

As our bodies and skin are constantly reborn and changing, what kind of condition does “fluctuating skin” refer to?

Strictly speaking, it can be said that our skin is constantly fluctuating. While fluctuating, it protects the skin from the outside air, sunlight, and various other internal and external stimuli. However, due to various reasons, this fluctuation becomes larger than usual, and the balance is about to collapse. That is “fluctuation skin”.

Sudden dryness or tingling

Even if the skin is not in trouble, it is not in the best condition, and it is called “fluctuating skin” when it is in a state that causes discomfort in response to internal and external stimuli.

Specifically, the skin suddenly becomes dry and tingly. It’s supposed to be cosmetics that you use every day, but there’s something wrong with it. In such a case, it may be “fluctuation skin”.

prone to skin problems

Fluctuating skin is a condition in which the skin that protects the body from external stimuli is unstable. Our skin is different from iron or stone, rather, it flexibly accepts external stimuli and protects the inside of the body by “fluctuation”. Softness is connected to strength.

However, when it comes to “fluctuation skin”, the fluctuation is large, it becomes more unstable, and the skin becomes weak. It can be said that “fluctuation skin” is a condition in which skin problems are likely to occur.

What causes flaky skin?

What causes flaky skin

So, when does “fluctuation skin” occur? The skin acts as a barrier to protect the inside of our body from the outside world. In other words, the skin is affected by both internal changes in the body and external stimuli.

[Cause of fluctuating skin 1] Effects of unbalanced diet and lack of sleep

It goes without saying that an unbalanced diet and lack of sleep have a negative effect on the body and skin. Sleep is essential for the replacement of old skin tissue with new tissue, the so-called “turnover”. Since skin turnover occurs frequently during sleep, lack of sleep can cause skin to become unbalanced, resulting in “fluctuation skin”.

In addition, sufficient nutrition is essential for turnover. If there is a lack of nutrition due to an unbalanced diet, or if the balance of nutrition is poor, even if you sleep for a long time, the turnover will not be carried out satisfactorily.

[Cause of fluctuating skin 2] Effects of stress and tension

Psychological stress and tension can also cause “fluctuation skin”.

In our body, the autonomic nervous system works to control the activities of various organs. The autonomic nervous system consists of the sympathetic nervous system, which is active during the day when the body is actively moving, and the parasympathetic nervous system, which is active during the night when the body is resting.

When the autonomic nervous system is disturbed by stress and tension, various parts of the body become ill. “Yuragi skin” is one of them.

[Cause of fluctuating skin 3] External environment of dryness, temperature and humidity

Of course, external enemies such as dryness, temperature, and humidity can also cause “fluctuation skin”. The skin is a barrier that protects the inside of the body from the outside, but if the external changes are large, the damage to the barrier will naturally increase.

For example, in spring, the temperature suddenly rises and then falls, and on top of that, pollen is also flying. In summer, the temperature difference between the heat outside and the air-conditioned room, and the strong sunlight damage the skin. Due to such a harsh external environment, the skin may fluctuate greatly.

In addition, it is one of the causes of fluctuating skin for people with a constitution that is prone to dry skin, a constitution with a sensitive barrier function and weak moisture retention.

[Cause of fluctuating skin 4] Changes in hormone balance

Many people have experienced that the condition of their skin changes when menstruation approaches. Women are prone to hormonal imbalance during the menstrual cycle, and such changes in the body can also cause “fluctuation skin”.

What are the measures to avoid and improve the fluctuation skin?

What are the measures to avoid and improve the fluctuation skin?


Various factors cause “fluctuation skin”. From here, we will introduce how to avoid and improve “fluctuation skin”.

[Measures for fluctuating skin 1] Slowly warm up in the bath

Slowly warming up in a bath as well as a shower promotes metabolism and turnover of the skin. However, the hot water should not be too hot or too long. Let’s put it in lukewarm water of about 38 to 40 degrees Celsius for about 15 minutes.

[Measures for fluctuating skin 2] Avoid dryness, UV rays, and strong sunlight

Avoiding external stimuli such as dryness and strong sunlight is the basis for avoiding “fluctuation skin”. When going out, it is a good idea to use a parasol wisely and use sunscreen cream regardless of the season. Also, if you are indoors, pay attention to the humidity in the room.

