What is needle cosmetics? Experience the same effects as cosmetic medicine at home!?

What exactly are “needle cosmetics” that are popular for their immediate effect? We will introduce recommended items that you can actually try and feel the effect.

What is needle cosmetics?  Experience the same effects as cosmetic medicine at home!?

Table of contents

  • What exactly is “needle cosmetics”?
  • [Needle cosmetics 1] Lift up with a foundation with needles
  • [Needle cosmetics 2] Increased penetration of beauty ingredients! needle beauty roller
  • [Needle cosmetics 3] Deliver directly without pasting! Retractable microneedle

What exactly is “needle cosmetics”?

Have you ever heard of “needle cosmetics”? Personally, it probably started with a “microneedle patch,” which uses medical microneedles in beauty products. I recognize that. However, recently, various “needle cosmetics” such as foundations and beauty rollers have appeared one after another.

It seems that the convenience of being able to experience it at home without going to the clinic like aesthetic medicine is also the reason why it has become popular. However, you may be wondering, “Do needles hurt?” and “What are the effects?” So, I decided to try the topical needle cosmetics.

[Needle cosmetics 1] Lift up with a foundation with needles

Spicare V3 Exciting Foundation SPF37/PA++ 15g 8800 yen (tax included)

“V3 Exciting Foundation” became a hot topic on SNS as soon as it was released. It contains natural fine needles “inospicule”, and the action of the needles stimulates the deep part of the skin and spreads the beauty ingredients. Just by applying it, it has a reputation for giving you an upward face line full of firmness and moisture with the effect of cosmetic medicine. In addition, it contains ingredients that calm inflammation and sebum secretion suppression ingredients, so it is perfect for adults who have more skin problems.

Although it is available in one color, it uses a low-temperature aging fermentation technology that gradually changes color when applied to the skin as the pigment reacts with natural extracts. After application, it will change to a natural color that suits the person in about 10 minutes. In addition, since it is a push-type compact that allows you to use the amount for one use with one push, the contents remain fresh and you can use it cleanly every time without stress.

The point is to blend the puff gently without sliding it. After spreading it all over, carefully reapply around the eyes and nasolabial folds. In addition, I feel that the lift-up effect increases when applying while pulling up the face line. By the way, don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt.

[Needle cosmetics 2] Increased penetration of beauty ingredients! needle beauty roller

■ HALIFT ROLLER 4180 yen (tax included)

“HALIFT” is Japan’s first “non-stab, painless” beauty acupuncture roller brand, inspired by acupuncture in oriental medicine.

Among them, the popular “Halilift Roller” is a beauty item that dispels the image of “scary” and “painful” that tend to be associated with acupuncture and allows for easy self-care. For those who are concerned about aesthetic medicine, but want to take care of themselves easily if possible, it takes only 5 minutes a day to complete the treatment! The convenience of not needing electricity is appealing.

A unique “wave stick” design that is easy to hold with one hand and also considers the balance of pressure on the skin. When the roller on the head rotates once, 144 “non-pricking needles” touch the surface of the skin, which is effective in treating swelling and dullness. However, there is no particular pain, and the moderate stimulation is pleasant!

It can be used not only on bare skin, but also on makeup and sheet masks, so you can take care of yourself anytime, anywhere. Ideal for those who are concerned about facial distortion and sagging during mask life.

[Needle cosmetics 3] Deliver directly without pasting! Retractable microneedle

Sereia Moisture Luxe ST 2.5mL x 4 16,500 yen (tax included)

Until recently, patch-type cosmetics using medical microneedles were the mainstream when it came to needle cosmetics. This futuristic knock-type hollow microneedle was developed by the specialists who developed such medical microneedles with the desire to make it easier, more effective, and more efficient.

The world’s first hollow microneedle-equipped pen-type contains beauty essence, and just by knocking it, you can deliver beauty ingredients directly to your skin. Unlike general microneedles, you don’t need to put it on overnight and sleep.

When you hit it against your skin and knock it, you will feel a slight tingling sensation, but this is the trick that microneedles can do. You can feel that you are directly putting it in, so you don’t have to worry about pain. It’s a one-push product, so it’s a time-saving beauty product, and it’s compact and convenient to carry. Just by adding on to your usual skin care, you can also enjoy special care.

Before I tried it, I had the image that needle cosmetics were painful, but none of them felt painful, and the stimulation was rather pleasant. This could continue every day. It might be a good idea to take care of yourself from now on so that you don’t panic when you can take off your mask and go out.

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