What is the difference between a person who looks old with gray hair and a beautiful person?!

Dream gray hair. She often hears people say, “She looked kind of old, and she ended up dyeing her hair gray again.” So, two professionals thoroughly explain why gray hair reader Naoko Takahashi (64 years old) looks youthful! She will give you a simple rule that anyone can follow.

Tips for gray hair that doesn't look old

Table of contents

  • Hair care | Dyeing gray hair to light gray gives a clean feeling
  • Hairstyles|If you have long hair, choose “Hitsume hair”
  • Fashion | White is the silver bullet to make you look youthful
  • Make-up | Bright-colored lipstick is a must! Try colors you never used before

Hair care | Dyeing gray hair to light gray gives a clean feeling

The two professionals who will explain this time are…
●Hair & makeup artist, Kesaki Kojima With her
accurate techniques and advice unique to Halmek readers of the same generation, she has gained tremendous trust from models and reader models. Active in magazines, advertisements, TV, etc.

●Stylist Itoko Shiino She
is in charge of styling celebrities, actors, and models for advertisements, magazines, and TV. Her natural styling that makes the most of her personality is popular.

Hair and make-up artist Kesaki Kojima says, “Simply growing out your gray hair doesn’t make you look stylish, it just makes you look older.”

. Takahashi has few steps, and the overall look is gray, so it’s easy to clean. There is a sense of it.”

In order to eliminate the unevenness between gray and black hair, Takahashi says that once every two to three weeks, only the gray hair is colored with a light gray color treatment.

Before using color treatment
After one use of color treatment

“A year ago, I stopped dyeing my hair too dark, and somehow I grew out my gray hair. When I learned that there was a problem, I thought it would be interesting and tried using it.After

dyeing it, I realized that “This one looks much more beautiful and youthful!” The difference between an old woman and a madam is here. I was keenly aware that there was.” (Mr. Takahashi)

Hairstyles|If you have long hair, choose “Hitsume hair”

Takahashi's standard style

Mr. Takahashi’s standard style is tight hair that is tied back tightly.

Mr. Kojima praises Mr. Takahashi’s style, “I’m careful not to let loose hair appear,” saying, “It’s a great answer!”

“As you get older, your hair loses moisture, becomes stiff and wavy, and loses its luster

. If you cut your hair properly, you can prevent the stray hair from appearing, but it is quite difficult with long hair.

The quickest thing to do is to make it a “tight hair”. And then, the delayed hair and the floating hair that still come out are fixed with items such as wax. This alone gives a clean impression.” (Mr. Kojima)

Fashion | White is the silver bullet to make you look youthful

"White" stands out

In Takahashi’s wardrobe, “white” stands out. Not only tops, but white canvas sneakers are said to be the 5th generation.

white canvas sneakers

“White is a strong ally for older women. In the case of tops, it brightens dull complexions, and above all, gives a clean feeling.

I think we tend to choose black or brown shoes, but just by changing to white like Takahashi-san, it gives off a sense of freshness and gives a youthful impression,” says stylist Shiino. Mr. Itoko.

Also pay attention to the length of the tops and pants

Also pay attention to the length of the tops and pants that Mr. Takahashi wears.

“It’s also good that you are conscious of the length not being too long. As you get older, you tend to choose a tunic or wear long pants because you want to ‘hide it’. The tops that Takahashi-san chooses have open necks and short sleeves, and the bottoms are rolled up depending on the overall balance. That’s why it’s well-balanced and makes you look really youthful.” (Mr. Shiino)

“And your sense of accessories is outstanding!”

Great sense of accessories

“They all cost a few thousand yen, but since I had gray hair, I started wearing large, playful earrings,” says Takahashi.

“That’s a great answer! It’s true that gray hair gives a slightly more subdued impression than when you dye your hair brightly. Therefore, you should incorporate bright and clear colors and patterns more and more, but don’t suddenly make your clothes gorgeous. However, earrings are easy to incorporate, and since the area is small, it is difficult to make a mistake even if you choose a bold design.It also has the effect of making your complexion, which tends to be dull, brighter,” explains Shiino. To do.

Make-up | Bright-colored lipstick is a must! Try colors you never used before

Mr. Takahashi says that he has become particularly conscious of the “color of lipstick” since he changed his hair to gray.

” It looks good and healthy.

If you apply a muted lipstick that is too familiar to your face, it will only make your entire face look darker. Takahashi You’re good at choosing colors,” said Kojima, praising Takahashi’s lip makeup.

In addition to Takahashi’s favorite bright red lipstick, she says, “Please try orange.”

“One way to do it is to use eyeshadow and blush, but with lipstick, you don’t need any technique, and you can instantly look younger. Please show it to your friends, daughters, and grandchildren around you.I’m sure they’ll say, ‘It’s wonderful!'” (Mr. Kojima)

Ms. Takahashi's favorite lipstick and "Matomage" hair wax

The photo shows Takahashi’s favorite lipstick and “Matomage” wax that holds her hair together. “My hair and makeup are almost complete with these two things” (Mr. Takahashi)

The four points taught by two professionals are all simple things that anyone can put into practice!

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