[Measures for fluctuating skin 3] Improve your eating habits and get enough sleep

There is a saying in English, “You are what you eat”. The literal translation is “You are what you eat”. In other words, “Health is determined by food”.

There is a huge amount of information about foods that are good for your body and skin when you look at books and the Internet. it might be.

If you are too conscious of “this is good, this is not good”, you may become stressed instead. Try not to be too formal and try to balance your diet with a variety of foods, especially those that are in season.

And make sure you get enough sleep. It’s as simple as “eat well, sleep well”. “Well” in this case does not mean “a lot”. Try to eat and sleep in an appropriate amount that does not put a burden on your body.

Recommended by the editorial department! Recommended skin care for fluctuating skin

The countermeasures introduced so far can be said to create a foundation and improve the environment for avoiding and improving “fluctuation skin”. From here, let’s take a look at the skin care method, which is a specific means, and the cosmetics recommended by the editorial department.

[Flickering skin skin care 1] Moisturize well

Moisturizing is the most important thing for the skin, not to mention “fluctuation skin”. In order to maintain the flexibility of the skin, which can be said to be the basis of the skin’s barrier function, the moisture content of the skin is important. We recommend products that contain ingredients that retain moisture.

Recommended moisturizing lotion: Oruna Organic lotion 200mL 2037 yen (tax included)

Recommended moisturizing lotion: Orna Organic Hyaluronic Acid Lotion
Orna Organic Hyaluronic Acid Lotion

Carefully selected from hundreds of high-quality natural organic ingredients and beauty ingredients, one by one, 23 types of plant-derived beauty extracts are blended, “3 types of collagen, 4 types of hyaluronic acid, 4 types of vitamin C derivatives, ceramide”. We also added plenty of moisturizing and skin conditioning ingredients.

The organic and refreshing scent of plant essential oils based on tea tree, lavender, and orange wraps you up and refreshes your mind.

[Flickering skin care 2] Does not irritate the skin

In order to prevent “fluctuation skin”, it is important not to give unnecessary stimulation to the skin.

Recommended mild lotion: FUKUBISUI face and body lotion 500ml 3740 yen (tax included)

Fukubi Water FUKUBISUI Face and Body Lotion, Plant Extract, Pump Type, 500ml
FUKUBISUI face and body lotion

Fukumisui is a skincare series that incorporates the blessings of plants that have been used as medicinal herbs in Japan since ancient times. Packed with plenty of benefits of herbs related to Japan. As you continue to use it, the foundation of the skin will be prepared, preventing rough skin and leading to strong and beautiful skin that is resistant to damage.

[Skin care for fluctuating skin 3] Use serum to prevent fluctuating skin

Serums for preventing “fluctuation skin” are appearing one after another. If you have excellent cosmetics on your side, you can rest assured even in an emergency.

Recommended serum to prevent fluctuating skin: AYURA Rhythm Concentrate α 40mL 8800 yen (tax included)

AYURA Rhythm Concentrate α 40mL
AYURA Rhythm Concentrate α 40mL

A serum that conditions the skin and keeps it shiny and healthy. While quickly approaching fluctuating skin that repeats rough skin and dryness, it prevents rough skin due to UV rays and dryness and moisturizes it.

[Fluctuation skin care 4] Apply sunscreen for fluctuating skin

If your skin becomes dry and irritated when exposed to strong sunlight, protect yourself from UV rays.

Recommended sunscreen: Acseine Super Sunshield Bright Veil <R> SPF50+/PA++++ 22g 4400 yen (tax included)

An SPF50+ beautiful skin veil that protects against UV rays. Covers dullness and color unevenness for bright skin with a slightly ruddy complexion. A sunscreen base cream that achieves the best UV cut effect in Acseine history, and is also focused on comfort and gentleness.

By adopting a unique UV cut film “Hybrid UV Shield”, it helps ceramide in the stratum corneum and strengthens the skin barrier function. In addition, the original fine bright prescription brightens dullness and color unevenness.

Healthy skin is constantly reborn. In other words, it can be said that we maintain a healthy state by constantly fluctuating and being reborn. However, if the balance of the fluctuation is disturbed, it becomes “fluctuation skin” and falls into a state just before trouble.

This time, we introduced what kind of skin condition “fluctuation skin” is, the causes of “fluctuation skin”, measures to avoid or improve it, and recommended skin care products. The change of season is the season when it is easy to get “fluctuation skin”. Please take care of yourself as soon as possible.

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